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Interview Daniel Ghiţă

taken from Sherdog, translation by 'effin'

The romanian Daniel Ghiţă is passing his best period of his career. At his 31 years recently made, the fighter is getting victory after victory. And not just anyway, but through KO's. He is considered at the moment one of the best in K-1, next to Badr Hari and Semmy Schilt. Daniel Ghiţă gave an invterview for "PUTEREA" in which he talks about his ascension, about his dream this year, but also about a wish that "torments" him for quite a while.

How do you feel and are you in the best form of your career?
Surely I am in my best form, and the last matches in which I've ko'ed all of my adversaries proves it. I've made a very good physical training, but also technical.

Did you know that Wendell Roche (n.r. – last adversary) did not suffer any KO loss until now?
I knew this. This motivated me even more, considering that he fought Saki and Poturak, fighters which couldn't KO him. I am friends with Roche from trainings, but in the ring I don't know anybody!

Until Roche, your adversaries had to be Paul Slowinski or Damian Garcia. Do you think they feared you?
Surely. Slowinski accepted the fight initially, but later he stopped answering his phone. The same happened with Garcia. Anyway, it wasn't beneficially for me to change 3 adversaries in a few days. You prepare a tactic before the fight, for a specific adversary.

You fight on 30th of june with Frederic Sinistra, in his home country, Belgium. How do you see the fight?
Sinistra is a star in Belgium, he even fought with Badr Hari. I hope to not have any problems and finish the fight by KO.

Have you set a personal target, to KO all of your adversaries?
Yes, because I know I can do it currently. I want to KO every single one of my adversaries this year.

We know you offered Gokhan Saki for a 30th of june fight, but he did not accepted.
And so it is. But Saki asked 3 times more money to fight me and the match failed to go through. If you have the heart of a lion, you fight with the best. He feared me, surely.

Any chances to see you fight in SuperKombat?
Most probably not this year, because I have enough fights in K-1. Afterwards, of course I am open to offers. Let's see what offer Eduard Irimia will make. From my point of view, it's no problem. He wants me to fight in SuperKombat.

So, should we understand that you miss Romania?
Of course, I am romanian and I miss my people. For four years, I am mostly out of the country. I've been like a sailor. I want to come and fight in front of romanians. Even now at Madrid there were lots of romanian people. I felt them close and I thank them for this.

Last year you were supposed to fight Badr Hari, the fight was canceled. Are you eager to fight him again?
I will fight him very soon. I wish for this fight enormously. We are at the same level. If you are a champion, you fight other champions. I do not fear him. If i did, I wouldn't be in this sport.

What do you want out of this year, what is your biggest target in K-1?
I want to win the K-1 belt in 2012! To be a romanian year in the K-1 WGP. I wish to bring the K-1 belt in Romania.

And finally, have you seen what happened to Bute?
I haven't watched the fight, but I saw some images. I am convinced that he wishes for the rematch, hugely, I would do the same if I were him. He is a great fighter, he will motivate himself even more now. I have trust in him that he will be back even stronger! He will prove that this fight was only a 1 time thing.



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Daniel Ghiţă

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