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Alexey Ignashov

Updated: 2010-01-28
Alexey Ignashov


Country Belarus Age 39
Club Chinuk Gym Height 196 cm / 6.4"
Style Muay Thai Weight 117 kg / 258 lbs
Categories WGP

W.M.C. World Heavyweight Champion (1999) W.M.C. World Heavyweight Champion (2000) I.S.K.A. World Heavyweight Champion (1999) I.S.K.A. World Heavyweight Champion (2000) W.P.K.L. European Champion K-1 Europe & Russia Elimination-D Champion K-1 World GP Nagoya Champion '01 K-1 World GP Paris Champion '03

Results Total Win KOs Loss Draw
K1 Fights 34 25 16 9 0
Other Fights 0 0 0 0 0
Statistics 34 74% 47% 26% 0


Alexey "Red Scorpion" Ignashov (born January 18, 1978) is a Super Heavyweight Belarusian kickboxer. Ignashov is one of the superstars of K-1. He is considered as one of the most talented, yet most inconsistent fighter in the game.


He is best known for his knee strikes, notably used to score knockout wins over Nicolas Pettas and Carter Williams. Ignashov is considered by his fans to be one of the most talented and technically sound heavyweight kickboxers in the world.

However, he is also considered by many frustratingly inconsistent, occasionally appearing lackluster or inactive in the ring, such as in his K-1 Final quarterfinal match against Peter Aerts in 2003. He suffered a knee injury in a fight against Bjorn Bregy in 2005. Since then, his performance has diminished.

Ignashov was trained in a Muay Thai background with the Chinuk gym in Belarus, but has also branched out and trained in locales such as New Zealand and Japan.

Ignashov is considered to be an exceptionally technical kickboxer. His fans cite his technical style, beautiful knockouts, and calm demeanor in the ring among the reasons they enjoy watching his fights.

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citykjr (74 posts)
Posted: 2007-09-28 at: 03:40
This guy is talent!
I met him here in auckland few months ago, nice guy. you wouldn't guess that he is a fighter
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-02 at: 03:30
citykjr, in what sense do u say that?
Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-22 at: 07:40
I guess that he means that Alexei is always so calm and nice that one wouldn't expect that he that much of a killer in the ring.
Don't wanna speak for him....that's just what I think of Ignashow.
rene (42 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-12 at: 05:44
respect for this fighter ;)
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-07-09 at: 08:41
Great talent down the drain.
Ali (322 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-26 at: 06:28
I think that he will make a come back he is only 30
Mincuta' (19 posts)
Posted: 2009-02-25 at: 08:07
morosanu will defeat this man. no doubt.
Aryo (18 posts)
Posted: 2010-02-10 at: 04:07
One of my favorites but he always had a bad luck at final WGP.
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