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New Buakaw interview

Interview with Buakaw (July 3, 2007)


I = Interviewer

B = Buakaw

I: How did you feel of your bout? Did you get injured

B: I didn't know about my opponent, I got his information after I came to Japan.(Laugh) I feel a pain of in the legs. I kicked too many times.

I: Do you probe at the first round if you haven't got any information of your opponent?

B: I normally watch my opponent's bout once on TV or internet, and I let my opponent do his attack first, then I start attacking. It is not a problem for me if I get to know roughly.

I: Aren't you worried about surprise attacks like a jumping knee attack?

B: I'm not worried about those kinds of attacks at all. If anything, those unexpected attacks are joyful. However, opponents that I've fought before are easier because I know what they would do, but on the first opponents, I have to make sure what they would do at first, so they are harder to fight.



I: You look bigger than before. How much is your weight?

B: I was about 67kg when I came to Japan at the first time in 2004, but I'm sometimes 72kg if I take a rest instead of training, but my weight is reduced quickly when I train hard.

I: I watched you drink something like raw eggs on TV. What did you drink?

B: I drink the white and the yolk of two raw eggs in the morning and evening. I have been doing it since I stated practicing Muay Thai when I was very young so I must have already drunk about 100 million eggs. (Laugh) This might make me more powerful and muscular, but I do it to make my body stronger, so I eat meets to make my body bigger.

I: I saw it on "ROCKY".

B: I know that. Rocky was a boxer as same as me, so it was interesting.(Laugh)

I: I saw your training once in Thailand. It was very hard training in very hot weather, so it seemed to be difficult for you to increase your weight.

B: Exactly. My weight keeps decreasing if I train as same as usual, so I often take a rest and have meals to keep my weight stable.


I: I was so surprised that you were still sharing with your roommate and living in a room without an air-conditioner even you had already been the world champion.

B: My life as a Muay Thai fighter has never been changed at all. It is not important to live luxuriously at all, it is important to live naturally. I don't like place where many people and air-conditioners are because it is stuffy. The place where I sleep and take a brake anytime is enough for me.

I: People always change there lives more comfortably when they succeed. I am so surprised that even you know how good it is, you still keep living in a simple way in your gym.

B: I'm happy to stay this kind of place (where the hotel Buakaw is for interview), and I don't mind if I were told to sleep on the floor, but I don't hope to spend a luxurious life because it is better to stay with my friends and have meals even if I did it on the ground. I like to be natural so much, and I think I should do what I want because life is only once. My life style will never be changed.


I: You have three months for next tournament. Do you have a plan to have another match during it?

B: No, I don't. I'm going to make my condition normal and start a light training. And then, I will start a hard training. I'm not going into camp for training. I train in my gym.

I: In the end, could you tell us your ardor for straight winning tournament?

B: I couldn't win the tournament two years ago so I was nervous last yea, but I am not anymore because I won last year so I got on the ring with a confidence and idea of "Do hard what I can". I'm not worried about training because I have taken part in several tournaments. It is the most important to condition myself for the tournament, and then I can be confident.




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danmooj1 (27 posts)
Posted: 2007-07-14 at: 05:24
wow thanks!
PeteXL (14 posts)
Posted: 2007-07-15 at: 10:26
got to love him.
Dean Mitchell (44 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-12 at: 04:33
Luv this guy!!!!
Soksai (3 posts)
Posted: 2008-05-31 at: 07:38
My Favourite fighter...
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