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Doug Viney Postfight Interview

Following his unprecedented victory in the 2007 WGP in Las Vegas, Doug Viney sat down with the press to answer questions and to fill the world in on the man behind the Cinderella-story win.

How do you feel about your win?

Its bloody marvelous, I don't know how I'm going to fit this on the plane! I'm very happy with the outcome of the fight, and would like to thank my team and Ray Sefo.

What did you expect going into the tournament?

I only ever expected to fight in the reserve match, and didn't even hear that I'd be fighting again until less than 10 minutes before the match. They basically just said get your gloves on and go...

Had you prepared for fighting the other tournament participants?

I arrived in Las Vegas four weeks ago to start training with Ray. I'd originally focused on fighting Mastov, but just a couple days ago found out that it'd be Mahmoud Fawzy. I just planned to be careful and to stick to my strengths.

What were you thinking of going into your first match?

Just be cautious, I wasn't going in for the blood, definitely not looking for a first round KO.

Sefo wasn't able to be your corner man for the final match, was he able to give you any advice before you headed out?

Sefo just told me to be cautious, to stick to my strengths, not be too aggressive, counter what they're doing.

When and how did you get into kickboxing?

I started kickboxing when I was 18-19, did my first amateur fight at 21, did a total of 5 amateur fights. Then I won K-1 New Zealand next. Back in 2004 I left kickboxing to try boxing for six months. I did the Oceania boxing tournament, won four matches. That gave me a spot at the 2004 Olympics, where I lost to US by points.

You've earned a spot at the Final Elimination at Seoul, what would you do if you had to face Sefo? Who would you want to fight?

Well, lets just say anyone but Sefo, he's the only person I'm not willing to fight. I was to stress, it'd be an honor to fight any of the big names in K-1, a real honor, any one of them.

You never seemed to fatigue during the tournament, what sort of conditioning do you do?

My philosophy going into a fight is to never show weakness, don't show emotion, never show you're hurt. If something is aching, never show him.


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Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-12 at: 12:14
Congratulations to Doug Viney!...and thanks Pathologist for being a brilliant FansOfK1 journalist.
citykjr (74 posts)
Posted: 2007-09-19 at: 07:12
Thanks Pathologist for this.. This means alot to us back home. I am a student of Dougs so this is awesome!!
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