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Twitter confirmed Glory's CEO Pierre Andurand today the party between Gökhan Saki vs. Daniel Ghita which will take place on April 6 in the ULKER Sports Arena in Istanbul. Saki and Ghita lost both of Sem Schilt at the Glory 4 Tokyo Grand Slam Tournament respectively in the semi-finals and finals. The winner of this match will probably be mid-2013 against Schilt fight to the Glory Heavyweight World Title 95 kg. Schilt won this title in a match against Errol Zimmerman during Glory 1 Stockholm.

The other parties of Glory 6 Istanbul fightcard (with at least Murat Direkçi on the main card) will be announced shortly.



Sorry for the bad Grammer i translated the dutch article  with google in a hurry +_


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conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2013-01-11 at: 04:26
both fighters improved a lot since their last fight.saki added more power to his speed and ghita added more experience to his power.i want and think saki will win on points but i wouldnt bet any money on it :)
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2013-01-11 at: 09:15
yeah both have evolved
Saki seems a little smarter and uses his speed and power in a better way now when he sees a opening he goes ape (lol) Ghita is a beast but i espected more of a fight from him agains Semmy .

I think ghita wil take this but pure because he is bigger and a little stronger saki always came a little short against taller oponents ..but a fight is a fight and with these 2 min rounds saki could suprise him cus (me i think the explosive wild figher is in a better situation with those rules)

The more technical timed fighter is in a disatvantage cus he cant just wait and time the perfect moment or opening ,
Cerebel (113 posts)
Posted: 2013-01-11 at: 10:15
I' m sure they won't stick to these rules when it comes for super-fights.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2013-01-11 at: 11:40
@Cerebel I sure hope you are right!

Saki vs. Ghita seems like an exciting fight to me! Looking forward to it ...
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2013-01-12 at: 11:17
Yeah i sure hope they bring the old rules in for superfights cus the new one sucks
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2013-01-12 at: 04:07
Hell of a matchup. They are both stronger than ever
(539 posts)
Posted: 2013-01-13 at: 10:28
Unless he gets injured saki will win the fight. But Ghita has so much power in his kicks... Hard to tell. Either Saki wins on points or Ghita wins by K.O (broken arm or something similar) Their last fight was amazing by the way
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