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Buakaw Banchamek

Updated: 2012-10-23
Buakaw Banchamek


Country Thailand Age 35
Club Por Pramuk Gym Height 170 cm / 5.6"
Style Muay Thai Weight 69 kg / 152 lbs
Website http://www.buakaw.net Categories MAX

Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight 2nd Place Omnoy Boxing Stadium Lightweight Champion TOYOTA MuayThai Marathon Tournament 140 pounds Champion Former Professional Muaythai Authority of Thailand Featherweight Champion Former Omnoy Boxing Stadium Featherweight Champion K-1 WORLD MAX 2004 Champion K-1 WORLD MAX 2005 Finalist K-1 WORLD MAX 2006 Champion

Results Total Win KOs Loss Draw
K1 Fights 24 21 5 3 0
Other Fights 144 127 37 7 10
Statistics 168 88% 25% 6% 10


Buakaw por Pramuk is currently one of the most dominant fighters in the K-1 MAX division. He won the title in his debut year in 2004 and also was the 2005 finalist. In 2006 he won his second MAX title. Buakaw hails from Thailand where he was a ranked fighter at Lumpini.


Since he started his fighting career at the young age of 8, Buakaw has fought over 400 fights, starting in his home province of Surin in the northeast of Thailand, and then moving onto Bangkok after he moved to Por. Pramuk gym at the age of 15.

Buakaw has collected several belts to his name since fighting in Bangkok. The Omnoi Stadium featherweight title was his first belt, after that he would go on to take the featherweight champion of Thailand title. Buakaw then proceeded to win another Omnoi Stadium title belt, this time at in lightweight division. In December 2002, Buakaw won the Toyota Marathon 140 lb. tournament at Lumpini Stadium, beating the highly regarded Kobayashi of Japan in the final.

In July of 2004 Buakaw became the K-1 MAX World champion beating John Wayne Parr, Takayuki Kohiruimaki and previous champion Masato, all on the same night. In 2005 he nearly repeated his run for tournament champion but lost a controversial extra rounds decision to Dutch shoot-boxer, Andy Souwer in the finals. In the 2006 K-1 MAX World Grand Prix, Buakaw again faced Andy Souwer in the finals, but this time defeated Souwer by KO with a flurry of punches, thereby winning his second K-1 MAX Grand Prix title and becoming the first man to win that title twice.


Buakaw took the K-1 MAX title of 2004 by surprise in an overwhelming fashion. In the first round he took a close decision against John Wayne Parr after an extra round. Next he was to fight Japanese Takayuki Kohiruimaki in the semi-finals. After showing too much respect, Buakaw got fired up when he was taken down in the clinch by Kohiruimaki. Buakaw totally devestaded his opponent with several knees. In the second round Kohiruimaki went down to times, letting Buakaw advance to the finals. There he faced Japanese superstar Masato, the reigning 2003 K-1 MAX Champion.
Masato already had two hard fights against Mongolian Jadamba Narantungalag and 2002 Champion Dutch Albert Kraus and could not handle Buakaws dominant performance. With the tradional muay thai techniques like teeps he overpowerd Masato and clearly took the win after three rounds. However, the Japanese judges decided an extra round was necessary to have a winner. The confused but devoted Buakaw also took this round and was crowned as the first Thai K-1 champion.

After this Buakaw was matched against Japanese legend Takeda Kozo. In a technical fight where both fighters gave eachother a lot of respect, two rounds were given to decide who the winner was. Buakaw managed to knock Kozo twice in the fifth round and became the clear winner. February 2005 Albert Kraus gave Buakaw his first K-1 loss. Again, after one extra round, Kraus' punches were favored over Buakaws kicking. The decision was questioned by a lot of fighting fans.

In the K-1 MAX finals of 2005 Buakaw first had to defeat Mongolian Jadamba Narantungalag. Without too much trouble Buakaw was given the decision and advanced to the semi-finals, where he got the opportunity to revenge his loss against Albert Kraus. The Thai seemed fresher and sharper against the Dutchman, who beat John Wayne Parr in the first round. In a much more convincing manner than their first meeting Buakaw took the decision and again advanced to the finals to defend his title.
In the final Buakaw had to fight the two times Shoot Boxing champion Andy Souwer from Holland. Souwer defeated Takayuki Kohiruimaki and Kazuya Yasuhiro, who was a replacement for Masato, who could not continue because of a broken ankle. In a disappointing fight where Souwer mainly wanted to box and the Thai mainly wanted to clinch, Buakaw lost the decision after an extra round.

Buakaws traditional muay thai fighting style is very popular with the fans. He has extremely hard kicks and is an excellent clincher with great knees. With great succes he uses his teep as a weapon. Buakaw shows great "ring presence" and always tries to dominate his opponent. He has a great chin, and he is rumoured to be never knocked down in his carreer, allthough not recorded on tape. His only known knockdown was a flash knockdown against Albert Kraus in their first fight.

Buakaw became the first fighter to capture the MAX title twice in 2006. In his first fight he knocked out Japanese fighter Sato in the second round. In the semi-final he defeated Dutch-Armenian Gago Drago, knocking him down in the second round and earning the point victory. After that he knocked down 2005-winner Andy Souwer three times, winning the final and the second K-1 MAX victory of his carreer.

Buakaw lost to Masato by unanimous decision at the K-1 World MAX 2007 quarterfinal. Despite being able to land vicious legkicks throughout the match. Masato got a knockdown on Buakaw during the first round continued to land numerous punch combinations which eventualy gave the match to Masato.

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sanadathetiger (319 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-19 at: 06:44
this man is my best fighter.
ruderko (89 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-16 at: 02:20
muay thai pwns...and imagine, he isnt even the best fighter in his weight division in thailand...but still he destroys all his k1 max oponents...
Dchan (329 posts)
Posted: 2007-09-28 at: 01:00
Eh, he's great but.. he's looked at as a god when he's not. Masato will get him... sooner or later. lol. Why does he have so much info and Masato doesn't? Weird since Masato has books written about himself.
Nejc (136 posts)
Posted: 2007-12-22 at: 10:21
In 2 years I'm going to Thailand to train in Por Pramuk gym for 2 months :D Heared a lot about the gym from my friends who were there! All good ofcourse :)
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-03-27 at: 02:50
as a fighter, Pramuk has got something difficult to describe, and which I should call 'unpredictability' or 'creative power'.
Part of his sucess is not 'his own fault', but should be charged to his pure muay-thai training (in some ways, this may be an advantage in K-1 context). Still, I think there's some creative attitude within his skills and performance which makes his fightstyle attractive in its own way
Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-04 at: 07:09
Damn Pablo....nicely put! I too enjoy to the fullest watching Pramuk fight! He has a incredible fast reaction time, a great feeling for distance and timing and a very explosive way of moving!
However, if Masato keeps up the work he is doing now...I think he will get even better than Pramuk! A guarantee for lots of good fights!
@ Nejc: Good to hear that your going to Pramuk's gym...in 2 months at that gym you will surely learn more that in a year in a regular gym here in Europe. Wish I could join you....
Have a great (learning) time!
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-16 at: 01:42
thanks jeroen, glad u agree with me; about Masato, let's hope u're right: if he's really already on progress and hasn't reached his personal limit or top as a fighter, then we'll have still nice fights to see from him, much to our delight LOL
Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-22 at: 07:54
Yeah, your right....let's hope he will give us more exicting fights!
rene (42 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-12 at: 02:25
he is hard like a brick,always enjoy 2 see him fighting,and he laughs at the same time.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2008-07-09 at: 08:54
In my eyes, the best K-1 MAX fighter so far.
Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-07-15 at: 11:47
i like his style....realy nice! However, I like Andy and Masato too...they are at the same level, to say the least.
Ali (322 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-26 at: 06:44
best in the max hands down
DarkManX (6 posts)
Posted: 2009-03-24 at: 08:48
Buakaw Por.Pramuk the best fighter from k1 max !!!!
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