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K-1 WGP Final 16 Match-ups

from Liverkick.com

Aerts Returns!

With all the mystery surrounding this year's K-1 World Grand Prix, it seems as if we finally have some legitimate news. Dutch writer Karel ten Haaf has came out and told seven of the eight match-ups for the Final 16. ten Haaf has written a book about K-1 and seems to have some connections in the fight scene. According to him, he received a text message from Anil Dubar, Daniel Ghita's trainer, with match-ups for the Final 16. The match-ups are as follows:

Xhavit Bajrami vs. Daniel Ghita

Hesdy Gerges vs. Errol Zimmerman

Ben Edwards vs. Singh Jaideep

Mourad Bouzidi vs. Kyotaro

Peter Aerts vs. Melvin Manhoef

Sergei Lascenko vs. Rico Verhoeven

Badr Hari vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva


Among the most surprising of these match-ups is the return of Peter Aerts. It was very unclear if Aerts would return to kickboxing at all, but it seems he's going to give another shot at a World Grand Prix. Aerts had said last year that he wasn't sure if he could still do tournaments at his age.

The last fight of the Final 16 is yet to be confirmed. One would think Tyrone Spong but he is currently in the U.S. and was there for a few months about a month ago. Spong has had knee surgery and it's unclear what is going on with him at the moment. We have an idea of the final match-up but nothing is concrete so we won't let the cat out of the bag just yet.



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(539 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 11:03
Could have been much worse. If this is for real, then I think Ghita, Gerges, Edwards, Kyotaro, Aerts, Laschenko and Hari will advance to the final 8. I wonder if Schilt is considered for the final match-up? If not, then Hari could actually win it. I miss Saki here tough.....
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 12:19
Yeah, could have been much worse. If this is for real, the names I miss are the three S's: Saki, Spong and especially Schilt.
But it still has everything to be a great event.
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 01:46
Thank god!
I expected Hong Man Choi and japanese fighters I never heard of
I just hope final matchup is Saki vs Spong
davcol (311 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 02:51
if this is true and i hope it is this is fantastic news and gives the final 16 legitimicy in my opinion
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 03:48
@D-rop Good news, but I missed those three big names as well. Plus Overeem will not be defending his belt. And I expected they would put JLB on the card as well.
Guess Hari will take it now unless Ghita or Gerges stops him. Or perhaps Aerts will surprise us again ;-)
Nice too see Manhoef active again btw! Cool matchup as well against Aerts, they're gonna go at it :D
BukiLand (204 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 04:31
I really dont get it... why the hell Saki is not here... all of them are complaining that there are no competitions in kick-boxing and now when there is one, they miss it!!!
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 04:37
@Rob Yeah, damn' Overeem should be there as well. But what can we do?
LeBanner .... hmmm, I think he spoiled his chances last year.

I go for: AERTS for the last time!!!!!!
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 06:10
@D-rop Haha yeah I'm with you! But I think someone has to take out Hari for him, because they don't match well unfortunately for Aerts.

BTW it's hard to make any real good predictions on the fights because we haven't seen any of them fight that recently. Who knows how some of them have progressed ..or decreased for that matter.
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 06:11
@D-rop HARI ANd AERTS or if the final matches will be there hari vs saki/spong as final
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-08 at: 11:55
Badr Hari vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva

Currios about the out come of that fight badr,s first real oppenent after his long away time But to be honest i havent seen a Braddock silva fight in a long time so i dont know in what shape he is now are days i have seen him pop up in a lot of movies do ..

Hesdy Gerges vs. Errol Zimmerman:

To me the fight of the night Really wanna see hesdy win this one ...and im curios in witch shape zimmerman is now are days ...cus after that good k1 wgp with fights against badr and such he kind of went on a loosing streak so im really curios about
how he wil do against hesdey .

Peter Aerts vs. Melvin Manhoef...

nice to see peter in the ring again a real legend but i don,t know if its a smart thing to do i mean the time comes to stop its not like he is 20 .. as for as melvin goes always entertaining to see him fight his last mma fight where badd he lost and he lost
in k1 he is always a danger explosive and al those things .. so im curios
With bonjasky and shilt not being there 2 tall guys are gone so his chances are bigger to go forward in the wgp

To be honest these fights are the only one that intrest me the rest looks like a bunch of crap for k1 standert Ghita is nice but is fighting a no body Jaideep oke oke
rico verhoefen mwaaaa

What kind of suprises me is that i thoug badr was fighting saki

D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 12:40
@Rishi Hari is going to fight Saki in It's Showtime event in January.
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 02:27
This is a great news! And I am happy they threw Kyotaro into the mix...It wouldnt be the same without Japanese fighter.I also miss all three S fighters and Overeem , but at least Badr has an long awaited shot at the title.
I expect final matchup to involve Schilt, its not like he is busy...
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 09:45
I think this is speculative info. I talked to Ben Edwards and he said that it's not a question of will he participate, it's a question of will the event be held at all.

Even if this is true - No Saki, Schilt, Karaev, Spong? (OK, it might do without Schilt).
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 10:21
@Mitko J. Even your friend Ben Edwards participates in this speculation:
On his Facebook: "Ben Edwards is very happy to announce that the K-1 top 16 Show is going ahead in China on Oct. 29, and my opponent will be Singh Jaideep."
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 02:11
@D-rop ah oke oke im happy to hear thats still gonna happen cus i really really wanna see that fight happen Saki vs Badr what a Dynamite match up
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 03:45
@D-rop Here is the actual conversation:

http://www.fansofk1.com/uploads/users/1706/ conv.jpg
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 03:58
@Mitko J. OK thanks, but that seems to be on Oct. 01 and the quote on Facebook was later.

But yeah, it is all speculative. I really don't know if the event is really gonna take place.
I hope so.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 04:00
@Rishi Nice matchup, yeah. But I think Hari will have not much problems with Saki.
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 04:09
I hope so too, and very much.
xyz (306 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-09 at: 06:48
Finally :-) These are great news and my faith for k1 is growin again. The english website of K1 register this:http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/event/20 11/1029_wgp/index.html#details
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-10 at: 11:13
..perfect, now the spam is spreading in the article section. This site's user communication is now officially killed.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-11 at: 12:43
Well, it seems that Spong will not fight. He hasn't been paid yet for last year's event.
http://www.fansofk1.com/article?aID=4344&Ca tegory=3
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-11 at: 01:24
@D-rop @d-rop

I use to think that to Since Saki is one of the smallest HW Just like Manhoef
I always said it. if Saki And Manhoef Would be A little bit Taller they would
have more chance to win the k1 and have more chance against the tall big guys

But now a couple of years later i have seen saki demolish guys twice his size
Just with his Heavy punches and kicks .Of course those fighter where not of a Hari calliber but still I don,t Count saki out yet Hari,s last fight was against a Chump With al do respect for him stepping in the ring against badr shows balls i know but still he was no oponent for hari ,so for hari to this will be a test after such a long long time out of the ring im really looking out for this one Everything is possible a first round ko by hari or a fast explosive ko by saki on hari,s CHIN ....
samout (261 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-11 at: 04:01
yesterday i searche karaev in wikipedia i find that he wannae fight tyron spong in final 16 this years that i great news i didn't see karaeve for i long time
sam (167 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-11 at: 07:58
great event finally! without semmy and alistair, hari has more chances than the other fighters, but you never know, k-1 is like football, you can get surprises at any time!
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-12 at: 12:32
@torazulu he also deserves it ! good fighter
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-10-12 at: 12:35
is it possible that schilt is not there couse of the ( he's breaking down k-1 issue in the past ?) maybe their afraid to envite him couse k-1 is allready going real bad????
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