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K-1 WGP Final 16 Predictions!

As K-1 WGP Final 16 coming up, i think is time for some predictions to be made...
These are my predictions:

 Final 16 bouts

    Ben Edwards def Raul CătinaÅŸ
    Zabit Samedov def Xavier Vigney
    Hesdy Gerges def Serhiy Lashchenko
    Ismael Londt def Singh Jaideep
    Makoto Uehara def Hiromi Amada
    Cătălin MoroÅŸanu def Paul Slowinski
    Arnold Oborotov def Jarrell Miller
    Mirko Filipović def Randy Blake


    Japan Genji Umeno vs. South Korea Chanhyung Lee
    Benjamin Adegbuyi def Jafar Ahmadi
    Pavel Zhuravlev def Saulo Cavalari
    James Wilson def Rick Roufus

 What are your predictions?


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D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-04 at: 10:51
I can go along with all of your predictions, Ratoi George.
To be honest, there are only a few fights that I find interesting:
Edwards vs. Catinas (a hard-hitting slugfest)
Gerges vs. Laschenko (difficult to predict)
Londt vs. Jaideep (just curious how this works out)
And Morosanu vs. Slowinski

But one of these fighters will be K-1 WGP Champion 2012 in december .... What a joke!
JonnieSunshine (664 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-05 at: 01:41
@D-rop A joke indeed.

Gerges doesn't really impress lately.
Cro Cop, he deserves respect, but his star has faded.

I'd go for Zabit Samedov or Singh Jaideep.
How Jaideep defeated Sergei Kharitonov was pretty impressive.
Maybe Jarrell Miller wil deliver some good action as well.
paulallen (346 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-05 at: 03:01
Yes i pick zabit Samedov too
And if i can compete, sure, i ll be next K1 champ
Ratoi George (42 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-07 at: 03:07
@D-rop Well, i think if either Mirko Crocop, Hesdy Gerges, Paul Slowinski get the crown in december it's not a joke, they are really god fighters
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-07 at: 05:16
@Ratoi George OK they are good fighters. But they are not the best fighters in the world (not by far). They don't stand a chance against Schilt or Ghita, or even a few other fighters.

IMO, the K1 WGP Champion is (should be) the best stand-up fighter in the world. But it's not like that anymore.

But these fighters are not to blame for this situation. I have respect for them!
Ratoi George (42 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-08 at: 05:07
@D-rop oh yes you are completty right, they should be the best but their not
(539 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-10 at: 11:22
My guesses:

Raul Catinas (Romania) vs. Ben Edwards (Australia) Catinas wins

Makoto Uehara (Japan) vs. Hiromi Amada (Japan) Amada wins

Xavier Vigney (USA) vs. Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan) Samedov wins

Hesdy Gerges (Egypt) vs. Sergii Laschenko (Ukraine) Laschenko wins

Singh Jaideep (India) vs. Ismael Londt (Surinam) Ismael Londt wins

Jarrell Miller (USA) vs. Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania) Miller wins

Paul Slowinski (Poland) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania) Morosanu wins

Mirko Filipovic (Croatia) vs. Randy Blake (USA) Crocop wins
Joey (4 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-12 at: 06:26
I think this card rocks! I'm excited how a lot of these young guys will do, which one will confirm and which one will be exposed. The Romanian fighters Catinas and Morosany are good examples of that. And of course the Americans. Crocop one more chance?
(539 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-14 at: 10:52
Live for free right now; http://w ww.spike.com/shows/k-1/live
Ratoi George (42 posts)
Posted: 2012-10-14 at: 11:32
My Predictions were PERFECT :)))) damn!!! with some small exceptions of course
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