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GLORY 7 Milan **Results**




77kg: Karapet Karapetyan def. Roberto Cocco by unanimous decision.

95kg: Michael Duut def. Steve McKinnon by decision.

65kg: Kaoponlek def. Sergio Wielzen by unanimous decision.

70kg: Chingiz Allazov vs. Marat Grigorian ruled a draw due to accidental cut caused from unintentional elbow.

85kg: Artem Levin def. Sahak Parparyan by unanimous decision in an extra round.

HW: Rico Verhoeven def. Jhonata Diniz by unanimous decision.

70kg: Davit Kiria def. Yury Bessmertny by unanimous decision.

70kg: Robin van Roosmalen def. Murthel Groenhart by unanimous decision.

70kg: Giorgio Petrosyan def. Hafid El Boustati by unanimous decision.



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conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2013-04-20 at: 11:38
not even 1 ko or tko.i havent seen the fights yet but i can tell how entertaining it was.(this thread contains mild dosage of sarcasm).
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2013-04-21 at: 08:48
I only saw replays from Roosmalen - Groenhart and it seemed to be a war. Also I saw full Petrosyan - Boustati. It was really good fight, one sided as usal but good fight :-).
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2013-04-21 at: 02:41
Too many dec....kickboxing needs 6 ounce gloves..not 4 ounce like mma but not big pillows either...I enjoy great technical fights but the average fan wants more quick knockouts....
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2013-04-21 at: 03:18
I saw the whole event !!

And it was all right could have bin better !!

Murthel groenhard really dissapointed me he started off good in the first round
than he goth tagged by a single right hand ..from there on all of his gass was gone.

It was like he lost his motivation in that fight against roosmalen

The docter did what i espected and he won due to decision cant hate him
for fightinf smart and taking as less damage as possible.

@ cdn mongoose

If they would do that the fighters would be forced to work on theire defence
and train for better feetwork ..

Cus with smaller gloves you cant just cover up behind them you actualy need to defend (lol) by parrying blocking having good footwork different stances .

funty (38 posts)
Posted: 2013-04-26 at: 11:50
Delighted murthel was put in his place, Its a pity robin didnt k.o him hes getting to big for his boots already!
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