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Genki Sudo

Updated: 2007-12-23
Genki Sudo


Country Japan Age 39
Club Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Club Height 175 cm / 5.7"
Style MMA Weight 70 kg / 154 lbs

UFG-J Champion HERO'S Middleweight Finalist '05

Results Total Win KOs Loss Draw
K1 Fights 6 2 1 4 0
Other Fights 8 7 0 1 0
Statistics 14 64% 7% 36% 0


Genki Sudo (born March 8, 1978 in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan) is a retired Japanese mixed martial artist whom, up until Decmber 31st 2006, competed in the Japanese based fight organization K-1 HERO'S and before that, UFC and Pancrase. He is notable for his elaborate ring entrances and unorthodox fighting style. His philosophy is 'We are all one.' Signature moves include the flying triangle and spinning backfist.


Although seen as a fighter with good striking ability, and who has won fights by knockout in both mixed martial arts and kickboxing, Genki Sudo's skill set seems primarily focused on grappling and submission wrestling techniques. Among the rather unorthodox techniques that he favors and can use effectively are the spinning backfist, a flying leg-triangle choke and flying armbar, as well as dancing and turning his back to opponents in order to taunt or distract them.

Prior to his retirement on New Year's Eve Sudo fought for K-1 HERO's, the mixed martial arts branch of the most popular Japanese combat sports circuit. Sudo is well known for his particularly flashy choreographed ring entrances that often include costumed dancers. One entrance featured Sudo doing the robot and operating levers that released a column of smoke from the top of his head while wearing a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket as a hat and a white plastic mask, in an homage to the musician, Buckethead.

On a side note, Genki Sudo is a practicing Buddhist and although many think his antics in the ring are disrespectful and arrogant, he explains that it is simply his way of relaxing and having fun with what he is doing. After the fight is over he always kindly smiles and bows to his opponent, makes sure they are not injured, and holds up a sign with every nation's flag on it with the words "We are all one".

Genki Sudo recently was defeated by K-1 HERO's lightweight champion Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto. The fight was won by a controversial referee stoppage after Sudo was knocked down by a right hand which was followed by some punches. There is still some disagreement among fans on whether or not the match was ended prematurely and unfairly by the referee involved, and it has been said that this same referee has a history of making controversial calls.

At K-1 Dynamite! on December 31, 2006 he defeated Damacio Page by submission. After his win, and to the shock of the crowd, Sudo announced his retirement.

He cites recurring neckinjuries along with a nagging ankle injury as one of the main causes of his decision but credits a sign in front of a urinal saying "one step forward" as giving him the inspiration. His plans now is to spend some time traveling the world and writing.

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Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2007-06-06 at: 07:36
Sudo was one of the sports most charismatic
fighters. He brought it all. He is also a musician
and writer. Best of luck with your new life Sudo!
Posted: 2007-09-20 at: 08:09
You are right again mr. Eriksson, good luck mr. Sudo! we will always remember you...
Dchan (329 posts)
Posted: 2007-09-28 at: 01:25
Sudo is supposed to be coming back according to some Japanese source.. I don't know if it was reliable or not.
Dchan (329 posts)
Posted: 2007-09-28 at: 06:35
I just changed the HL since they took the one that was up off of youtube.
Nejc (136 posts)
Posted: 2007-12-22 at: 10:31
well, to say the least, he's original to the bone. Still, sometimes his presence in the ring was almost disrespectful in my opinion. I know it would frustrate me if I'd fight him heh. I think Masato was really frustrated when he fought him heh, but yeah, always fun to watch. Hope he gets back!
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