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SPOILER ALERT Live Results Legend Moscow

Reserve fight. K-1, 71 kg
Vyacheslav Borschev vs Alim Nabiev
Alim Nabiev wins on dec

Super Fight, MMA, 77 kg
Sergey Khandozhko vs Eduard Vartanyan
Eduard Vartanyan wins in second round, round and pound.

The Big 4 Semifinal. 71 kg
Dzhabar Askerov vs Enrico Gogokhia
Dzhabar Askerov wint on KO in the 2 round. (Left hook)

The Big 4 Semifinal, 71 kg
Artur Kyshenko vs Yury Bessmertny
Artur Kyshenko wins on extra round dec

Super Fight, MMA, 77 kg
Alexei Nazarov vs Mindaugas Verbickas
Alexei Nazarov wins on dec.

Super Fight, K-1, +93 kg
Badr Hari vs Zabit Samedov
Zabit Samedov wins in the 2 round on TKO Badr Hari surrenders

The Big 4 Final. K-1, 71 kg
Alim Nabiev vs Dzhabar Askerov
Artur Kyshenko is vervangen wegens een blessure door de winnaar van het reserve gevecht Alim Nabiev.
Dzhabar Askerov wins on TKO in the 3 round. (Low kicks)


Aleksander won from Sapp in the first round (Joke fighter) Sapp didnt throw 1 punch


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K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-25 at: 06:32
Wtf happened in the fight? Did Hari had something with his foot? Why did he give up in the second round?
dorinel22 (34 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-25 at: 07:05

mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-25 at: 08:20
The whole évent was good, with nice effects, entrances ...
This promotor find money in Russia...
Askherov and Samedov were the men
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-26 at: 01:18
Losing to a middleweight by surrendering... That's a new low.
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-26 at: 08:41
I'm not Hari fan, but that last knock down which turned to be K.O was weird. Maybe fight was fixed. What do you think guys?
Cloud (3 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-26 at: 09:31
Badr got knocked down twice, and then again in the end. Badr seems slower, less well conditioned than he used to be. Him giving up means he didn't see a way of winning anymore. Badr was too easily seduced to slugging it out. He thought he could win the slug fest I guess. I don't think he was injured or that it was fixed, Badr just screwed up, too eager to knock Zabit out.
remy_k-1 (122 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-26 at: 12:06
@Hera Same here. The fight looks fixed and I am pretty sure it was fixed. Is impossible to become Knock Down by a pushed. No chance, no way ! He was also not rocked, 100% and did not continue. It sounds like is involved betting mafia in Russia. Hari would have never quit like this. Also, his defense was suspect poor.

JonnieSunshine (664 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-26 at: 01:07
The hit that caused the 1st 8-count looked legit.
Also, I cant believe that Hari would take bribes.

He's pretty pure and emotional and has pride.

All I can think is that Hari didn't train hard enough, is mentally not ready (he's still a suspect and under stress) and didn't recover from that lucky hit.

Samedov won, but he's not better than Hari.
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-26 at: 02:56
Hari has ability but no heart
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2013-05-27 at: 10:53
I dont understand why he did not continue the fight. He would have probably lost, but he could keep the fight on a distance and give a great show. People would have respected that. Now he just gave up after he was ahead. Its so strange, but I dont think he would accept a bribe. And if he would accept the bribe then why would he fight so aggressively before the KD in the second round? ;)
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