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K-1 Scandinavia 2007


Nathan Corbett VS. Azem Maksutaj

Winner Corbett by TKO.


Teodor Sariyev VS. Ramazan Ramazanov

Teodor wins by KO.


Damian Garcia VS. Aschwin Balrak

Winnder Balrak by TKO.


Goran Vidakovic VS. Rickard Nordstrand

Winner Rickard.


Magdalena Kowalszyk (swe) VS. Carly Jiumelli (aus)

Round 1

Both fightes start boxing and kicking as soon as the bell goes. Magdalena has the initiative, but both fighters are in the fight. Towards the end of the round Magdalena has Carly in the corner and seconds later Carly gets a standing count.

Round 2

There is no hesitation in the beginning of the second round, both fighters come out hard. Magdalena still has the initiative though. Suddenly Carly hits Magdalena with a roundhouse, knocking Magdalena down. After a count the fight continues. Both fighter act kind of sluggish now, and Magdalena no longer has the initiative. The judge separates the fighters at the end of the round.

Round 3

Again no hesitation. Magdalena works a lot with her knees. Now Carly seem to have the initiative, but it's still an even fight. Then Magdalena front kicks Carly to the floor. Carly is up quickly again though.

Round 4

Magdalena keeps working with her knees in clinch. Magdalena has taken back the initiative and hits Carly with a good punch in the face halfway through the round.

Magdalena wins the fight.


Superfight: Arten Levin (rus) VS. Nonthanun Por Pramuk (tha)

The crowd cheers a lot when Nonthanun enters the stadium. Clearly he's the favourite. Being 21 years old and having 177 fights behind him Nonthanun impresses.

Round 1

Arten seems tense at the beginning of the round, Nonthanun relaxed in the typical thai style. Both fighters do a good job kicking and punching though, with no clear leader. Arten sweeps the leg from Nonthanun half way through the round and later Nonthanun kicks Arten in the groin. No grudge though. Both fighters catch each others legs a couple of times. After the first round Arten seems to be the leader.

Round 2

In the second round both fighters seem to pick up in furiosity. Arten still seems more tense, but it's an even fight. To the end of the round Artens sinks Nonthanun with a round house to the head. Nonthanun comes up quicly though, but is shortly after thrown to the floor.

Round 3

Arten gets a couple of good round houses in to Nonthanuns head. Both fighters are now going for a win. Half way through Arten starts showing off, lowering his guard dancing around. Arten tries several front kicks to the head. In the absolute end of the round Arten gets sunk with a straight punch in the face. He jumps up though.

Winner is Arten Levin.


Semi final: Nathan Corbett (aus) VS. Teodor Sariyev (kaz)

Round 1

Both fighters starts mainly with boxing, there are rather few kicks and knees. Both fighters deliver solid techniques, kicks here and there. Nathan uses knees.

Round 2

Both fighters fight rather cautious, but throws powerfull techniques when hitting and kicking. It's an even round. Nathan trips and falls, but jumps up. Towards the end of the round Nathan seems to be the strongest and probably takes the lead. Teodor seems tired.

Round 3

Nathan definitely seems fresher in the beginning of the round. Teodor has his back against the ropes, not really creating anything, just blocking. The fight is rather dull. Teodors left arm is read from blocking Nathans round houses. The fighters almost stops fighting, Teodor probably realising he's lost and Nathan unwilling to spend more energy before the final.

Unsurprisingly Nathan wins.


Semi final: Aschwin Balrak (hol) VS. Rickard Nordstrand (swe)

Rickard is of course the stadiums favourite, and the crowd cheers a lot. Aschwin on the other hand gets booing. This is fight between the bad boy and the pretty boy, or so the speaker announces...

Round 1

The whole crowd starts applauding for Rickard, but Aschwin seems to take the lead in the beginning of the first round. Half way through Rickard gets hit with two knees in the head, setting him out of balance. Rickard rather tense style of fighting does not seem to be enough against Aschwin. At the end of the round Rickard seems to limp somewhat.

Round 2

Rickard pushes forward in the beginning of the round and seem to take the initiative, Rickard is back in the fight and the crowd loves it. Both fighters are getting tired. The referee stops the fight since Rickard is bleeding, but starts it soon again. The fight becomes more and more sluggish. Aschwin falls, but comes up quickly. Aschwin probably won the first round, but the second is harder to judge.

Round 3

In the beginning of the round Rickard takes a standing count due to a knee.  He jumps back in the fight though and both fighters slug at each other. Especially Rickard seems tired. Half way through the round Aschwin seems to be the winner, he takes a stronger initiative as the round emerges. Rickard is dried off from blood again. After the bell Rickard stumbles into the opposing ring corner, he's tired and unfortunately must have lost.

Before the announcement of the winner Aschwin dances around, he knows he's won.

Super fight: Joakim Karlsson (swe) VS. Mattias Karlsson (swe)

Round 1

Both fighters come out pretty hard, Mattias takes most of the initiative. Half way through both figheters exchange punches and kicks, making it an even fight. The fighters do not really follow up their techniques, settling with three techniques at the time. Towards the end of the round Mattias hits and shakes Joakim though, leading to a better follow up.

Round 2

At the beginning of the second round both fighters are more furious. Exchanging equal amounts of punches and kicks. Then Mattias takes the initiative again, throwing most techniquies. The fight comes somewhat to a halt again and Joakim manages to shake Mattias. Joakim takes the end of the round, putting Mattias to his knees at one point. Mattias probably won the first round, but this fight can go either way.

Round 3

Joakim has the beginning of the round. The tempo is not as high as earlier, but both fight to take the win. At the end of the round both fighters are tired. Joakim, who's throwing most techniques, seeming to be the winner. Or is an extra round required?

The winner is Joakim.

Super fight: Buakaw Por Pramuk (tha) VS. Giorgio Petrosian (ita)

When Buakaw enters the crowd goes wild with standing ovations. This fight they have been looking forward too.

After the introducing ceremonial thai dance (which lasts for like 10 minutes...) Buakaw is ready to fight. Giorgio is happy after 1 minute of dancing. Is Buakaw trying to psyche Giorgio? Giorgio is getting restless...

Round 1

The fighters start off really easy feeling each other out. It takes more than 30 seconds before anyone throws a real technique. Half way through the round the fight is actually rather dull. Buakaw lands a couple of nice round houses, but Giorgio handles the round well.

Round 2

In the beginning of the second round the intensity is getting somewhat better. Buakaw how ever is in no rush and seems to be waiting for the perfect knock technique. Giorigio on the other hand seems to be waiting for a real opening. Half way through Buakaw increases the pace. Buakaw is better, but so far the fight has no obvious winner.

Round 3

In the third round Giorgio becomes more active and you'd actually expect more from Buakaw. Both fighters fall after a clinch. Buakaw seems to focus on kicking and Giorgio on punches. There is no clear winner of the third round.

Round 4

Will this be the round where Buakaw shows how the champ is? The pace has increased somewhat again, and Giorgio gets a good round house to Buakaws head.  Both fall after a clinch. Then again, and again. At the end of the round both fighters exchange hard techniques, realising there is not so much left of the fight and that someone needs to settle it.

Round 5

At the beginning of the round Giorgio throws Buakaw and later sets a nice series to Buakaw. Buakaw does not seem affected though. Soon Buakaw sets a nice round house to Giorgios head. In the middle of the fight there is rather much clinch with knees. Buakaw throws Giorgio. The pace is not especially high, but when punches and kicks are exchanged it's fast and hard. To me this fight has no obvious winner, and I'm disappointed at Buakaw. The last time he fough in K-1 Scandinavia it was an explosive fight. Giorgio did really good against the reigning K-1 Max champion

The match has a split decision and both are proclaimed winners!?! The audience seemed to agree, but I thought they should have gone an extra round.

Super fight: Jörgen Kruth (swe) VS. Freddy Kemayo (fra)

Jörgen gets a loud welcome from the audience. He is after all one of swedens top two K-1 fighters of all times. The crowd is looking forward to this fight.

Round 1

In the first half of the round the fighters exchange rather few but heavy techniques. Jörgen sweeps Freddy and delivers some nice knees in clinch. At the end of the round Jörgen tries a flying knee and falls. There is not so much to comment in the round. Jörgen takes the round though.

Round 2

Now the fight has increased somewhat in pace. Jörgen gets swept after laying his leg on Freddys shoulder. Freddy sets some nice punches and Jörgen starts working with his low kicks and knees. The round continues pretty much this way, Freddy boxing and Jörgen kneeing and low kicking.

Round 3

Now both fighters are going for the win, using the same techniques as in the earlier rounds. Then Jörgen lands a nice round house in Freddys head. Jörgen begins boxing more, with  success. It seems like Freddy will fall soon and the crowd goes wild. But Feddy comes back into the fight again.

The winner is Jörgen Kruth, to the liking of the crowd.

Final: Nathan Corbett (aus) VS. Aschwin Balrak (hol)

Round 1

Both fighters come out hard with high round houses and boxing. Then both become more cautious. Half way through the round they increase the pace again. Both fighters are throwing hard techniques on an equal basis. The first round was even.

Round 2

10 seconds into the round Nathan floors Aschwin with a hook. Aschwin comes up pretty fast though and does not seem to be shaken. From here Nathan seems to be the somewhat better fighter. Then Aschwin hits Nathan from behind and the crowd boos. Winner second round is Nathan.

Round 3

Both fighters give it all now, but Aschwin has started limping pretty badly. Nathan is especially showing some good boxing. Aschwin tries a spectacular forward flip kick. Nathan sets two nice hooks and Aschwin gets a standing hook. The fighters are at war after Aschwin hits Nathan when they're about to touch gloves. Aschwin tries some double jump knees and another forward flip kick. He doesn't really hit though. Nathan must be the winner.

Winner (and the fighter going to K-1 Las Vegas at the Belagio hotel) is Nathan Corbet.


Signing out, Dennis


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sanadathetiger (319 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-19 at: 06:14
man im waiting to hear more about the next fights
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-19 at: 07:43
That's it. Sorry to have missed the quarter finals, but hope you enjoyed it anyway.
russ (3 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-19 at: 08:54
thankyou very much dennis.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-19 at: 09:34
Just came back home from this event, and I feel good. Favorite moments of the night was Rickard Nordström´s KO - awsome reaction from the crowd cheering and clapping. Buakaws entrence was pretty massive too, wich felt like a rock concert experience. Best fight was Jörgen Kruth´s vs Freddy Kameyo - where Jörgen did a great job and finished of strong. The final fight between Nathan Corbett and Aschwin "the bad boy" Balrak was intense and great. The fighter that impressed me most was the Italian Giorgio Petrosian, and the fighter that impressed me the least was sadly Buakaw.

Great "live play-by-play" fight report Dennis.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-19 at: 09:38
Nathan Corbett was ofcourse great too. Impressed of his endurance and power until the very last rond. Congrats mate!
Eldarbong (989 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-19 at: 11:09
Carnage is awesome. There is a reason why he is WBC champ. Did he move up to heavyweight for the tournament or was he still at cruiserweight? Too bad BPP got a draw, it sounds like it was a good fight. Thanks for the report Dennis!
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-20 at: 04:13
I think that Magdalena Kowalszyk (swe) VS. Carly Jiumelli (aus) was the best fight of the night. Magdalena was in big trouble when she got downed, but she sorted it out, and in the end she won here fight. Other then that, i think that this event was werry werry low class, and poorly executed.
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-21 at: 06:34
I also think that it was a rather dull K-1 event. The organisation I found good, but the fights were just ok. Especially disapointing was Buakaw who didn't seem to try to win. When he met Ole Laursen at the last K-1 Scandinavia he was like another fighter...
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-21 at: 04:05
But even tho i think that the event was kind of boring, im still werry werry happy to yet again beein able to see and K-1 event in sweden, and from a male perspective there is moore good things to look at in these events then just the fights =)
sanadathetiger (319 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-25 at: 06:43
looks like Buakaw and Petrosian were testing each other along the fight.
Ingemar N (65 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-25 at: 04:11
Sadly I missed this event, since I couldn’t be there this time!
Sounds crazy that the judges gave both fighters a win…?
Why not an extra round? No one really likes a draw..!
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