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FEG-What is going on?

I have read different opinions and explanations, but none entirely satisfying, about current state of K1 and parent company FEG. So here is my two eurocents...

You know that situation, when you have a friend or a neghbour, who simply has too much money. You have the similar jobs, similar expenses, however he has a luxury lifestyle, whilst you struggle with bills. More often than not, one day you find out that he was arrested for stealing , or something similar. Money has to come from SOMEWHERE.

Thats what happened to FEG. Mr. Tanikawa was , in its days, instrumental of  persuading FIELDS Corp. to become main (and almoust only) K1 sponsor.

For those of you that do not know, FIELDS, is a manufacturer and distributer of Pachinko (form of gambling, immensely popular in Japan) machines, and companu has 11 digits yearly profit.In return, they got a right to build and distribute K1 Pachinko machine.Other sponsors were simply not needed.It was a dream partnership.

However, something happened to the world of Martial Arts in Japan. It slowly fell out of favor among general population. Was it a lack of domestic fighters, catchy new names, or criminal affairs, remains unknown.At one moment FIELDS noticed reduced interest in his K1 machine in Pachinko parlors, and terminated sponsorsip.

That fact, sadly did not act as a voice of reason to FEG. They continued to work as before, relaying on divine intervention in form of Chinese Investment bank. That lead to a financial collapse, leaving many fighters unpaid, and whole organization compromised. Mr. Tanikawa was still hoping for a miracle, but Japan got an earthquake instead.

Organizing smaller events? Now it seems a bit too late. Sell K1? Sell what? Debts and bad reputation? Sell the  rights for the video-game, if anyone s willing to buy?Maybe waiting is not a bad tactic, but fighters want their money, Rutz wants his money, and who knows else...

In the meantime, Golden Glory is making events, Showtime is making events, LokalKombat is making events, and you are slowly becoming obsolete.Which is a shame.




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Shizzle Dizzle, FansOfK1.com Developer (446 posts)
Posted: 2011-06-08 at: 09:29
Thank's for your thoughts torazulu. I agree with you on your questions what to do with the brand. I think it will die sooner or later, because as you said who want's to buy the brand and why? In the meantime, like you said, there are other organizations that will grow and become more important then k-1. Actually it's fine with me because not that I am a fan of
K-1 as an organization, no, I'm more interessted in standup fighting, exciting fights, exciting fighters and I don't mind which orga those things run. If it's IT'S SHOWTIME, it's absolutely fine with me.

my 2 cents ;-)
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-06-08 at: 11:10
Nice article.
Thank God there are other orgaizations that make events. Because I am not so much a fan of K-1, the brand, as of stand up fighting. It doesn't make a difference to me who organizes the events. As long as I can watch good stand up fights.

The only thing that I will miss are the great Japanese K-1 WGP final tournaments. Over 30 000 people in the audience, the people go crazy, I don't understand jack-shit of the commentators, and the best fighters in the world are present.
But what the hell, if I can watch good fights now and then, I'm OK.

My 2 centavos ...
Polakian (252 posts)
Posted: 2011-06-09 at: 06:33
Good article..I agree with Shizzle & D-Rop although the K1 brand means something more for me. Maybe its a little nostalgic and for sentimental reasons. I do think that K1 one does a better job at making stand up kickboxing a more legitimate sport compared to the alternative orginazations. Having said that, obviously you cant be to legitimate if you cant sustain it economically. What will the future hold i wonder....
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2011-06-10 at: 05:42
K1 as na organization, had one unique quality in my oppinion, and that was delivering good matchups, without the need to wait too long. Someone lost in the WGP Final 8, you get fight you craved for the Dynamite.Reinvention of Overeem begun with the Dynamite, Mark Hunt became the champion against all odds, we saw good boxer (Botha) get his ass kicked by Mighty Mo, we got an answer what would happen if you have brute force (Sapp) against technical fighter (Hoost), and then after Mirko finished with him we again knew nothing:)...
I miss exciting style clashes between different styles artists, I miss, Hug, Bernardo, Feitosa, I miss the easy made fighter transitions from Standup to MMA, like Rampage against Abdi, or Manhoef against Hunt, Mousasi against Musashi or Kyotaro...
Nowadays , you hear some fight is in the works, three or six months before, and then somebody gets injured and everything goes down the drain.
Being realistic, I know that all that was possible becouse thay had a lot of money.
Now we are waiting to see if Hari-Ghita will materialize, and back in the days, it would be just another top fight on a stacked card.
True they were a bit bieased towards Japanese fighters, but from this perspective, I would have half of the card with Japanese, if that would mean we got the other fights we are used to.
W had some good days...These days all changes worldwide seem to affect me negatively.I think I am becoming old and grumpy...Sonny in my days, things were different and a waaaaaay better, girls were beautiful and fights were exciting...:)
Shutup oldtmer...
Mooseman (50 posts)
Posted: 2011-06-12 at: 09:05
Kickboxing is dead
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