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Post-fight interview from K-1 Max Final 2007

"I wish I could say, couldn't be more excited! or something, but it just hasn't really sunk in yet. I think I will begin to really feel it soon. Yes, I aimed at Masato's legs with my kicks. In the first fight against Drago, I had a cut in my mouth, and got my ribs hurt. In the second fight, I got a cut on my face, and got my left leg and right hand injured a bit. But I did my best against Masato. I feel pain all over my body now. I've just won this today, won it in 2005, was the finalist last year, so now I think I'm the one to be challenged by the others. I want to show the belt to my family. I already talked to my wife. Who was the toughest? I thought Masato was. A lot of things can happen in a tournament. I focused on my fights keeping that in my mind. How will I spend the money? I'll probably open an account for my two sons. Rematch with Masato? Why not? I'm always ready. Let's see if it will happen or not. (then Masato walked by and said to Souwer, 'You were good!', and Souwer smiled back at Masato)"

"My left leg swelled up, and to be honest, I wanted to quit it after the first fight. Then after the second fight, my right leg started swelling up as well. We were going to throw the towel in after the first round in the final no matter what. I only had one round, and attacked him with punches, to no avail. I have no regrets, though. Buakaw fight? The fight went exactly the way I imagined. Man, I've had enough of tournaments already (laugh). I wouldn't mind fighting Andy again on NYE, if I can recover by then. No, my legs are not broken, but pretty messed up. About Buakaw? IMHO, Souwer is better than him. I'm not going to say I quit. I don't want to do any more tournaments, though... In fact, I felt that way even after the first fight. I thought of running away with the win, seriously. But the trainers slapped me and made me think of what we've done all those things for... They were really tough on me (laugh). They pushed me the hardest ever today. Yes, the damage that I had really did it. The leg kicks in the first fight were gradually killing me... I wish I didn't get those... Oh yes, this was a very good tournament. I don't know when I can start training again. I don't think I will be able to any time soon, but then I already told Tanikawa-san that I will fight on NYE, so well, what should I do? Am I in trouble? (laugh) And no I won't retire. Not yet."

"I'm disappointed. I used up all of my stamina in my first fight. About the decision? I should've done better. My legs were hurt, and it was hard for me to even move them. I just couldn't do it. There is much that I wanted to do but couldn't do. But I got both legs hurt in the first fight, and had not much left in the second fight."

"My first fight was tough, tough enough for the judges to make us go for another round. Zambidis's punches were so hard. But I guess I was luckier tonight. Masato? He was good. I ate a good punch early in the first round. But I'm young, and I think I will meet him again. I'm not used to tournaments yet, but I will."

"I think I did well early in the fight... But one good punch, and that was the end of it. No, I don't feel any damage now..."

"I did my best. I lost it, so he was better. I was in perfect condition this time. I had some regrets last year, but I just lost to a better fighter this time. That was all I could do now. Kraus was just better than me. I wasn't even able to listen to my corner last year, but I was calm this year. I will feel really disappointed tomorrow, but right now, I have no regrets. I was just beaten. I always fought too clean before. But I'm not talented enough to really play it clean and win all the time, so I tried to take some risk to knock him out this time. That's why I don't have the regrets that I had last year. I believed in myself until the end of the fight. I couldn't do that last year, but I did tonight. I think Kraus is damaged too, but want to wish him good luck."

"I want to see the fight first if I could. Otherwise, I can't say anything about the fight. But I don't really think the extra round was necessary. Do I have some beef with the decision? Well, I fight a lot all year, and win. But I lose many fights in K-1. I lost to Masato two years ago. The fight against Drago went to the extra round too, but I still don't know why. And tonight, the same story. I like K-1, and advertise it in my country too. But I just don't understand this. Normally I can knock my opponents out. I'm capable of doing that. I wanted to put more pressure on him tonight, but... I'm disappointed. Whether I actually got more points in the fight, I can't say one way or another unless I see the fight."

"I'm disappointed. But I have no excuse for this loss. Masato was better than ever tonight. I lost to him fair and square. In what aspect Masato was better than usual? Mental toughness, I think. I had no particular strategy. I just wanted to adapt to his style. Of course, I wanted to knock him out. But he knocked me down first, and it messed up my rhythm. I felt my low kicks were working, but ended up using too many punches and forgot to use combinations. I have no objection to the decision. Did I underestimate Masato? No, no. I knew he was a great fighter. It's just that I couldn't do what I should've done. Was this result totally unexpected? No, I never thought like that. I just tried to take every fight seriously, that's all."

Kalakoda: (postat i Kakutougi forumet)
"don`t wanna go into too much detail on this but masato was the man against buakaw he fought a brilliant fight and won this fight no doubt.

some tid bits,drago seems fine in the hotel now but initially after the fight in the dressing room he really took the loss hard,was just staring into space not talking to anyone,telling me he can`t believe what just happened.sato as well shedding tears in the dressing room.as i was next door to masato it was obvious after the buakaw fight that he took damage to his legs and in fact souwer mentioned after the fight that he was informed of the fact the masato`s legs were gone and so obviously he went after his legs.

i have all the respect in the world for souwer ko ing drago having a war with kraus then facing masato having had way less time to recover."

Source: http://www.kampsport.se/forum/showthread.php?t=16470


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