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Hong-Man Choi

Updated: 2010-01-29
Hong-Man Choi


Country South Korea Age 36
Club Freelance Height 218 cm / 7.2"
Style Ssirum Fighter Weight 167 kg / 368 lbs
Categories WGP

* 2003: Jinan Competition '03 * 2003: The General Championship '03 * 2004: Jungwal Competition '04 * 2004: Hamyang Competition '04 * 2005: K-1 WORLD GP 2005 in Seoul Champion

Results Total Win KOs Loss Draw
K1 Fights 19 14 8 5 0
Other Fights 0 0 0 0 0
Statistics 19 74% 42% 26% 0


Choi, Hong-man (South Korean born on October 30, 1980) is a Korean kickboxer and former ssirum wrestler. He currently competes in K-1. He debuted in K-1 fighting at the World GP 2005 event in Seoul in March, 2005, which he won in the final vs. Kaoklai Kaennorsing. In the Final Elimination he defeated Bob Sapp with a 2-0 decision, eventually losing to Remy Bonjasky in the World Grand Prix Final.

Choi Hong Man's losses came via judges' decision against Remy Bonjasky and Jérome Le Banner, and knockout by Mighty Mo

He got his nickname "Techno Goliath" when he was a ssirum wrestler in South Korea, before he became a K1 fighter. When Choi won he would dance to techno music. His dancing excited the crowd and they often joined in the dancing. His entertaining style and size quickly made him popular with the fans.

One of Choi's most notable fights was against current K-1 World Champion Semmy Schilt at the World GP 2006 event in Seoul. Choi won the fight on points. The fight was unique because both fighters are of enormous size.

On September 30, 2006, Choi fought Jérôme Le Banner in the final eliminations, and lost after 3 Rounds and 1 extra Round on points. After the fight, Le Banner said "He is dangerous, his knees are already almost at the level of my head, he's not human! But he's a good guy and I like him, he's very tough, maybe the strongest guy in K-1, and he has hard bones -- when I kicked him, it hurt my leg! I'm sure with more experience, in two years no one will be able to knock him out!"

On December 31, Choi easily won his first Mixed martial arts fight on K-1 Dynamite in Osaka. He decisively beat former TV star Bobby Ologun in just 16 seconds in what could be considered a huge mismatch.

On March 4, 2007, he was knocked out for the first time in his career. Mighty Mo landed an overhand right to the chin and Choi was not able to stand up again. In this fight he weighed 165.4 kg (364 lb), was very slow and many say it was his worst performance.

Choi Hong-man was scheduled to face former WWE, IWGP, and NCAA national champion amateur wrestler Brock Lesnar at the combined promotion event K-1 Dynamite!! USA, a major pay-per-view event at the massive Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, on June 2, 2007. However, reportedly due to medical reasons, Choi was denied his California fighter's license on May 23, 2007, putting Dynamite!! USA's main event in jeopardy only 10 days before its scheduled occurance. The California State Athletic Commission has yet to officially confirm Choi's status. Choi was replaced in the fight by fellow Korean fighter Min Soo Kim.

On August 5. at the Asia World Grand Prix in Hongkong, he beat Gary Goodridge by KO at 1:34 in the first round.[8] He weighed 163.5 kg (360 lb), the same when he fought Schilt in June 2006. Notable on this fight was his stance. Since his K-1 debut in 2005, he fought using an orthodox stance. But in this fight, he fought for the first time in the southpaw stance.

On September 29 at the K-1 Final Eliminations in Seoul, he redeemed his previous loss and defeated Mighty Mo by decision. The win was disputed, however, due to a kick Choi unintentionally delivered to Mighty Mo's groin in the second round. Mighty Mo was quoted in the post-fight interview: "He (Choi) seemed a little bit stronger because I hit him with some good shots and he didn't fall down so I was surprised, actually harder than the ones I hit him with before. He must have been practicing taking punches."[9]

In the World Grand Prix Final tournament on December 8, he will face Jérôme Le Banner again

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Nejc (136 posts)
Posted: 2007-12-22 at: 10:34
I really dislike fighters like Choi or Schilt. Most of the time they only win because of their size.. Loved the moment when Mo KO-ed Choi. That was a punch from hell!
Dillitante (185 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-23 at: 06:06
Notice that because of the height difference Mo had to throw a full swing...I'm sure that didn't help Choi lol I can just imagine a full swing from Mo totally knocking me out cold and fracturing my skull.
rene (42 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-13 at: 04:09
i like 2 see some strange fighters hehe.it makes the statement size doenst matter but your guts and techniek
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-07-09 at: 09:19
Hong-Man seems like the nicest guy on the planet, i would love to have him as my older brother or something =) lol.
ricardo (126 posts)
Posted: 2008-07-27 at: 07:14
thera are many size fighters who can´t win a match. choi and shilt join size with technique and strenght
bonjazkykikz (69 posts)
Posted: 2009-05-21 at: 05:55
I wouldn't put Schilt entirely in the category of the "only winning due to height" group because he fights and beats the best routinely. Choi wins pretty often but when he goes up against more skilled fighters (Bonjasky, Hari, Le Banner twice) his weaknesses become very apparent very quickly
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