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What changes would you make?


I would like to see elbow strikes allowed....



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Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-10 at: 08:31
I would like to see fighters punished severely and even DQ'd for holding the opponents by their head and kneeing them. Example - Overeem-Spong, Overeem-Teixeira, Overeem-Poturak. I'd like to see backfists in It's Showtime allowed. Of course, no elbows and no throws. Maybe even standing submissions.
JonnieSunshine (664 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-10 at: 09:15
Is this a news article??

No elbows. K-1 is not MMA, not Muay Thai, not grappling.
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-10 at: 11:29
With Alistair gone, knees would no longer be the problem...
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-10 at: 11:46
@Jonnie77 Well, this is no article, obviously. But with the SPAM-problems in the forum, this is the only way, I guess.

On topic: I wouldn't change so much, no. I am not against the knee, even with a little holding.
The spinning backfist is not allowed in IS because it is often connecting with the elbow instead of the fist. I think.
I like a good elbow, but it is better to leave that to the MT fighters.

Yeah, Overeem is out of K-1, so Mitko, you can stop the cruzade ...
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-10 at: 11:42
thank you...i know it's in the wrong place
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-10 at: 11:43
maybe longer 5 rd fights.....
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-12 at: 01:33
its not to manny times that a fight is stopped by a elbow! now and then it happens! but without clinchin you should be able to block or avoid an elbow! so i like to see the elbows! and ofcourse spinning back fist! thats a counter when you miss! you should be able to lead a backfist after a missing shot! thats what kickboxing is about! anticipating
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-12 at: 06:51
Nothing really.
Shizzle Dizzle, FansOfK1.com Developer (446 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-13 at: 01:11
Throw a knee more often then once, like Buakaw did in 2004 and then it was banned. elbow would be nice but i can live without it.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-13 at: 02:03
I was thinking about elbows.
A direct KO because of a good elbow-strike is beautiful. But most times elbows don't cause a direct KO, but cause cuts and after that a TKO.
What I don't like is a fight to be stopped by a doctor because of a cut.
So let's keep the elbows out of K-1.

What do you think?
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-14 at: 02:13
@D-rop maybe elbow protection will help! this way you cant get cut open so fast! and you can use the beautifull technique as well! or is this to much??
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-14 at: 11:40
@ronaldo Maybe a good thought ...
Shizzle Dizzle, FansOfK1.com Developer (446 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-15 at: 11:34
@ronaldo would be wise but then it has more of a amateur fight, i wouldn't like that. elbow without protection, like they do in muay thai. if you get cut, well, that's what it's (also) for.

it's funny that the mma train hops onto elbows more often, but usually only on the ground. they don't have the stand up setup to use it on theire feet. actually it's pretty hard to throw a decent elbow that really causes damage. for example, i like to watch nathan corbett. he usually uses his elbow to cause huge damage, but not to cut his opponents. but it needs to be trained. for me it would be ok, but no protections.
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-09-15 at: 01:25
@Shizzle Dizzle the last buakaw fight ! nice spinning elbow! but yeh it cuts like a knife
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