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Editorial- In Defense of the Upcoming K-1 MAX Tournament.

Seems like even though K-1 is back, there are complaints...but should there be?

This is a response to some of the fourm posts I've been seeing about the upcoming K-1 MAX tournament that will be held at Yoyogi Stadium 2nd. I decided to do an editorial.

It seems like complaints focus around the lack of big names, the Japanese focus and the smaller (-63 kg) wightclass. I just want to share my thoughts on that. I know myself I was kind of feeling "meh" about it at first, but I am going to focus on one simple fact:

K-1 IS BACK! After a 5 month hiatus where we had no idea what was ging on, K-1 is back! Yes, it's taken a beating, but it isn't down for the count. Everyone who is a K-1 fan should be happy about this. It may not be prefect, but it's needed.

FEG is in huge financial trouble, and as Shizzle reported, It's Showtime are getting ready to sue. There is no way FEG can put on a huge K-1 show with so many issues following them, haunting them even.

So they are going to use a smaller show format, with smaller names in some cases, sticking to Japan and using a smaller weight class. That is smart and necessary. Using an example from the MMA world, look at Affliction. They did 2 big shows, bigger in terms of payday and they tried to come out big, look what happened, they aren't around. To use a comparison from pro wrestling in the US, the NWA under the Crockett family was huge in the Carolinas and the Southern States in the 1980's. If they had stayed smaller, they would haved survived, but they tried to get too big, expand too quick, and they were sold to Ted Turner who renamed it WCW, then around 10 years later, WCW went bankrupt.

With things the way they are, smaller events are a good way to build, brick by brick. K-1 needs to rebuild it's tarnished image. You can't do that with an 8 man super tournament in the Tokyo Dome. It'd be great if K-1 could have a Dome Show again, but reality is reality.

As for the -63 kg weight class, down from the 70 kg or the Heavyweight division. Actually, I'm not down on the weight class. The general rule is:  The bigger a guy is, the less stamina he'll suually have. At 63 kg, these "little guys" usually may not have much KO power, but they can keep up a pace HW's can't. If every fight goes to decision, then theoretically, it should be 24 rounds of non-stop action. People will get their money's worth. Even though they are smaller, they will provide great action. When I used to watcch UFC, the 155 lb division was more exciting than the HW division. One of the best fights I saw in PRIDE was Sakuraba and Carlos Newton. They were both lighter and provided more excitment than say Sapp vs Nogeuria. In the old WCW wrestling promotion, it was more exciting to watch Mexican Luchadores like Psicosis, Rey Mysterio Jr or Ultimo Dragon over the big, lumbering goofs like Kevin Nash, Rick Steiner or even Hollywood Hogan.

As for the complaint it's too Japanese, let me say this:

D-Rop is right, this isn't a World MAX, it's World MAX Japan. It's to determine a Japanese representative for the MAX Finals.

Also, as for the complaint it's all Japanese fighters...they are in freakin Japan! Just say if it was all Heavyweights, and they were from all over the world; would any of us be willing to go and buy a plane ticket to Tokyo, then buy a front row seat at Yoyogi?

How many of us are actually able to attend K-1 events live? I'm sure we'd all love to, but really, is it feasible? It makes more sense to reach the millions in Tokyo than trying to please European or North American fans who won't be attending. Cdn Mongoose has always made a good point, K-1 needs to market worldwide, but they need to reclaim their own first.

This is also a cost effective move. They are saving big money on travel expenses, and also, even though K-1 is known for World GPs, they are BASED in japan. They need the support of the Japanese to exist. Realistically, are Japanese people going to pay to see Thai fighters, or Japanese fighters? I know as a Canadian, my only interest in hockey comes about when Canada is involved. Is it so unreasonable for the Japanese to get behind a Japanese fighter as a hero? It's not racist, but if something is happening in your country, you want your country to be well represented, otherwise, who cares?

Yeah, these aren't the glory days. However, every great organization don't ride huge waves of momentum all the time. There are up and down seasons. In my own Christian life I've seen up and down seasons. Things go up, they go down, but then they go up. This is a down time for K-1. It can go one of two directions...down into termination, or up into a new wave of momentum. If they do it right, play it smart, K-1 can reach a new wave of momentum. It may not be as high as the mid-90's, but it'll be better than where they are right now.

Just my two cents.



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D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-27 at: 05:42
I like your 2 cents ....

As I said before: At this moment, let's just enjoy what the different organizations can offer us.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-27 at: 08:13
thank you Canuck well written article and you ve got the point.
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-27 at: 10:49
Better dead and someone else picks up the brand name. FEG has killed the brand. I will not support any event until I have read/heard that the fighters have been paid. T

Sorry but that is how I feel. FEG has been screwing people for years reguarding money. Promises, promises...the cheque is in the mail.
(257 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-27 at: 11:15
@Cdn Mongoose You and I are in agreement that K-1 would be in better hands than FEG. However, Until that happens, I won't piss on K- just because FEG is messing up.
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-28 at: 06:14
@Cdn Mongoose i agree
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2011-06-04 at: 01:12
What a great article!

However I fear things are a bit more simple...K1 will not survive with Tanikawa...I will elaborate in separate article.
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