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Ray Sefo Postfight Interview

After his frustrating decision loss to Bjorn Bregy in the marquis superfight matchup of the 2007 World Grand Prix in Las Vegas, Ray Sefo sat down with the press to answer questions.

How do you feel about the fight?

You can't cry over spilt milk, the crowd judged for themselves. Bregy was able to land a few jabs during the fight, but never did any damage. I tried to get close, but he ran the whole fight. For a big guy, I couldn't believe how fast he ran, he was like a 100 meter sprinter.

What do you think of how they judged the fight?

Bregy was able to land a few jab, but I landed solid leg kicks. When it goes to the judges, how can they say which was better? How do you run away the whole fight and win? The crowd judged the fight, they booed, they were bored!

You think the American judges gave too many points for punching?

If this had been judged in Japan, there's no way that guy would have won. How do you run a whole fight and win? Maybe its my fault, I never expected that a big guy could run so fast.

What's your relationship with Doug Viney?

I'm Doug's trainer, I manage him.

What do you think of his performance tonight?

I couldn't be more proud of Doug. He came to start training 4-5 weeks ago, with so much talent! But his real strength is that he listens well. I said, stay sharp, let it flow. Don't look for power shots, just be accurate. He did wonderful.

How did you say to Viney to prepare him for the fight?

I told him that I believed in him and now he needed to believe in himself. I told him to relax and stay sharp and that's what he did tonight. I am very proud of him and I will make sure that he continues to fight to his great potential.

What if you have to fight Viney at the Final Elimination in Seoul?

Lets just hope it doesn't come to that.

Who would you like to fight next?

There's only one person I'm hoping to fight, that's Semmy Schilt. I almost had him in our last fight, knocked him down once. But I think I became overconfident, and let him get the better of me. But it won't happen again.

Who was your greatest match?

I don't think have any one match in particular that I'm most proud of. The thing that I am most proud of is having been in the ring with so much talent, so many great fighters.

You've accomplished so much in your career, what are you most proud of?

The things I'm most proud of are the things that I've been able to do for my community, for children in need, for my country.

Any plans to go into MMA?

Absolutely, I was supposed to fight a month ago but I was injured and had to step out.

Is there any organization in particular that you'd like to fight with?

Oh yeah, the UF.... Just kidding. I'd be fighting with K-1 Hero's. I'm still under a one year contract with K-1.

You've clearly got stand up skills, how's your ground game, how's your jui-jitsu?

I've been working on it for some time, training with Royce Gracie. I'm actually very good. I've got an excellent sprawl, for now... knock on wood... I've been training some really good guys and I've been able to hold my own, really impressed my trainers.


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Eldarbong (989 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-12 at: 07:51
Nice interview thanks! It was funny when he said "If this had been judged in Japan, there's no way that guy would have won. How do you run a whole fight and win?"--- did ray not see Junior vs JLB ? lol
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-13 at: 06:05
"I couldn't believe how fast he ran, he was like a 100 meter sprinter" ;-)

Lets just hope we don't lose Sefo to some MMA organization.
sanadathetiger (319 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-14 at: 07:18
i think he was still angry when he said that.
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