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The Age of the Rage: the road of fame for the likes of Nick Diaz and Badr Hari

what's more in these fighters, what's the reason of their emerge and downfall

Let me tell you to my much dislike in the beginning but i was kinda forced to get closer to the world of UFC. I, as a standup fighter fan was never too keen on MMA being a different branch of the same tree, similar yet different in many ways. I also examined the hard business strategy of Zuffa with dislike so far. But, K-1 is dead its Showtime is resting now so what could i do, i turned my head where most fight fans do. 

I have read somewhere in an analysis that people nowadays prefer those fighters who represent much more than fighters, who are somewhat of troubled souls who are fighting with themselves too.. therefore i have decided to write what i do think about Nick Diaz the Badr Hari of UFC and what i do think about Badr Hari how i see the continuing of his career. 

There is a very rare category of people: its those who can really do whatever they want, and they will still keep their fanbase, so to say.... Diaz and Hari both belong to this category. People who stayed kids in many ways, have lots of talents but they couldnt exactly find their ways in life. 

So, Nick Diaz. Who is in constant fight with the devil as they say. The guy is genuine in many ways a real troubled soul about whom there is so much to talk, to discuss. Unlike Badr i dont see that Nick has specifically planned to become famous the way he has neither i do see any counting mind who wants more publicity, in his actions.  I have been reading about Diaz for a while but without much interest. Yet, when i learned about his victory streak and that hes one of the very few in the MMA who werent ever taken down by submission my interest began to rise. Just days ago Nick got the chance only a very few get, even if they behave much much better than Diaz. White has several times states that he washes his hands about Diaz who desperately wanted this chance to fight with GSP. Nick Diaz is enraged and he doesnt like the media. what s the biggest difference between him and Badr that while Badr sees life good as it seems, then Nick sees life not that good, as for his life. Yet he cant stand on the same scale for his sport as Badr can for kickboxing. As he stands way higher. 

Apart from a couple of fights in the ring which werent too legal, he hasnt been DQ d in the ring and in this way he seems totally in control of his actions no matter how he speaks or behaves outside of it. He seems sometimes total nuts but there logic in what he says contrary to the fact that he seems to have all features of someone who is paranoid. Diaz like Badr fights using rage but as his rage is continuous we dont see blow off in a bad way which has resulted 2 DQ s in Badr s CV by far. In this concept while Nick does hate the world and he hates his enemy he manages to stay within the line. 

Diaz in the last few days has grown out to be the ultimate enfant terrible of MMA and all eyes are on him he is the perfect candidate to the the peoples champ who made it coming from down under and who doesnt care. Now there is noone in the MMA fighting world who doesnt talk about him, the guy who sent BJ Penn to retirement. He's gonna face GSP soon if he wins, it will be all the worse for him if he doesnt get out on time. Yet Nick has stated in many interviews that he has intention to stop , to retire and to change to boxing, we will see later.

As for Badr, we can see a more counting mind behind his actions. While its more likely for Diaz to stay Diaz even without the hype which its not him who created Badr actively took part in the creation of his hype even on the price that took toll on his personality, his future actions and had a high price to pay. But as they say if we want someone who stands out of the crowd then we need to deal with them both in-and outside of the ring. Badr  is also all rage but he makes this fact not that apparent all the time, he, unlike Nick doesnt keep on going " oh poor me " he has a different strategy. He's got to the point when no matter what he does, its fine with the fans and whats more shocking, even with his management and team. I see a pattern of trainer type here who might add to the rage a bit more to use it as a motivator for the fighters... 

Now Badr is going to the States. What he expects? More money? definitely Getting away from the Netherlands where his reputation got damaged by himself? definitely See some new possibilities for himself? Perhaps .Never to commit the same mistake again? Ehhhm we wouldn't say that.  

He s gonna be in Las Vegas the city of fight sports and as they say the boxing society is friendlier with the troubled souls because there have been so many boxers before who couldnt stop dealing with themselves in and out of the ring. So lets hope for him. There are many people who like Badr in the States. With the current hype of Nick Diaz he will have a harder task to cope but well yes its another world, boxing. 

He will need to get used to the American way of insulting which might not be that easy for him as its way harder than in Europe. He would have to deal with the fact that he should fight with big noones at least for a year if not more, to get into shape and to get introduced as a winner to the US crowd in whom im not totally sure that they will like him at all. So its a big risk. US people like US champs and thats the way it is in every country. In his weight category it will be very hard to find him good opponents. As for the Klitchkos... i dearly hope he doesnt want to fight with them. Badr is a great talent. Yet unlike Diaz he didnt have such winning streak and he was KOed definitely more time than a top champ should be. But he is Badr Hari with whom there s always something happenning who is the troubled boy, who says he has storms in his head and doesnt remember anything when he gets enraged... its not normal yet fans treat it as it is, because he is Badr Hari. 

What i do think is, that if Badr wont get into trouble, he will be back in about 2 years time to fight out from Europe. Yet it can happen even sooner. 

till their downfall, lets respect there troubled guys because these two are really great fighters, those who should have born in a different age as they say. They definitely stand out of the crowd for who they are, for how they are and people just seem to love freaks more who can do whatever they want to. 









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Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-02 at: 07:59
Nice article.

There have been so called bad guys in the fight game for years.

Sonny Liston, Roberto Duran, the problem is these guys have young fans who treat like as heroes not just athletes.
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-02 at: 08:56
Nice article, Szanpan. However, Diaz and Badr, are not even similar in any way as a fighters, or as a persons.Diaz would take a Boxing, Kickboxing, or Headbutting match if challenged, Badr backed away from MMA.Diaz always puts his trainers and team first, Badr is an egomaniac.Diaz just smokes weed.Period.
Badr is trying to prove something to the world, Diaz just wants the money.
And list goes on, but Diaz is real deal crazy SOB.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-03 at: 03:56
Yes Torazulu agreed they are not similar and of course i didnt want to similarise them. But their treatment by the media or by the crowd is somewhat similar. I think Badr wanted to prove how great he yet he failed because of his mind game, Diaz is at least managing to turn this into a good fight in the ring then what happens outside is anyother thing :) Anyhow he s right now the one who is the most closer to be a perfect MMA, with a good boxing skills and good wrestling skills and great stamina really :) I just question if the US will let Badr to prove he s Badr the way he wants to well both of them are freakshows but in different ways :D:D
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-03 at: 02:43
First of all I like Nick diaz his fights and yes he acts real strange sumtimes
but at the end just like with badr we dont know them in theire personal life
i think nick suffers from sum kind of Anti-social disorder you can see it in his interviews he gets nervous feels attacked with certain qeustions a little media training would help with that it kind or reminds me of a old soccer player back in the days ...
but on the other side nicks just answers and acts the way he is he dus not like to giva a pollitically correct answer he just says whats on his mind and i like that
When you look at his recent interviews you can see that the man goth issues
you cant tell me that the man dus not have enuff money to by his own house
Like he him self said i think he needs posetive people surrounding him who inspire him to do other things to in his life not just inspire the fighting what i noticed in his last fight
was that he called out St.piere i understand that but why i dont understand is why his whole team was firing him up even more so that the whole situation could go out of hand saying stuff like call the ,.......out call him out instead of calming him down
i mean he all ready made his point clear the first tim ehe shouded his name

its little things like that from what i have heard in his interviews its eems like nick dus not have his personal life in order the reasons for that he knows we just know what we see in interviews i do think he needs to surround him self with smarter people
in order to really sucseed in this bussness
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-03 at: 05:45
Nick DIAZ is known for ... his middle finger (like Aoki after his fight against Hirota)
I did not like him much
but I must recognize that his fights .... it is dynamite every time!
he is flexible like a snake for the ground game
He has never been submitted
He set up real strategies for his fights and each time, they are different
As a stand up fighter, he is more talented than some
He is a bad boy, but he can cos he is a talented and fighter
At the end of his fight vs BJ Penn, during the "Rogan Interview", he openly provoked GSP ( who was in the crowd)
If only he could face anderson silva
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-05 at: 05:05
well, he said he want to , but aren't they in a different weight class?
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-06 at: 07:36
@szanpan they switch like kickboxer do sumtimes
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-06 at: 07:47
@mehdiman Nick diaz is known for more than just that middle finger i do understand why people lable him a bad guy a thug but i think there is more to it than that like i said before im not a docter or shrink but im sure diaz suffers from sum kind of antisocial-disorder you can see it because he gets nervous in interviews he feels attackt when asked certian questions it kind of reminds me of a old soccer player back in the days named davids
a little media training would help with that on the other hand i think he act the way he dus because like he him self said he has no life if you are fighting you have no life
he said it many times in interviews the same reasons that i fight are the reasons i could decide to stop fighting i have nothing to fight for i have no wife no childeren no house no drivere licence i have nothing to live for so if you ask me nick diaz is a complex person with issues i dont mean this in anyway disrespecting because im a big nick diaz fan but things like this could end him to he said it him self he needs posetiv thinkers surrounding him and not negativ people if sumbody openly says stuff like that you just know sumthing is wrong and you could see it when his fight with bj penn was over he openly called st.piere out now that it self aint so suprising lookin at the things that happend before he was suposed to fight him that night ...
What kind of suprised me is that his own corner was firing him up even more
in stead of calming him down they where saying stuff like call that m...f out cal that son of a ...out now i think thats what nicks diaz means with posetiv people surrounding me no disrespect to the gracie fam cus they did allott for bjj but
they act like total idiots sumtimes so nick really needs to follow his own advice and find sum people that can inspire him to do better for him self out-side of the ring and not just inspire the fighting come on man a grown ass man needs to have is own place to relax specialyu if you are a proffesional athleet
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-07 at: 05:03
yes Rishi you are perfectly right... would you believe he 's in the same age as Badr? :) He looks and also behaves like sum 20 year old guy...i think for him this group feeling means the most his gang like his brother and the Cesar Gracie Gym mean a lot like a group which protects him. I think he is not only antisocial, he said that when he was little bigger guys used to want to make him cry and stuff.. i think his life was very hard and thats why he likes to get away to training and to gym. He s a great fighter and his best friend Shields couldnt win over GSP.. was a hard fight but he couldnt win so i dont know what he s going to do to him just hope that his anger will help him a lot because GSP is more than very good
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-07 at: 04:38
Yeah he really needs to find people who inspire him out-side the ring to other-wise things wil go bad i dont wanna sound corny but a good woman would help with that with gettin his life more balanced its a miracle what sum pussy can do with a man
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-08 at: 08:56
LOL :D i just watched a press conference of Dana and GSP before the fight with Jake Shields and Dana says for the question who s the best fighter now who is not fighting the UFC and he answere Nick Diaz but he is crazy :D For the question on Overeem he said that he likes Overeem personally but he is yet to convince on his abilities :D
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-08 at: 03:10
@szanpan Yeah thats oldd i know that press dana use to bash overeem all over the place to me he is just a promoter who thinks big money he always said overeem is alright i like him personally but as for as a fighter he has dun nothing yeah he won the k1 but thats just striking he is not i repeat not a top level mma fighter he has only fight in japan with
nobodys and chumps he still needs to fight top level guys in order to be a toplevel mma fighter and his striking is alright yes thats dana white and now since overreem sight with ufc he is saying stuff liek Allistair overreem greatest striker in the world best striker in the mma hw division hahhaah so i dont take the man serious about his opinion about fighter its his money and power you gotta take serios (LOL)

Gegard mousasi he use to bash to Fedor he use to fucking bash into the ground
with al kind of stupid comments about him being a overrated fighter and such
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-08 at: 07:15
how come he doesnt sign with UFC Mousasi i keep hearing he is a top level wrestler and also good in MMA
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-08 at: 07:39
@szanpan @szanpan

Wel i don,t know the exact reason i do know that he is a great mma fighter also a great kickboxer he knocked out massato in k1 anyway for Mousasi the same thing counts
We as k1 japan fight lovers know most of those fighters Up in the stades a lott of
fighters from japan dream k1 are considert minor league fighters mousasi in theire eyes has not won against any one big he fight a couple of months ago in strikeforce
And most people me being one of them saw a mousasi who totally destroyed his oponent systimaticlly with boxing combos and great stand-up fighting his oponent keith jardine was a Tuff one Boy o Boy did that guy take a beating like a man his whole face was covered in blood and blue from his swolen eyes ...And still Still mousasi did not win no they gave them a draw if you look the fight up at you-tube you gonna think wtf mousasi won this fight but i geuss those 2 takedowns jardine scored counted bigger for the judges cus they love wrestling so that draw plays a part of him not being in the ufc yet but gegard will end up in the ufc give him sum time he is a great fighter
its just you need to be wanted by the fans to and usa fans are kind of scetschy when it comes to mousasi for sum kind of reason they think he is boring ...
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-09 at: 06:05
i think its very unfortunate that his name sounds exactly like Musashi 's name no? :D:D i guess many in the US things he is a Japanese guy.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-10 at: 02:02
@szanpan I dont wanna stereotype people but to me it looks like they don,t like him because he is born in iran his parents are from armenia and he lived in turkey befor he moved to the netherlands i think that plays a role in it to and you know americans like fighters who have a big mouth or who draw a lott of media attention stuff like that so they can hype stuff up but Mousasi is not like that he is a calm person dus not like to trash talk acts real proffesional so i geuss he is to normal for sum fans witch is real sadd cus gegard goth a lott of skilss and when he fights he is so concetrated and technical even when he goes all out he is technicall even when he throws punches he is technical to me he is one of the best fighters but i geuss you need to have a certain image to in order to be liked by certain people
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-10 at: 07:16
@Rishi Sorry to correct you, but I don't think Mousasi ever KOed (or fought) Masato. He KOed Musashi at Dynamite 2008 and defeated Kyotaro at Dynamite 2010. Both impressive wins.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-10 at: 07:25

Yeah you are right im sorry my bad i always get confused with those names musashi and Masato haha hahah So to correct my GEGARD KOED MUSASHI NOT MASATO And No they never fought each other sumtimes all of those japanese names are confusing
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-11-10 at: 07:50
You seeeee thats what i m talking about :D:D:D :D
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