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It's Showtime Lyon RESULTS and fightreports

from HeadKickLegend, by Matthew Roth


Giorgio Petrosyan vs Chadid Oulad El Hadj

Round 1: Trading jabs and lg kicks early. Chahid is looking to score with a middle kick but Petrosyan lands the first consierable shot with a jab. A cross shortly after. Jab off Chahid's forehead from Petrosyan. Petrosyan catches a kick and brings El Hadj to the floor with a cross - not a knockdown though, of course. Great knee from Petrosyan a little less than half way through the round. We're into the final minute of the opening round and Chahid has been able to land some leg kicks thus far. A hook or two may have also snuck in though nothing has landed clean. Petrosyan is just backing away and El Hadj's hook is hitting air. Knees from Petrosyan late in the round. 10-9 Petrosyan.

Round 2: Action early in the second and Petrosyan is still in command. El Hadj throws the hook? Petrosyan makes him miss. Chahid is stil willing to move forward though. Halfway through the round and El Hadj landed his most significant punch of the fight, great little uppercut that sneaks in. He moves forward but Petrosyan fends off the attack. Petrosyan's right cross is just coming right in on El Hadj. Late in the round and Chahid is searching for body shots, gets a couple in there. Best way to summarize the boxing: Petrosyan is throwing jabs and crosses, El Hadj is coming with hooks.. you know how that goes. Petrosyan 10-9 again.

Round 3: El Hadj opens the round up with a big uppercut, little more action and we're paused because of a low blow. 2:30 and they're mixing it up a bit. Chahid throws a big hook, Petrosyan makes him miss and catches him with a cross. El Hadj actually falls out of the ring, seeming to be because of a low blow that nobody else saw the first time around. Okay, Chahid is up but they are legitimately walking him to the back stage area. He's done. Interesting stuff to say the least.

Official Result: The bout is declared a no contest.


Willy Borrel vs Chris Ngimbi (It's Showtime 70kg MAX World Title)

Round 1:Leg kicks from Borrel, very slow start. I can see Borrel fighting off the ropes for a lot of this. Ngimbi comes with the flying knee, they're starting to pick up a bit and Ngimbi lands a hook around 2:15. Jab from him at 2:00 now. Another flying knee attempt, didn't land quite as he hoped. Borrel sticking with those leg kicks and Ngimbi comes with another flying knee. Head kick attempts, a superman punch. Borrel misses with a spinning hook kick late in the round. 10-9 Ngimbi.

Round 2: My stream is out until the :40 second mark and I get back just in time to see Ngimbi land an absurd flying knee. A solid combination and Borrel is down. He manages to get up. A bit more action, Ngimbi lands a massive flying knee and Borrel is down. He is absolutely done. Another huge flying knee knockout from Ngimbi.

Official Result: Chris Ngimbi wins via second round knockout (flying knee).


Fikri Ameziane vs Daniel Ghita

Round 1: Slow start, a couple leg kicks from both men and Ghita is throwing his jab out there. Ameziane keeping a tight guard though, the young fighter looks well composed considering who he's standing across from. Ghita starting to sneak his jab in around 1:50 and hard leg kicks follow. Head kick that doesn't land too clean from Ghita. Leg kick around 1:10 and Ameziane is taking an eight count. He's limping. Ameziane moving forward now but he goes into his shell when Ghita lands a body shot and goes down off another leg kick. Leg kick and Ameziane is down again. This is over.

Official Result: Daniel Ghita wins via first round TKO (leg kicks).


Yohan Lidon vs Marat Grigorian (It's Showtime 73kg MAX World Title)

Round 1: Jabs and crosses early, Grigorian throwing a bit crisper combinations but both looking solid. Grigorian struggling to get his cross through Lidon's guard, working with a sound hook around 1:40 though. Halfway through the round and he's going to the body now. Low kicks from Lidon, he's ending combinations that way and scoring well. More leg kicks from Lidon and Grigorian continues to score with his hands. About what should be expected. I'd give it a 10-9 to Lidon, but very, very close.

Round 2: Grigorian back to work and Lidon brought to the ground after a leg kick. Lidon is landing well with his leg kicks and naps Grigorian's head back with a jab in the first minute. Around 2:00 and Grigorian to the body. A lot of trading throughout the round but Grigorian gets the better of it. 10-9 Grigorian.

Round 3: Lidon with a head kick immediately and Grigorian is down! He's back up, Lidon swarming. All sorts of combinations, jumping knees. Grigorian has survived now though. Wow, what an opening. Grigorian still looks to have crisper punching but Lidon is holding his own in that arena as well. 10-8 for Lidon.

Round 4: Lidon lands a stiff jab early. He's working the push kick, sweeps Grigorian. Lidon also catches Grigorian with a counter cross, nothing too major though. Another head kick glances off Grigorian. Leg kicks from Grigorian, but they pale in comparison to what Lidon does in that arena. Grigorian has Lidon backed into a corner about halfway through the round and is landing well. Lidon gets out of the corner, right hand from him around 1:15. Combination punching from Grigorian at 1:00, big right hands. Lidon is countering effectively though, impressive in that regard. He's still looking for the head kick and works some knees around :40. Push kick late from Lidon, Grigorian lands a real nice leg kick to end the round. Close but definite 10-9 to Lidon.

Round 5: Grigorian isn't doing enough to win this. Lidon's defense is too sound for what Grigorian is throwing - the Armenian is going to the body a bit though, which is promising. This isn't enough though... Lidon won this fight.

Official Result: Yohan Lidon wins via unanimous decision and is the new It's Showtime 73 kg. MAX champion.


Igor Mihaljevic vs Tyrone Spong

Round 1: Spong is searching for the right hand as well as knees on the inside early. Leg kicks from Spong, landing well. Mihaljevic is down early. Knee shot to the body around 1:17 and Mihaljevic is taking another count. :58 and Igor is down and out from a knee to the head. That's over.

Official Result: Tyrone Spong wins via first round knockout (knee to the head).


Badr Hari vs Gregory Tony:

Round 1: Taking a bit to get the bout started as the ring is surrounded by fans who have abandoned their seats. We're underway and after a long wait for much significant, Hari lands a body shot. Tony is down off of a couple shots and takes the eight count. Hari back to the body with a jab. Hari comes in with an uppercut to the body and Tony is down again. Tony's defense is disgusting and he has no interest in being in there. This is over.

Official Result: Badr Hari wins via first round TKO.


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Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-14 at: 10:55
wow a perfect recap of the event :

aldo that badr match yess that tony had no chance at all
but to me sum of the knock down the reff counted looked like a
slip to me looked like he just fell cus if that blow was a hit
he would of stayed down .cus damnn those punches where hard
but besides that it was a wel deserved win for badr .that tony what ever his name is guy did nothing at all he just was standing there like a punching bag .
and his defence sucks like hell thats why he feld on his ass so many times
i hope they find a worthy openent for badr cus this was rediciolis.
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-14 at: 10:57
Cant wait to see the videos...Sounds like fun, with two terrible mismatches...
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-14 at: 11:04
I haven't seen the fights yet, but it seems to me that there were 3 mismatches in this event, like I thought before. Respect for their opponents, but Spong, Ghita and Hari all seem totally mismatched.

Still, I would like to watch the fights anyway ...
JonnieSunshine (664 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-15 at: 02:04
Pairing Spong, Ghita and Hari with nobodies was an insult to them, and to the fans. I hope Showtime will give us some real fights soon.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-15 at: 06:18
Couldn't find a working stream for free, so I decided to buy the ppv. The mismatches were indeed terrible. Spong didn't even brake a sweat. And that Gregory dude looked like Fujimoto constantly falling and slipping and falling again...highly annoying. It took all the momentum out of the fight. And then after the third eightcount in R1 the fight was stopped due to the regulations of the three knockdown rule..and Gregory was going on like he could continue. Yes my friend all and well, but we have the three knockdown rule, don't stand there looking surprised, you know this haha
paulallen (346 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-15 at: 10:26
I don't know why they didn't promote this gala better by organize for example a Spong - Hari or a Ghita -Hari
Sure that Hari, Spong or Ghita should have better oponents
we need Bonjasky to come out of retirement for facing Hari
Mooseman (50 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-15 at: 03:46
My heavybag puts up a better fight than Tony. Glad I did not pay to see this garbage
Fansofbadrhari (61 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-16 at: 01:18
im very dissapoint
why simon ruiz has organised this event with a fighter with a big difference .

Do you see badr hari against Tony gregory or Spong or Githa. im pay 10€ for see that ?

Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-16 at: 02:46
@Rob lol =)

Ps. I was impressed by the muscles Badr Hari showed in the ring. He looked huge...Overeem huge! Almost a "Beast" feeling over him now...
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-16 at: 07:33
A nice show but the fights lacked serious competition. It was like small local events where the home club wins all the time.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-16 at: 08:27
@Cdn Mongoose Damn good to see you are back Cdn...and like your new pic as well!...Btw I love those small events where the home clubs almost always wins ;-)

I guess this event just a warm up for our stars to boost there confidence and for the promotors/fans to see what level these fighters hold after this looong break.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-17 at: 10:03
Thank you D-rop it was great to read about the fights and the other thing that I m happy for is that neither me I DID NOT SEE WHY exactly Chahid got that huge pain and out of the ring stuff? I have rewersed several times but i did not see Giorgio land where it should have landed to cause that sort of pain.. so i did not understand, neither did Petrosyan... and then again, Chahid was never in a winning position on this fight which
was a good fight indeed. It would have been won by Petrosyan clearly.
Respect for Fikri, he did considerably more than many against Ghita and he stood up and stood up till he could. I see a nice future for him in this sport
The Badr fight reminded me on the LeBanner-Abidi fight :) I dont know though why it was stopped in that manner. Badr was clearly disgusted by this fight if you see how he handed over his trophy even without lifting it up, and i understand. But he is BACK and i m happy for it!!!!! So were everyone there : )
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-17 at: 10:04
BTW i liked Badr's new entrance song :) I knew he would change so the choice suprised me but certainly shows the good effect.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-17 at: 10:05
and me too i m happy to see you back Mongoose !!!!
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-18 at: 03:33
@szanpan How did it remind you of the JLB-Abidi fight? :)

BTW there was a three knockdown rule, which means if you go down three times in one round, the fight is over. And that's what happened. Guess it is to protect the fighter from any more harm. Sometimes they even have a two knockdown rule which is very irritating in some fights, since the fighter can often continue.
Guess Badr was displeased he didn't got the KO as he wanted. Not the comeback he hoped for perhaps.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2011-05-19 at: 02:24
@Rob The Abidi-JLB fight when Abidi did not do much harm and was down a dozen times irritating Le Banner quite much. It was a memorable fight though, this one wont be for other than being the comeback fight :(
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