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Trailer Ghita vs. Verhoeven II (Glory - Last Man Standing)


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Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-05 at: 09:38
Ghita better knock him out this time ...

Or else verhoefen wil walk away with the W !!!
paulallen (346 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-06 at: 07:51
Verhoeven is under-estimated. i dont know why.
I think he can get this bout again
Cerebel (113 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-06 at: 08:23
Strong fight this will be :)
conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-07 at: 06:27
its very hard to predict this fight.a fresh ghita couldn't beat a not that fresh verhoeven.so im leaning on the verhoeven but wouldn't be surprised if ghita takes it too.
Cerebel (113 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-08 at: 12:08
The final of this fight is impossible to predict. Both fighters are extremely good and we'll prepared. Rico has the advantage of focusing. Once he is in the fight mode he can give his best with no mistakes. He does everything as per the kickboxing book.
Ghita has the advantage of KO power. He will try to finish the fight quickly with a KO. But he does mistakes, stupid mistakes sometimes. If Rico doesn't fall in the first 2 rounds he has good chances to win by decision. So the win can go either way.
I think the win will go to the luckier one.
remy_k-1 (122 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-13 at: 11:19
I'm not a fan of any of these two fighters, they talk to much and do too less in ring. Rico has great results though, but he is acting in some interviews like he is a killing unstoppable machine and a spectacular figthter. He is number 1 right now and there is no doubt about that, but he is too arrogant in some of his interview and he is very beatable, though in this one he was ok. I have Spong, Benny, Hari over him in a direct match. They aren't better fighter than Rico, but hey has the worst matchups for Rico.

Ghita is a hype machine that somehow is still there in top 3 discussion though he never proved that he is a top 3 fighter. His best victory is zimmerman and we don't really know if it was or not luck. The second fight had only 30 seconds, we didn't see too much to have a clear opinion. Also in the first fight he didn't dominate zimmerman or something, was a close fight where Zimmerman went crazy and jump in his counter hook like a mad man. Stupid mistake. Zimmerman was in worst shape of his life and two months after that he was picked apart in a more impressive way by Teixeira.

Ghita has lost all his big fights. He lost to saki in 2010, he lost to Saki in 2013, he lost to schilt in 2009, he lost to schilt again in 2012. He also lost to Verhoeven IN 2013. The reality is that he never was a top 5 fighter, not even right now. He is lucky that Saki and Spong fight at LHW right now, Benny isn't going to fight against Ghita because they are very good friends. And Badr Hari isn't in Glory. Verhoeven, Spong, Hari, Saki and Benny would beat Ghita and are all of them are better fighters than him. When it comes to trash talked, Ghita destroy every fighter. Really, I never ever saw a fighter with so many shitty excuses and trash talk like Ghita. He started to talk shit and attacked Verhoeven without any reason, though they were good friends and trained together for almost 4 years.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-13 at: 11:35
@ remy k-1: Who is Benny? I cannot think of any Benny that is better than Ghita ...
Cerebel (113 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-13 at: 01:20
@D-rop He is talking about Benny Adegbuiy who recently joined Glory and proved good skills against some noname opponents. Anyway, I already got used to remy_k1' s original opinions.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2014-06-16 at: 10:32
@remy_k-1 Lol you just named 2 of the most elite fighters saki and spong ?

Like it,s a shame if those 2 are ranked above you and they aren't better fighters
well thats just a mather of taste and opinion (i do think spongs boxing is better than rico,s and technically also better than Ghita,s)

But calling spongs name is no use for now cus he is out for at least a other 5 months
al do he is running and sparring all ready like a super human (lol)and even if he was 100 procent in shape there is a reason he left to go fight at LHW

Power wise he just comes short in HW against the powerfull big guys
a fight against ghita could end in a overeem vs spong type of fight

And ghita is a top 3 fighter but he just comes short in speed against fast fighters
and yes he dissapointed me so many times (when it really mathers he Faulds)

but i stil think he is a top 3 top 5 hw !!

And losing against semmy shilt is no shame most fighters have trouble against him
even the most elite of the elite in theire prime time could strugle against semmy

Your opinion always makes me launch a real different view on things hahaha
but i have to agree on some things you say

I also think Verhoefen gets to mutch for what he did and yes he is bin talking a lot of smack as of the last couple of months (no he i no ko machine he is no slugger he is not entertaining to watch) but he is the champ Non of the fighters could Ko him or damage him enuff to get a W (so yes he dus have legit SKILLS)

Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2014-09-13 at: 10:13
Great trailer. Thx.
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