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K1 World MAX 2014 Results

The K-1World MAX Finals took place today in Pattaya, Thailand. Buakaw Banchamek and Enriko Kehl met in the finals of the tournament and their fight ended controversy. Buakaw and Kehl put on an entertaining show through three rounds with neither fighter backing down. It was not the most technically sound fight, but it was definitely exciting, but it probably seemed to be in the favor Buakaw. When the third round ended the bout was declared a draw and set to go to a fourth round to decide the winner. Buakaw walked out of the ring which in return forced the bout to be ruled a win for Kehl with Buakaw being disqualified. The ring announcer stated that Buakaw had left the building.  The official result was disqualification by forfiet. It is not known as to why Buakaw left the ring or the arena. He seemed perfectly fine as soon as the bout ended. This is definitely not the way fans expected this bout to end.

In other action on the night Paul Daleydefeated Mohammad Ghaedibardeh by decision. Daley has made a nice transition back into Kickboxing after spending several years fighting MMA including stints with Strikeforce and the UFC.

Enriko Kehl def. Buakaw Banchamek via DQ (Forefiet)
Paul Daley def. Mohammad Ghadiabardeh via Decision
Maximo Suarez def. Tural Bayramov via (T)KO in Rd. 2
Andre Amade def. Li Yankun via Decision



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Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-13 at: 09:26

I read a article about why Baukaw did not show up for the 4th round..

He did not agree with the new rules that where made 2 hours before the event started

New rule exist of no more holding on to the leg no more catching the leg and no more sweeps so basically they tried to take the Muay thai out of him wtf why would you ban those techniques it,s a basic technique their taking all the technical work out of striking

come on man Clinch work is all ready banned elbows are banned and now you cant even catch your opponents leg any more so you pretty much left with out a defense

Only thing you can do is cover up and kick and punch thats not striking !!

I also read that baukaw went to the COPS because he found out that k1 was betting on theire own fights with he thinks is a BAD BAD THING and there fore he also has his doubts about the judges :(

stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-13 at: 06:01
@Rishi I don't know. I wached the fight. He did lots of muaythai techniques and never even got a warning from the referee. Somhow I doubt this story is true.
I think he got pissed for not winning in front of his crowd and just left. At least that is how it all looked to me.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-13 at: 06:28
@stark well of course i was not there so the truth is probably somewhere in the middle !

I guess more news will come out in the next months i have this information from his FB site and he posted a statement on several muay thai sites ..

As for as the fight goes well in my opinion that german guy got the better hand of it when it comes to the boxing part .. But baukaw did kick the living .... of him i was expecting the judges to give baukaw a hard fought decision win ..

here his statement :At the time of writing there has been no formal statement from either Buakaw’s camp or K-1 but Ploy Sityodtong, the daughter of the legendary Kru Toy Sityodtong, posted this on her facebook
today: The reason why Buakaw doesn't wanna fight in K1 is because he does not happy with the new rules that has been made few hours before the fight. The new rule says that fighters are not allowed to hold the opponent's leg and make the opponent fall down which Buakaw has rejected that rules and the judges lose him right away.

The reason for this new rules is because there is a gambling going on which Buakaw has found out earlier on. The betting made online by K1 and some other businessman and mafia which bet lots of money on that. This is not a sport anymore this is an illegal gambling which goes around worldwide and the Thai authorities has nothing to do with it and this is unacceptable because this event held in Thailand. This brings bad reputation to Thailand and the fighters itself. So who do you think should responsible for this?

During the fight Buakaw was repeatedly able to catch kicks and knees thrown by Kehl and either sweep him or shove him to the floor without the referee intervening so, if the rule changes in question did occur, the designated official did a very poor job of enforcing them.

The frustration for Buakaw’s fans is that he has proven over the course of 13 rounds that he is a superior fighter to Kehl and if he had decided to stay in the ring and compete to the best of his abilities for the additional three minutes he would surely have become the first ever three time K-1 Max champion.

In Thailand the judge’s decision was greeted with widespread disbelief and Buakaw is being hailed as a hero for taking a stand against corruption but there has yet to be any official explanation as to why he walked out of the ring without waiting for the scorecards to be announced.

This is not the first time Buakaw has been involved in a high profile falling out as his rise to mainstream prominence has resulted in a series of well publicized spats, most notably with the Por Pramuk camp and the Thai Fight Promotion.

This story is likely to develop further over the course of the coming days but, regardless of whether we ever truly get to the bottom of this bizarre series of events, the 2014 K-1 Max Final is not destined to go down as a good day for the sport of kickboxing.
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-13 at: 06:46
The part about him leaving the ring before winner is announced is true, so there is probably a grain of truth in this explanation. But why did he even entered the ring in the first place?
I honestly don't know what to think. I am a huge Buakaw fan and I don't want him to be asshole who acts like primadona and gets mad when he doesn't get the victory the way he wanted, but everything seemed like this when I was watchig the event.
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-14 at: 04:27
Official statment frok K1http:

www.k-1.tv/2014/10/k-1-global-stat ement-in-regards-to-k-1-world-max-finals-on-october -11th/
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-14 at: 09:22
@stark @stark

I,m a huge baukaw fan to and no i,m not a blind fan i have to admit that when i watched the fight for the first time i taught baukaw was kicking khel,s ass but i also seen what i was afraid off and that was khel was getting the better hand on the boxing part of the fight ..so in a way its not strange the decision for the draw ..

Thats why i prefer baukaw in full muay thai rules :)

And no i,m not the guy who just beliefs in complot and corruption theorie,s based on nothing but keep in mind this is not the K1 From back in the good days ..

And baukaw is not the first fighter to complain about k1 that plus i don,t think he would go to the cops for nothing after seeing and hearing so many bad news about kickboxing in holland being connected with certain crime figures i wont be suprised if that is the case over seas :(

so i just have to give baukaw the benefit of the doubt

Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-15 at: 03:39
Regardless K-1 gets shot in the foot again. Glory is on life support. K-1 is dead. Kickboxing may not recover from the last 3 years of stupidity. It's Showime made promises and died.

It is impossible to be a fans of kickboxing these days. No good fights, no good organisations. All I can say is thank god for MMA because it keeps people coming into my school to learn standup.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-15 at: 07:27
@Cdn Mongoose i agree glory is good but they made mistakes and they are trying to fix them now
like saki is not contracted at the moment witch is pretty strange since he is the champ ?

Spong is still on the shelf but also he is not contracted what seems pretty strange to since him and saki are both poster boys and one of theire biggest names ..

Than the HW kickboxing division is hollow most of the big names are way past their time and the other ones on their own wont give you enough ticket sales sure verhoefen is a great fighter but you wont fill any usa seats with that name specially if he keeps winning with decisions ..
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2014-10-15 at: 07:51
@Cdn Mongoose

Well, maybe it's time to make some new names. K1 did it back in the day, It's showtime did it so why can't Glory do it? There is still money in kickboxing, and if there is money there is still a chance.
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