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Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs Fabio Pinca set for March 17th in France

Source: Liverkick.com

We now know the next three scheduled fights for both Buakaw Por. Pramuk and Fabio Pinca.

Buakaw will be fighting Frank Giorgi on December 18 in Thailand at the Thai Fight 70kg Finals. Then he'll be fighting Dzhabar Askerov on January 21 in Italy at Yokkao Extreme 2012.

Pinca will be fighting Kem Sitsongpeenong also on December 18 in Thailand but at the Thai Fight 67kg Finals. Then also on the Yokkao Extreme 2012 card, he fights the renowned Saenchai Sinbimuaythai.

It's rare that two of the same fighters from completely different areas of the world will be featured on two cards in a row. Make that three. Buakaw and Pinca will face off on March 17 in France at La Nuit Des Titans. The weight for the fight isn't known yet, but I'd assume around 70kg, which means Pinca would be moving up. Pinca deserves every bit of props in the world for taking on Kem, Saenchai and Buakaw in consecutive fights. Not many, if any foreigners to Thailand would take on three great Thai fighters in a row under their own ruleset.

The schedule for both Buakaw and Pinca leading up to their fight is really great and any fan of kickfighting should be looking forward to watching their upcoming fights.


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Shizzle Dizzle, FansOfK1.com Developer (446 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-30 at: 08:39
Mr. Pinca seems to be a tough cookie.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-30 at: 11:55
i see Buakaw is getting busy and waking up. I m very sorry i cant wish him to win the K-1 Max :)
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-30 at: 06:53
@szanpan yehhh! i would like to see him fight kychenko or petrosian
Shizzle Dizzle, FansOfK1.com Developer (446 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-30 at: 08:40
@ronaldo true! a rematch vs petrosyan would be awesome, against kyshenko would be a war.

i have to watch the fight vs petrosyan again because i can't remember if it was really a draw, a close fight or with the judges was something wrong, dunno. have to figure it out again.
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-12-02 at: 12:05
@Shizzle Dizzle yes im going to watch it back also, dont remember eccactly, buakaw kychenko and petro ar all 3 verry good! i wunder when souwer will fight!
Shizzle Dizzle, FansOfK1.com Developer (446 posts)
Posted: 2011-12-02 at: 10:23
@ronaldo hey ronaldo, I posted the buakaw vs petrosyan fight. it was already here but this is much better quality! have a look.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-12-04 at: 09:45
Por pramuk is fighting a lott lately and i love every minute of it i saw somewhere he is fighting in italie to in januari or sum time around that ..

nice to see he is back in full muay thai fights its just perfect
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