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The official version of what happend at K-1 HONG KONG

Sunday, August 5th 2007 / Hong-Kong
The official version of the K-1 organization...

The second semi, between Musashi and Qiang, was yet another controversial fight. Early on, Qiang put Musashi in the corner and brought up a couple of knees to trunks. Musashi fell in pain, and in a flash his corner threw the towel. But after lengthy ringside consultations, it was announced that because Qiang would be penalized for a low blow, the towel-throwing was voided. Musashi was given an extended period of time to recover, but could not. The crowd voiced boisterous disapproval at the next official announcement -- Qiang had left the ring and so had forfeited, therefore Musashi was the winner.

Here is the opinion from one person that saw the fights

This is what you can name BS in capital! It's simply shameless how the Japanese organization changes rules to the benefit of their own people/fighters.

It never occurred before in history that a chief-referee overruled the 'throwing of an towel'.

Musashi remained down to the canvas, even after 10 minutes, the referee declared Qiang as a winner, he lifted his arms in victory, looked after Musashi and left the ring to see his dressing room.

So as from today, a fighter needs to stay in the ring until it is told him otherwise?

Panelized for a 'low blow'? What now low blow! Qiang connected with a kick just under the top part (elastic) of the trunk and this certainly was not in the groin!


Personally i also feel that this blows! the japanese fighters has always been treated differnt and they have also always had the judges in their backs, helping them to win fights.

According to me this was the japanese promotors last chans to get japanese fighters to the final elimination, and they used all the tricks they could. The whole matchup in this tournament was made so that either Musashi or Fujimoto would make it to the final and win. But when things started to go bad for the japanese fighters Tanigawa pulled some strings, to help them out.

This is a big BLACK day for K-1 in my eyes, and something realy needs to be done about it.

I wont be suprised if Musashi is gonna fight in the final elimination to, ( probably against the "weakest" fighter in the lineup) the second easiest fight will go to Fujimoto, no way that either of them will be matcht up with semmy, or Aerts.

I think its in the best of intress for K-1`s future to take care of these problems and thats fast, if not the whole K-1 trademark might soon bee seen as a BIG JOKE!



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Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-05 at: 10:33
It's to bad when this happends. I'm waiting for a video on this so I can make up my own mind more about what happened.
(144 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-05 at: 11:39
this guy is absolutely right, the event was a real travesty of justice, a blatant display of corruption in K-1
(144 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 01:11
and how about a photo of the injury that kept Taiei Kin from fighting in the final and let fujimoto advance? i'd like to see that.

but either way, K-1 is a japanese organization and gets its primary revenue from the japanese market. i suppose you can't fault the organizers for giving japanese fighters an edge. we need the japanese fans to be interested and support the sport so that we can enjoy it also. i'm thankful that k-1 is so popular and mainstream that we can all enjoy it world wide, especially living in a place where kickboxing is still relatively unpopular.
Eldarbong (989 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 06:25
Yeah that was a terrible tournament. K-1 is in trouble if it doesn't clean this crap up. Thank god MAX is doing awesome...
bizmarkie (7 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 07:50
complaining like little girls... the event had a lot of entertaining action. best part when musashi knocks soo park out. thats justice for you. whats the man to do?? he get kicked and kneed numerous times in the dingding and he´s the bad guy?? come on... GO MUSASHI!!
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 10:01
??? mm okay?.. so u also think thats it good that he jumps on his opponen when he is on the ground after beeing Ko`d??

you have the right to think what ever u want bizmarkie, but i cant share your oppinion. Sure musashi might have been hit with one MAX two low blows, but thats the name of the game, and its the refs job to warn the fighter that delivers lowblows.

My oppinion is that musashi is sooo far over the hill that u cant even see him anymore, look at the shape he`s in,, overweight, slow no stamina, there was no way he could win the tournament on his own. So he took the easy way out, complainig and lying hoping that it would help him, AND IT DID!.

im just glad that they diddent let him go to the final aswell.

bizmarkie (7 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 10:30
No that´s not ok, but concidering the treatment Musashi got prior to the KO you can somewhat understand his unstable state of mind. 2 low blows?? Are you blind?? Why aint nobody hackin on the koreans for bad sportmanship?? Its the referees job you say, well i thought i just read some complains about the same refs... And nobody is forcing you to watch Musashi in the future, stop watching dude. And if he would have choosen the easy way out, it´s as you say, the name of the game.
ruderko (89 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 11:30
it always sucks when sth like this happenes...and you guys fighting over that, even worse...rather go enjoy aerts highkick KO...=DDD
btw Bonjaski is coming to Zagreb, to help Cro Cop prepair for Cheik Kongo...hope ill see him somewhere in the city...=P
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-06 at: 11:56
I aint fight no one, that i know of atleast. But i do have the right to speak my mind, so do bizmarkie also.

I have watched the fights again, and i can see your point that alot of knees and kicks a werry low, but not that low that it hits Musashi`s "family pride".

I havent compaind about the ref, i simply said that its his job to determen if a fighter is reciving low blows.

The thing i am complaing about is the special treatment japanese fighters recive in K-1. its not only Musashi, its just about all japanese fighters both in K-1 and K-1 MAX. havent u seen the Gp finals between Musashi and Remy,? the MAX finals between Buakaw and Masato?? its been like this for several years, and i want it to stop!

you are right that i dont need to see Musashi`s fights, but i would prefer not having to see fights and fighters beeing corrupt!
bizmarkie (7 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-07 at: 08:46
i have fought a couple of fights and i can say that it doesn´t have to be a hit right on target when we talk about low blows. a hit in the close area can also be painful if you hit the cup. the complains about the refs was in the article above and you could sense them in the following posts. i have seen the fights you mention and the judges do a bad job. but don´t accuse the fighters for beeing corrupt, the organization yes, but the fighters are only doing their job. some are favouruble with the judges but then again, thats the name of the game. with ALL sports. have you seen any boxing for ex. the olympic games in soul? any sanshou fights with chineese judges? a soccer game with a big favourite team against the little upcomer? the list goes on... i can understand that you want this to stop and let sports just be sport. but you´re forgetting 2 small things called politics and money. but in this case i think Musashi almost deserve to win concidering beeing kicked so many times. witch is not allowed and the koreans should be disqualified.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-07 at: 01:04
((I aint fight no one, that i know of atleast.)) that was in remark of the comment down below, i fought my fights to =).

I know how it feels to be kicked in the nuts, and sure, it hurts and it might even hurt bad.

But when musashi seems to be dying on second and the next he is up and jumping complaining about the decisoin, then u aint hurt,, then u are just acting!!

Therefor i think that musashi did very wrong, sure he got kicked in the nuts, and im sure that it was painfull for him, but he wasent in that mutch pain since he could jump up and complain as soon as things diddent go the way he wanted.

Yes Bizmarkie u are right K-1 is not the only sport thats corrupt, there is corruption eveywhere, politics, sports, at work, the list can be made long,, but does that mean that we should accept it and just sit down and say nothing??


when i feel that something is wrong i let i show. In my eyes,, i say it again IN MY EYES, musashi showd bot bad sportmanship ( by attacking the KO´d opponent and also bad acting by moaning about low blows that apperently wasent that big of a deal since he got back up as soon as he realised that he lost the fight.

I cant stand cheaters, and even worse i cant stand cheaters being allowed to cheat, and thats exactly what happend!
bizmarkie (7 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-07 at: 06:27
you sure are drawing a lot of conclutions of your own. just because you THINK that Musashi did all the things you say doesn´t mean he did it. it´s only your theory, wich you sure are entitled to. but you say "thats exactly what happened" how can you know that for sure?? you werent there, and even if you where two parts can get different impressions of the same experience, depending of their background, state of mind, emotions and so on. maybe he was acting all along, maybe he recovered quickly after some rest, maybe he was in pain all the time but decided to fight anyway. you don´t know, i don´t know, the point is that you have made yourself judge over the whole thing and thats your right. but nobody intelligent or serious person would jump to so quick conclutions.
and by the way, Musashi isn´t attacking soo park, he´s shouting to mock him and thats bad, true. i´m guessing you are the author to the article above and if you are you are complaining about the refs. bad sportsmanship is sad to watch, i agree with you on that one. but i´m not as fast as you to judge. just one question, why aren´t you complaining about the bad sportmanship regarding kicking in the groing repetedly? i know you don´t like Musashi and you don´t have too. focus on the fighters you like instead of badmouthing so much. take a chillpill and relax papiman! have a good day!
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-07 at: 06:46
I have never said that my oppinion is the "truth" or what realy happend or what realy whent down. All that i am doing is expressing my point of view wich i have allt the rights in the world to do. But sure you are right, I dont like Musashi i never have and i surly never will,, BUT i would feel the same way if it was Peter Aerts , Hoost, JLB, Remy or any other fighter. the thing is that they wouldent act like this, and they surly wouldent have the backing from FEG like Musashi i they did.

Sure i feel sorry 4 Musashi if he got injured, thats not a good thing and the fighter (s) that injurd him should face diciplinary actions, ( but not stomping on them like Musashi did.

But i still belevie ( after seeing the fight 10 times) that in the second fight Musashi is acting on a injury. The knee that hits him is low, but not that low. But yet again you are right, the only person knowing how it realy feelt is Musashi and ofcourse he wont support my teory =)..

Musashi own doctors claims that he has "broken" one of his testikals, and if thats true i realy feel sry 4 Musashi.

but like u already have guest i dont think its the truth. if he now was so serverly injured in the first fight, there is NO WAY that he would have keept on fighting. I still and probably always will belive that he was to out of shape to fight and tried to take the easy way out by acting and complaining.

I must also say that i respect your opinion even tho i dont share it, like you said we all se thing from our own perspectiv, and also therfor we see things differnt.

Just to be clear i dont like chillpills, if u do its your problem, but i will have a good day.
bizmarkie (7 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-07 at: 11:48
Well daniel, you say and i qoute you now "thats exactly what happend". isn´t that a attempt to state what really happened or what really went down? if it isn´t then i don´t know what is. "thats my view on what happened" would have signaled that it was only your point of view. "exactly what happened" means that it was exactly that, that happened and nothing else. the headline to the article also says, quoting you again "The official version of what happend at K-1 HONG KONG" that doesn´t really expresses that it is just one persons view of the matter, now does it? it pretty much says, this is the shit that happenend. i think that you meen well but the problem with this type of article is that it could be mistaken for an official statement. especially when you use the phrase "official version". i think you have all the rights in the world to express your opinion, i just think it´s sad you try to do it as a disguise of an official article. a journalist follows ethical rules and reports to his best ability what really happened, without any personal points of view. i know you´re not a journalist and i hope you understand i applaude your right to express your opinion. it´s just that when you do it like that i have a hard time to take you seriusly. and you have a pretty strong case regarding corrupted judges. (even if i don´t agree 100% in this case) thats why it´s sad when you bite your own tail like that. i know it´s no legal laws or rules broken posting stuff on the internet, but you should have strong moral rules set for yourself. and be carefull and think twice on what you write. enough about that, i don´t like pills either, it´s just a figure of speach. peace out!
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-08 at: 05:35
feels like this has gone far egnof now, we have told our points of view, and its clear that we are not gonna ´be able yo agre with eachother in this matter.

Be well.
bizmarkie (7 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-08 at: 05:53
Well spoken. let´s just agree to disagree. peace out.
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-09 at: 10:51
This has been one heated discussion. It's of course ok to discuss and have different opinions, but this discussion got out of control when racism got involved. I have therefore deleted 2 comments that I found inapropriate.
Sinlap (3 posts)
Posted: 2007-08-10 at: 02:58
Too bad for K-1 sport. Referee like this give sport a bad name.
Dillitante (185 posts)
Posted: 2007-10-05 at: 08:38
Corruption, politics, and sports....Now that's one combination that no one has ever been able to separate, eh? *sigh*
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2007-10-06 at: 10:41
Suppose that when money comes into play these things always happends to some degree.
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