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Bobby Ologun

Updated: 2008-11-03
Bobby Ologun


Country Nigeria Age 44
Club Freelance Height 185 cm / 6'1"
Style MMA Weight 95 kg / 209 lbs
Website http://blog.excite.co.jp/bobbyblog Categories WGP


Results Total Win KOs Loss Draw
K1 Fights 4 0 0 4 0
Other Fights 0 0 0 0 0
Statistics 4 0% 0% 100% 0


Alaji Karim Ologun , (Born on April 8, 1966) is a Nigerian-born TV personality and gaikokujin tarento in Japan, and a K-1, mixed martial artist. In Japan, he is known simply as Bobby (ボビー, Bobby?). He speaks English, Yoruba and Japanese. He currently lives in Saitama, Saitama Prefecture. On July 26, 2007, he announced on Mezamashi TV that he had become a naturalized citizen of Japan, taking his wife's surname and registering officially as Bobby Kond

Fighting Origins and Records

One of the running skits on Sanma's Super Karakuri TV had Ologun try many different jobs and skills he had no previous experience in (he is the successor to Tamao Nakamura in these skit performances). Inspired from watching Bob Sapp vs Taro Akebono on "K-1 Dynamite!!" on New Year's Eve in 2003, Ologun tried judo on "Karakuri-TV".

Karakuri-TV's emcee, Sanma Akashiya, who watched a VTR in which Ologun struggled in the martial art, said half-jokingly, "Bobby might be able to take part in a combat sport event at the end of the year.", in reference to the New Year's Eve supershows put on by K-1, PRIDE, and Antonio Inoki's now defunct BOM-BA-YE promotion. As a result, he tried various full contact combat sports on the program. In February, 2004, he was initiated into the pancrase stable, "GRABAKA" and studied under its founder, Sanae Kikuta. In March at the same year, he let him experience a sparring match with MMA and Jiu-Jitsu legend Royce Gracie. He lost, but Ologun showed did better than expected, as he was able to cut Gracie and make him bleed from his forehead.

In a joke turned reality, he faced French kickboxer Cyril Abidi in "K-1 Dynamite!!" at the Osaka Dome on December 31, 2004 (At first, he was going to face Mike Bernardo, but at the last minute, his opponent was changed to Abidi because Bernardo had an injury).

Ologun won by three round decision, and scored a surprise victory. It is important to note that this match was the only pure MMA rules bout on that night's card, giving Ologun a slight advantage due to his training and the fact that his opponent, while an accomplished kickboxer, wasn't prepared for MMA style fighting, given the fact that he was a last minute substitution. Abidi was also admonished for actions Ologun was doing repeatedly in the fight, such as mounted punches, which led fighting pundits to believe the fight was fixed (It is worthy to mention that K-1 has a television deal with Tokyo Broadcasting System, the producers of "Karakuri TV").

Abidi himself hinted the fight was fixed in a post fight interview [1]: "I didn't have enough time to prepare for this fight, but I think I did do a good job for my first time. It was really good that my opponent is not so strong.....If he was a really strong fighter, I would have had had a hell of a time. Why I am smiling a lot? Even though I lost this fight, I don't have any feelings that I really lost a realistic fight. Maybe this was as expected.*"

The Japanese media, which focused quite a bit of time on fighting evens such as K-1 and PRIDE, soon dubbed Ologun "The Strongest Amateur" (Saikyō no Shirōto, 最強の素人).

His next fight was against former Yokozuna, Akebono at "K-1 Dynamite!!" on New Year's Eve 2005. Akebono, already a laughingstock of K-1 and MMA due to his 1-9 record up to that point, fiercely attacked Ologun in the first and second rounds. However, Ologun steadily fought his way to another three round decision.

His next fight was in Sapporo at "K-1 Revenge" on July 30, 2006 in which he fought Asian GP champion Yusuke Fujimoto. Ologun earned the ire of the referee with unsportsmanlike conduct as he tripped and pushed over Fujimoto repeatedly, trying to punch at him afterwards, and going for sucker punches after gesturing for a break, all of which led to a yellow card. At the end of the 3rd round, he tripped Fujimoto one last time and then stood over him in an unsportsmanlike fashion. Added to the knockdown he suffered in the first round, he lost his first fight and his first under K-1 rules by unanimous decision.

Ologun's most recent fight was at K-1 Dynamite 2006 during the K-1 HERO'S portion of the show on December 31, 2006. His opponent was the 7'2", 360lb. Choi Hong Man. Choi, on the Hero's website makes a warning to Ologun and his in-ring behavior, saying in Japanese, "Bobby had better grow up." (ボビーは大人しくした方がいい, "Bobby had better grow up."?), and , "If he makes me mad, He's going to the hospital." (私を怒らせたら、彼は病院行きです。, "If he makes me mad, He's going to the hospital."?). In the subsequent fight, Ologun immediately tried a flying kick to Choi's head, but missed. This allowed Choi to capitalize and punch Ologun repeatedly in the head and leading to a stoppage of the bout after 16 seconds into the first round.

Last fights

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