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Hong Kong Post-Fight Interviews

Randy Kim

Q: Tell us about the fight.
A: There's still a lot that I need to work on.

Q: For instance?
A: More than anything, I don't have enough experience. I still don't know how to pace myself.

Q: Were the low-kicks working against you?
A: Yeah, there was that, but the biggest thing was, I didn't know anything about my opponent beforehand.

Q: How about injuries?
A: I was nervous, so there was that to deal with, but...

Q: Any damage from the fight though?
A: Not really... but knowing that I ran out of stamina hurts me...

Q: It seemed like you lost the will to fight out there.
A: Yeah. Towards the end of the fight, I couldn't put any strength behind my punches, and I really felt that pressure.

Q: What's your biggest challenge right now?
A: Stamina. And I don't have enough kicking and punching experience. So working on what I don't have is my biggest challenge.

Q: You have yet to win a fight since coming to K-1, are you confident that you can win someday?
A: That's a tough question. I need to focus on getting my confidence back with training more than winning. I think I can win when I've got my confidence back.

Shin Hong Jian

Q: How do you feel about the fight?
A: I was really disappointed. I'd had a lot of hopes for this fight, but wasn't used to the rules. I needed more time to practice for them.

Q: What's your next goal?
A: If I get another chance, I'd like to prepare more. I didn't know much about my opponent, so if I get another chance, I want to practice more want to be in top form for the next.


Q: How did you feel about the fight?
A: I'm very disappointed, but I did the best I could, as a Sumo Wrestler. I got a few good punches in. I knew his kicks would be better than mine, but I had hoped to win this with brute strength. I hoped I'd find a way to knock him out.

Q: What did you think about your opponent?
A: Because this is a stand-up fight, I knew he'd have better technique that do. But you never know what can happen in the ring. I knew that he couldn't beat me with strength... but he was a very tough fighter.
I'd like to fight him in MMA. He was tough, though... People say he's got one of the best low-kicks in the world. I don't remember the high-kick.

Q: How's your leg?
A: I took a few good low-kicks and my leg is hurting me, so I'm icing it just in case. I wanted to show people that Sumo is a tough sport, and I hoped to be able to use some of my power, but there was a big difference in our level of experience. He had the better technique. I need to get more experience, and if I get another chance, I'd like to show people one more time... I'd like to show what Sumo can do in K-1 or MMA.

Erhan Deniz

Q: How do you feel the fight went?
A: This was my first K-1 fight, so I wanted to do my best, and I feel that I did. When K-1 called me, and told me I was fighting a reserve fight, I was hoping that there was some way I could get into the tournament, but it looks like I don't have a chance now.

Q: What's your impression of your opponent?
A: He's got a good heart. Whenever I threw something, low-kick, high-kick, he always came back with something. He was tough.

Q: Were the low-kicks part of Andre Maanart's game plan?
A: In order to use high-kicks, you've got to use low-kicks. So I tried to set up my high-kicks with the low.

Q: What kind of fighter do you want to be?
A: Strong. I'm still young, and I'll train with Andre Maanart and get better one step at a time.

Peter Aerts

Q: How did the fight go?
A: I had a hard time finding my rhythm at the beginning of the fight, but I'm happy that I won. I only think I let him attack me too much.

Q: Any damage from the fight?
A: No much, it is like at training, so it's no big deal. It get much the same in training.

Q: After the last fight with Sapp, did you want to make this one last longer?
A: The last fight with Sapp is the last fight with Sapp. This is different.

Q: It was your first fight with Pettas in 5 years, how was it to face him?
A: It was a while since I fought him, but he showed a good fight, he showed good heart. He really wanted to fight, and he fought like a man, not like Sapp.

Q: How do you like Hong Kong?
A: I didn't know what to expect, I like it is very relaxed here. (As for the fight) I didn't know what the fans wanted to see. A win by points doesn't matter to me, but I won by knockout, so I hope the fans like that.

Q: What is your goal for this year?
A: Want to win the K-1. This is my year.

Q: Who is your opponent in the September Final Elimination?
A: I don't know yet. I've heard a rumor that it is Bonjasky, but I really don't know. But there hasn't been an offer.

Taiei Kin

Q: What's wrong with your eye?
A: (covering eye with ice) It's not my eye, it's my nose. You know, we aren't out there to kill each other, but as a fighter, I want to continue more than anything. Unfortunately, the doctor stopped me from continuing. I'm very disappointed, but so there's nothing that I can do....

Q: What happened?
A: Sentoryu and I butted heads. I broke my nose when I fought against Tamura in HERO'S, so it isn't eye, it's the nose... I thought that it was starting to heal. But after Sentoryu, it just got worse in my fight against Fujimoto. I'll guess I'll have to let him (Fujimoto) win this tournament for me. I said that I'd shut Sentoryu, Fujimoto and Musashi down, and I was able to for the most part, so I'm happy about that. But it was my first K-1 fight in a while, so I was a bit nervous (laughs).

Q: How did it feel to fight in K-1?
A: I thought, "I'm still in the game." The way I fight has changed, but I felt alright. I got 2 KO's in 2 fights. I wanted to get 3, but...

Q: Can you tell people in Hong Kong what they can expect from K-1?
A: K-1 is a very exciting sport. There are a lot of KO's and a lot of big fighters who make a great show when they clash together. I recommend they pick a fighter they like and root for him!

Badr Hari

Q: How did the fight go?
A: I think it was as you know it is, I got hit maybe once or twice, it wasn't perfect, but except from that it was a good fight.

Q: How was Graham, compared to before?
A: He was the same, maybe a little better, but I was too good.

Q: At the beginning of the 3rd round, you both hugged, did you make up?
A: I didn't have any hate for him, but I'm not his friend. I don't hate anybody. Like I told you, I'm a professional, I came here to fight, and I beat him. I know he talked a lot of tough things about me, and he'll break my jaw again, but that is no problem. I don't come to hurt someone, I just come to win and do my job. I don't want to break somebody's jaw. I just told him, "I'm not mad at you. I beat you, and I will kick your ass, but I'm not mad at you." that's what I told him, and he was like, "Oh, okay, whatever." I just wanted to let him know that he was just lucky last time, I was not the Badr that I am now. I just wanted to put that in his (face). You see, you can do nothing against me now. He hated himself, but that's his problem.

Q: He tried his spinning back kick against you again in the 3rd round, what did you think about that?
A: You know, those things, I can see them now. Before I started training with Mike, I was different, those things I can see them. Last time I was weak, but I've changed. So, those things I can see them now. It does not matter because he hasn't changed. Nothing was new, he cannot win now, it's impossible-It was nothing, he looked stupid-he did it and hit the ground, and then he did it again. You can tell, it was frustration, it was his last chance, but it was stupid.

Q: Are you happy with the win?
A: Who's not? Is somebody not happy? No, I'm very happy, I won. I'm not hunting for a knockout, I just go for a win, if it comes it comes I'm happy, it was almost there, but I'm not hunting for a knockout. I bested him in front of everybody, I showed him that Kickboxing is not the sport you're in, I don't know what it is, but it's not kickboxing.

Q: K-1 is very new to Hong Kong...
A: You don't know what you're missing!

Q: I know. Can you tell us more about it?
A: I've been in K-1 for more than 1 year. My feeling is that K-1 is the fighting organization #1 in the world. It is better than any other, it is the ultimate. I hope it is becoming big in Hong Kong, and Asia.

Q: How Do you enjoy watching it?
A: I don't know because I'm never in the audience. No, I watch it different. It is a sport, like boxing. You can watch it at home with your family. We don't kill each other. But when I watch the fights, I watch them different.

Q: What is the future of K-1?
A: Like I said, I will be leading the way, and everyone else will follow.

Peter Graham

Q: What do you think about the fight?
A: My performance was... okay. I think Badr Hari was in better condition and much more focused than the first time we fought. I could see that he wasn't taking any chances at all, he was very cautious and just throwing just enough. In the first fight his defense was lacking, but this time it was really tight. You know he almost got hit with the Rolling Thunder in 3rd round., but he worked really hard this time. I had a lack of concentration, and he hit me with a knee, but it was a point win. I won the street fight, I knocked him out in last fight, I won the first press conference, and I won the last press conference, so you know what? I can't win everything, I had to give him this fight. He won, he won on points win. Hey, it was just a points win. I think we still have a street fight to settle in HERO'S. Not tonight, I'm a professional. Okay, if you want to say "forget about press conference, forget about street fight," it's only one a piece. He knows it was very close. If you watch the fight you could tell, he didn't want to do anything wrong. He was protecting himself very heavily this time. He's a much different fighter.

Q: Do you want to have one more chance?
A: Yeah. You know it's not done. You saw the difference from the first time and the second time. The first time he was all brash and he was all out there, saying "I'm going to win." and this time he was a bit nervous, so he wasn't as exciting as he sometimes is. He's just thinking "I can't afford to do anything wrong, I've got this big contract with K-1," and this guy Peter Graham, what did he call me, the puppy? Lucky puppy. You know, he didn't want to lose to the lucky puppy again, so he was really focused, and of course I was focused as well, but this time he got the points to win and that's cool, but you know, it's still.. he knows that he didn't hurt me. He just wanted to fight on points. It's still a win on points and congratulations but hey, I don't think it's settled for me. I think we still need to have a street fight. Well, one in the ring anyway.

Q: K-1 is a new sport in Hong Kong, can you share your experiences in K-1, and fighting?
A: As you may or may not know, I come from a full-contact Karate background, which is very exciting, but it's a lot higher, K-1. The best of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, all the different types of martial arts that are stand-up, if they're good enough at the offence and defense they come to K-1, and it's much more exciting to see the different styles. You know, when lot of kids grow up, they do martial arts, and when you go to school you can say "Karate is better than that style," or "Kung Fu is better than Tae Kwon Do," and some kid says "Nah, boxing is tougher." And that's why K-1 is so fun-you get to find out. Maybe Muay Thai is good for this, but it's not so good against boxing, or the Karate fighter sometimes has bad defense, or the Tae Kwon Do has unbelievable flashiness, or the Kung Fu guy is really quick. For me, because I'm a massive fan of martial arts, and martial art movies, I enjoy seeing which styles and which countries make the best champions. And it's really exciting to see what's going on in China, because it's such a big market, and there are so many people, so many awesome athletes. I think it's going to grow massively.

Q: On the audience side, how should we enjoy K-1?
A: I think one of the most exciting things about K-1 is you don't have to really understand it to enjoy it. I mean you've got Hong Man Choi, myself, Badr Hari, Gary Goodridge, who are so different and diverse, so that even if you have a little knowledge of the fighting arts you can still enjoy it. It's not like two boxers who are really technical, and it's like well this guy is doing this, or you've got to watch a wrestling match, or a Judo match, it's difficult sometimes for the uneducated person to enjoy those. That's what's different about K-1, it's always enjoyable and always fast. So even tonight, the ladies who came with their boyfriend or husband, had a pretty good time, the crowd was very vocal, they all were loud and cheering. I had a great time.

Q: What do you think about the audience in Hong Kong?
A: I think they are very vocal. They know what they want. It was really exciting, I really like the crowd. You're doing something bad and they (let you know), if you're doing something good they're cheering. I like a loud, vocal crowd, so I loved the crowd here.

Hong Man Choi

Q: How did you feel about the fight?
A: The event here in Hong Kong was a very important fight for me. I wanted to show people more of my left, and I accomplished that, so I'm very pleased with the results.

Q: Do you think you've reverted to an earlier fight style?
A: Well, this is my first time in Hong Kong and I wanted to get out there and show people that I could be aggressive from the start. What's more all of the other Korean fighters had lost today, so I felt I had to do something. I hope to be able to show everyone an even more improved fighting style in September.

Q: What will you do to prepare for that fight?
A: The Final Elimination is a very important fight. I'd like to show everyone something completely different. I'm not going to work so hard on gaining Stamina, I think it's also important to rest, so instead of that I'm going to focus on getting a little better every day, and hopefully show everyone a new-improved me in September.

Yusuke Fujimoto

Q: Congratulations on your win.
A: Thank you. Well, a lot went down tonight, but in the end lady luck was in my corner. I do have to say that my fight with Taiei Kin was really tough. After my first fight I had run out of stamina, while my opponent had breezed through the first round. But for my last fight I put a good finish on it with that KO.

Q: What did you focus on during the intervals?
A: I'd already iced down, and cut my taping, and was ready to go get something to eat, but they asked me to go up, so I had to pull myself together again.

Q: What should people in Hong Kong look for in K-1 fights?
A: A lot of KO's. One of the great things about K-1 is you get to see a lot of big guys getting knocked down.

Q: What are you going to do from here until the Final Elimination?
A: I'll take a couple of days off, and then start practicing again. Last Year I got taken out in the Final Elimination, but I hope to make it a few steps farther than I made it last year.

Mr. Sadaharu Tanikawa, Event Producer

 First of all, I would like to thank the people of Hong Kong for coming to see the event today. One of the things about K-1, you never know what's going to happen, and that's what happened today.
 The Semi-Final round was kind of a mess because when the Chinese fighter, Wang Qian, kicked Musashi in the groin we tried to give him a chance to recover. Musashi's second threw in the towel, but if they were going to throw in the towel they should have done so after the match had restarted. Wang Qian thought that he had won and he left the ring, so the referee had no choice but to make that call.

Q: How is Musashi doing?
A: I've never seen him like that before-he couldn't even walk, so they took him to the hospital. He wasn't even in condition to fight his first match. I was impressed that he even finished it. He put up a great fight. Unfortunately, as it stands right now there's no slot for him in the World Grand Prix. But I won't say that he's out completely, because he might get voted in.

Q: What is the appeal of K-1?
A: People are just trying to knock their opponent out with punches and kicks. It's very simple to understand, but there's also a lot of drama as well, as I'm sure you saw today. People want to know how the guy who lost is going to come back next time. Everyone from children to the grandparents can understand it right away, and that's why I think it has become so popular around the world.

Q: Are you making efforts to expand in China and Hong Kong?
A: I'd like to have one tournament a year in Hong Kong or Macao, and of course Mainland China, in Shanghai or Beijing. And we've got more Chinese fighters, so I'd like to have an event that only features them.

Q: Why didn't the event happen in Macao?
A: We had a request from Macao, but they were all from Casinos, and they didn't have an event hall ready yet. Besides, Hong Kong is the birth place of Kung Fu, and the people are very emotional, so we decided to have it here.

Q: We'd also like to see HERO'S and MAX here as well.
A: I'm very glad to hear that. We'll to the best we, and hope to continue your receiving your support!



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Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 05:25
Very nice. Thanks!
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 10:35
Great article, especially interesting to read Hari's and Graham's words.

Daniel, I helped some with the formating of the article. And then you had categorized to the wrong event, so I changed it to the K-1 GP in Hong Kong, and also categorized it with the right fighters.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-07 at: 05:03
great,, thanx Dennis, its been kind of alot the past 2 days, i guess it became quantity and not quality of some things...
Ving (62 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-07 at: 01:25
Aerts seems to be really angry with Sapp :).
Hari's attitude in the ring was nice, but in this interview he is very arrogant again.
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