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K1 WGP 2010 final-With all due respect...

Another year another WGP...Every time it is a special event.Some even say it might be the last one.Be that as it may, there is no reason not to enjoy it.But it seems there are some mixed feelings and opinions about it.Ill try to give mine...


I remember one time on the firing range , one oldtimer was shooting a tt-33 on a 25 yard target with reasonable success.

then he decided to try at 50 yard beer can.He hit it with a first shot.A group of younger guys was watching, and one of them said "That was a lucky shot!" Old man turned to them and replied: "Boy when I turn around and shoot in the opposite direction , but can still falls down, THEN you can call it a lucky shot!That was a thing I was aiming for!"I laughed my ass off, but then again, that is the truth.


Alistair Overeem won the, for me and many of us here , and around the world , most prestigious fighting sport title there is.

K1 champion, dream of anyone who ever trained any of the sport the letter "K" stands for.In his trophy shelf, that trophy will probably take the prominent position.Strange are the ways you can even get a shot at K1 tournament, mostlu due to a strange criteria  by FEG.Mut I was most impressed by a statement made by Mohammad "King Mo" Lawall who said plainly and open hartedly: "I am an MMA fighter, but these guys are the best fighters in the world!"-so true, and probbs to an honest King Mo, who seemed to really enjoy being at a whole event judging from his commentaries durin the fight.But now , some people say that was the luck that got Alistair his K1 title, and that he had an easy way to it.I will elaborate on that at the end.





Great fight!Texeira improved so much that he is easily fighter that improved the most in 2010.He went to Holland, changed training methods, opened himself to a new way of striking, and results were clearly visible, first in his fight in Australia, then with Peter Aerts , who gave respect to his fighting skills, and now he demonstrated his power against wery dangerous Eroll Zimmerman, who is expiriencing a serious downfall this year.Not a big deal, and a neccesary period in which fighter needs to recompose himself, and work harder both physically and mentally.Period which separates good from the great fighters.I think he has a great team and we will see new Zimmerman next year.But new Texeira will be waiting also...




Both man had a point to prove, but at the and it was Jaideep who proved that he IS a top level kickboxer, and he finally put a performance worthy of higliht reel, after his last years snoozing fest with (then) equally boring Texeira.As for Kharitonov, I can only say one thing.If you dont look, walk, talk and fight like a kickboxer-well you are probably not one...Wery few people can do both, and you are not one of them.Stick to MMA and stop embarassing yourself.But hey if you insist, you are entertaining to watch.Kharitonov-Morosanu anyone?




Why did FEG made this fight happen I have no clue?!Just like Takeda-Kraus fight.Terrible mismatch that resulted only way it could result...Gerges IS a top 10 material , and Fujimoto is retirement material...I would waste no more words on this one...




I have to give Mo a credit here.He looked like he has been training actually, he had a will to fight, and he showed it....But that could never be enough for a revitalized and hungry Perter Aerts, that was simply not enough.Peter showed what made him one of the most dangerous fighter ever , and ended the fight with his trademark high kick.i jumped out of a chair, and I had a gut feeling which turned out to be true...




Kyotaro is annoying opponent, and that is a fact.He is never to be taken lightly, and Schilt didnt do that mistake.Not much joy did this fight brought to the table though.Kyoutaro demonstrated heart, and he already looks like the best Japanese HW fighter ever.I cannot still be his fan becouse of his fighting style, but he is humble in both victory and defeat, and he is a true sportsman.As for Schilt he mauled his way to the victory, and whole fight went just like I expected...




Excellent fight in which fighters demonstrated:Spong-true heart of a warrior, along with his ever-beautiful technique.He went three straight rounds where bigger guys fell in the first one.He had a solid gameplan which he stuck to.Overeem-as usual power, stamina, and patience.At the and that proved enough to take a solid win.




Now that was a fight to remember this year by, like Zambides-Chahid!Smaller, lightning-fast Saki, with crazy combinations, and bigger technical Ghita with a tad more power...Both giving their all!!!It loked like a MAX fight!Thrilling all the way, and fight that demonstrates the beauty of the sport.Great sportmanship and respect at the and.What more could you ask for?Saki fought like a Lion and got well deserved victory.But he got injured in the process, which is a shame, and prevented him from giving his all in the later match.




People seem to forget a bit too fast.I remember 2008. final 16 wery well.Everybody wondered who and how is going to stop Semmy and prevent him from taking another WGP.Aerts asked for the job.I remember him saying "If you want to be best you have got to fight the best.Thats why I asked for Schilt!" So true...He then demonstrated the perfect wayto beat him, but it seems that no one picked it up.People tend to be a slave to the habit, and unable to undertake major change i their fighing style.Not Peter Aerts.Bullrushing, cutting the distance, clinching, things not usually on his repertoirre, everything he needed to score a win.What has changed since then?It is same Peter Aerts and same Sammy Schilt, only two years older.Who was more hungry for victory and more motivated?When I saw Mo-Aerts and Kyotaro-Sammy fight, I was sure that I will see the replay of the 2008 fight.Aerts is simply NOT AFRAID of Semmy.But he also respects his power and strenghts, and adjusts his style of fighting.

Aerts, a legend, an example of true sportsman, and unique fighter whose dedication to training , heart and determination should be an example for anyone willing to take on a fighting sport career.One is Peter Aerts.He is already a hall of famer, in the same niche as Jack Dempsey, Mohammad Ali, and Rocky Marciano, only in kickboxing world.Best HW kickboxer of all time in many peoples book.But beating Schilt had a stiff price tag...




This fight was interesting in more then one way.Everybody is talking about a Golden Glory management decision to let Saki fight instead of Ghita replacing him.For me it was more interesting to see two teammates fighting each other, both giving their all.Saki although injured didnt back up one bit , and is spinning back kick that send Overeem to canvas is worthy of a higliht reel.Had Saki been healthy it would be a joy to watch all the way, but it was fun nevertheless.Overeem put an end to it as soon as he could.




We all knew the result of this one before it started.Overeem beaten healthy Aerts in three round fight, and mashed-up Peter was no match.I was glad it was over so quickly, and saved Peter from further damage.So Alistair Overeem became a new WGP chapion.



Had he an easy way to becoming K1 wgp champ?Luck?Yes, he did had luck.His luck was no other than BADR HARI!His challenge was a thing that brought Overeem back to K1.That victory put him back on the map, and brought a spotlight of many K1 fans on his MMA career.More fans you have, more you worth as a fighter.MMA and kickboxing are different kinds of sport.Only few fighters ever were capable of being succesful on both, and right now Alistair Overeem is the best of them.And that is not only according to me.Legend himself Bas Rutten has been talking for some time that the Alistair Overeem IS the best all-around heavyweight fighter in the world.Besides that he is an example of a sportsman.Easy way?Hours in the gym, days of training, years of hard work , downfalls, pain and all things that waits anyone willing to make the wrong decision of becoming the pro fighter.Dealing with his uncharismatic personality, marketing himself in revolutionary way, making the unique documentary which is going to be a legacy in its own right...Alistair Overeem did all the things (and more) needed to become a K1 WGP Champion.Deservedly.

When you need a proof that hard work pays off, you need to look no further.Everything Alistair gets in life after this , he got it coming.And another thing.Although three stooges Shouldah, Couldah and Wouldah screem about the other outcome only if this and that, my opinion is that he would beat anyone this year.He was , plainly said THE BEST fighter in this years WGP.

So please...Give respect where its due...

And be happy...We got to see one great event in our lifetimes.Even if it was the last WGP.






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Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-17 at: 10:01
Top notch stuff :D
Very entertaining read, thank you! Keep it coming..
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-18 at: 12:17
Yes Man nicely said

You are wright every body is bitchin about allistair having easy match ups and being lucky
wel i all ready made my comment on that ,but to make it short
every body needs sum luck to win the finals every one who one the beld
had sum luck in one way ,if remy bonjasky was to face semmy all of the times he won the k1 he probally would not have won it so what i,m saying is luck a good game plan and a good day is what you need ,plus like torazulu said he trains his ass of all of the fighter do that but overeem realy showed the world he wanted to win that beld and he did it
he always said in interview that k1 is top level kickboxing but he is sure that he can win it to
and he did because he is not a stranger to kickboxing cus he started with kickboxing in lucian carbin gym when he was young allistair is a example of a athleet who treaths his body like a tempel not just a fighter who trains every 3 monts before a fight
no he trains almost every day mma kickboxing is part of his life its the way he lives his life
Polakian (252 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-18 at: 08:05
@ Torazulu

With all due respect, you sound like an Alistair Overeem PR commercial.

"Had he an easy way to becoming K1 wgp champ?" You ask this question and begin to answer it with a synopsis of Alistairs career in K1 or how hard he has worked both inside & outside the ring. Its irrelevant. All top fighters work and sacrifice themselves and this has nothing to do with respect. The fact remains he had the easiest road in a tournament final in K1 history! Thats all. Its a statement of fact IMO. It doesent mean that he couldnt have accomplished this if his road was through Badr, Ghita, then Sem. IMHO he woulnt have, but other ppl might think differently and if that was the case there would be no doubt in my mind that Overeeem was the best. If any other fighter was slotted where Alistair was and the tournament played out the same way, I would be just as skeptical of that accomplishment. Now if say hypothetically, these shenanigans with Golden Glory did not take place and Overeem defeated Ghita in the second fight , notwistanding the Aerts situation I actually think I would be on board in terms of my satisfaction in his tournament win.

Alistair Overeem to me seems to be a good guy, is a great fighter, and is the 2010 K1 WGP Final tournament champion. Nothing can take that away from him. But this year, for me, the tournament champion and the best kickboxer in the world are two different things. When Alistair Overeem defeats a few of who in my mind are the best..namely Badr, Ghita, Gerges, Sem and Saki. If he can do that next year Im with you on that.
BukiLand (204 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-18 at: 09:10
@Polakian well said. I also believe that Overeem wouldnt be able to fight healthy Saki this time.
sam (167 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-18 at: 03:04
@BukiLand i also think the same, Alistair wouldnt be able to beat healthy Saki.i was very surprised by the saki performance.he is very strong and very fast,he was the best man that night in the final 8 for(and aerts2).
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-18 at: 05:26
Damn! You got me there... I hope that my paycheck will arrive on time now that my cover is blown...:))))))

Although I do not think that Alistair is going to give much attention to K1 now, I sincerely hope that they will come with some serious cash to pay for his superfights.
Wishlist of opponents:

1.Badr Hari
2.Semmy Schilt

It might happen in Showtime events as well.And if he crushes them , what then?
Yes thats fine , but he has a lousy haircut?
BTW I really like Saki.But he lost to both Kyotaro and Aerts.So what gives you that idea?
BukiLand (204 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-18 at: 06:05
@torazulu On this WGP he was different Saki, not the one who lost from Aerts. He simply was in a higher level.
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-19 at: 10:38
AO is great champ no doubt.
And no example before that a fighter became champ in MMA (SForce) and K1. he is the first.
But i thk for this tournament, he can thank a lot and thk a lot Aerts. Aerts did the job for him ; he eliminated Schilt of his road to the title.
And Saki ? What fighter is rather crazy to face with a single arm the most dreaded fighter of the moment?
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-20 at: 08:12
nice article torazulu, great read and well.. hope your paycheck will arrive soon :) :) :)
Mehdi youve got some good points in this.
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-28 at: 12:28
im suprised by kyotaro! first he beats saki in what some said a lucky score !! thand he beats manhoeff whit a KO ! they said lucky shot! but when he beat jerome le banner! we cant say that he cant fight! knowing he did well against sammy schilt!!
so my respects goes out to kyotaro! though he will never win a grandprix, he is a hard guy to beat!!!! and the best japan stand up fighter! much better than musashi!! dont you agree????
... (736 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-28 at: 12:29
ps sorry for my bad englisch! im trying! ushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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