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Jörgen Kruth

Updated: 2010-03-01
Jörgen Kruth


Country Sweden Age 43
Club Vallentuna Boxing Camp, VBC Top team Height 188 cm / 6.2"
Style Muaythai Weight 103 kg / 227 lbs
Website http://www.jorgenkruth.com Categories WGP

WMC Superheavyweight title defended in February 2005 WMC Muaythai Superheavyweight World Champion, 2004 WKA Muaythai professional World Champion, 1998 K-1 Italy Elimination Tournament Champion 2004 K-1 The Netherlands Elimination Tournament Champion 2003 K-1 Europe & Russia Elimination Tournament Champion 2000 K-1 The Netherlands Elimination Tournament Finalist -01 (lost a winning fight with accidental cut)

Results Total Win KOs Loss Draw
K1 Fights 26 17 9 9 0
Other Fights 82 67 30 13 2
Statistics 108 78% 36% 20% 2



Jörgen Kruth was born in Stockholm – Sweden in May 1974. He started with martial arts first time in 1984, when he began to practice Judo and Jiujiutsu at the same time. At 1986 he went over to Taekwondo in which he fought 3 times. 1987 he came in contact with Muaythai for the first time and started to train together with PO Lindwall. He trained Taekwondo together with Muaythai until 1988 before he made the decision to continue with Muaythai only.
Kruth made his first Muaythai fight in 1988 at the age of 14. In 1993 Kruth made 3 fights in amateur boxing as well and in 1994, 2 Sawate fights. He became Nordic Muaythai Champion 1994 in Finland.

1995 was the first year when amateur world championship was organized in Muaythai (IAMTF), on National Stadium in Bangkok. Kruth participated and worked his way all the way to the final where he lost against a Thai and got home with a silver medal in -81 kg.

In 1996, he became the amateur muaythai world champion for the first time. He defended this title in 1997 as well.

Kruth’s former trainer PO Lindwall ended his instructing carrier in 1997 which made Jorgen change his training center to Vallentuna Boxing Camp (VBC). Later in 1997 Kruth also took the WKA amateur Worldchampion title in kickboxing. In 1998, after winning one silver medal and three gold medals in the worldchampionships, Kruth made the desicion to start his professional carriere as a Muaythai fighter.

Kruth made his first fights as a professional fighter in 1998 and the first two fights ended up with 2 KO wins in Ratchadamneren stadium in Bangkok. In 1998 Kruth became WKA Muaythai professional cruiserweight world champion with a KO in the first round.

Kruth started his K-1 fights in 1999 when he fought in Japan for the first time and won by KO. This was followed by a GP tournament in Zagreb which was won by Kruth with 3 straight KO’s. Kruth made his brake through in Japan when he beated Stefan Leco with 3 KO’s in the 2:nd round, in Yokohama arena March 2001. Since then he has made over 20 K-1 fights, which makes him the most experience fighter in Scandinavia and one of the top fighters in the world.

In 2004, Kruth made his first professional boxing fight and also became the WMC superheavyweight muaythai champion of the world. A title which he defended in February 2005.

/ Information from jorgenkruth.com

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