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WPG Final 8 and how i saw it

it s my opinion on the event, which by luck i could watch online.

We could see a very special WGP this year. There were many expectations, most of which have not been failted and there were indeed many suprises which made the event , in my opinion even more volorful, then the one of the last year. 

We could see much heart given, in order by Peter Aerts, by Gokhan Saki and by Tyrone Spong.

Let me start with Aerts now. Many have thought, including me, that this man's career is over, and he did the wonder, he showed to the world, that he is still motivated, that he still has the Eye of the Tiger by winning over Semmy in a great miraculous fashion which we havent seen maybe ever.. 

Gokhan Saki in my opinion had the hardest fight of the tournament, He was not lucky to start with such a fight . He and Ghita has put on such a fight which i think thousands should need to watch, who like or train this beautiful fighting sport. Their kicks and hits were so strong, that it s a wonder who both of them were left standing. Gokhan Saki is one of the VERY few, who survived Ghita, whose legs are lethal, who is a balanced fighter in top shape, Their fight was just great and they havent stopped not even for a second. 

The fact that Saki fought with Ghita unfortunately made him to be unable to have more fights that night. but i think many other fighters would have ended even worse, against Ghita. He did great as well. 

Saki showed that much heart and virtue that even with broken ribs and elbow, he had the guts to go to the ring to face Overeem, and flew a beautiful headkick even, which sent Overeem to the ground before his sectret had been revealed, and is has come out that he will not be able to fight anymore, for a while. 

Tyrone Spong: everyone knows he is an excellent fighter, he has the will and the talent to be one of the best and to remain so for a while. Unfortunately his luck in K-1 was never good, the pairings havent done him much favour so far, and this case was none exception.

But he did suprise Overeem, he stayed up till the final ground, even with an eye totally closed and injured he kept on fighting, and in the starting round was actually better than the Reem, it was a great fight, i m sorry that the weight advantage didnt do him much favour, I dont know how many saw, that the first round Overeem was so eager he had even receive two official warning for double clinching, his favorite weapon, now turned illegal. 

Sem Schilt. He has lost motivation. We could see it also in the fight with Gerges earlier, thats not the one Schilt of last year hungry to win, He has actually PROBLEMS to win over Kyotaro, which surprised me a lot, i felt he lost it a bit this year, maybe to come back next year hungry as the Schilt in 2009. Not to decrease the victory of Peter Aerts, but the Lumberjack would have not been able to win in such a way, against a Schilt in full physical and mental state. 

Overeem.  Well Overeem did do what he is also doing, he showed that he has intelligence, that he has eyes to see where to kick or hit, and that he is patient.

After Aerts winning Schilt there was no question he wouldnt last against virtually anyone else not only Overeem. In my humble opinion noone would last anymore fights in a tournament after having such an intense fight with the hightower ( and with Overeem neither as we could see by the example of Hari last year) 

So what did not happen: We did not see Overeem fighting Semmy Schilt, that awaits us next year, And i m happy for the victory of Overeem. He had luck, and he was the one, who was more motivated to win. 

To say a word on 2 surprises of the night: Teixteira and Heart Jaideep both showed great fights! I dont know who pushed Kharitonov to box, but they shouldnt do so i m sorry, that guy is a wrestler, thats it, not more, not less. 

Hesdy Gerges: He is very hungry, i want to see him in K-1 next year, His fight against Fujimoto was not a fight, but just 2 kicks and he went down to the ground.

full respect for Aerts who showed that the impossible can happen, that he is still brilliant and in shape, 

And full respect for Saki, standing up vs, Overeem with all heart with broken bones.

Thank you FEG it was a GREAT show!!


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szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-11 at: 03:40
And adittionally, both Saki and Ghita showed great fighting spiring, I d love to see both of them fighting Overeem.
xyz (306 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-11 at: 03:56
Amazingt article, best written - approving your view. Peter was in great shape and Semmy was kinda laming.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-11 at: 05:10
thank you Honinsul and i m very very happy for that i could watch this event online, the first WGP final 8 i could watch this way :) it was a great event!
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-11 at: 08:18
Nice article szanpan!
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-11 at: 08:42
thank you Torazulu, I wonder about all your opinions on the fights and the fighters
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-11 at: 09:42
I like your article szanpan. And I do agree on most points.

The beauty of an 8 man-tournament is that the fighters come in the semifinals and final more or less damaged. They need that bit of luck and a lot of heart to be the champion.
I just love 8 man-tournaments
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-11 at: 09:56
thank you D-rop, i cant wait to hear all your opinions on the fights and the fighters
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-12 at: 12:48
Well written piece which summarized the event perfectly. Great job and I agree on all your points...how`s that for upset of the night ;-) Big hug from Holland! ..oops yellow card for Rob :P

What a great night...and here I thought this tournament was predictable haha. Well K1 showed again that anything is possible. Too bad Aerts was too badly damaged. He may not be the champ of 2010 but for me he was the champ of the night beating Schilt like that. It was even better than his fight in 2008.
davcol (311 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-12 at: 06:04
it would be interesting to see overeem against one of the bigger fighters such as schilt, gerges or ghita
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-12 at: 11:11
thank you Rob, you see you believed in Aerts and how right you were !! :)
I m sorry that this years WGP s are over.. cant wait for the next year to come !
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-12 at: 08:53
Beutiful article szanpan!! A pleasure reading it.
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-13 at: 04:56
How many people are secretly happy that Semmy lost. Above all else many said anyone but Schilt.
I suspect that if K-1 had a lightheavy division Spong would win.

I enjoyed the wgp but that surley does not make up for a pathetic 2010 for K-1. In the end only the last two months of the year are worth following K-1 at all. Oh well only 300 days until it begins again. Maybe the rumours are true and FEG has a partner. You can only hope that this new partnership will allow K-1 to expand around the globe.

szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-13 at: 01:49
thank you Kim, did my best :)
And yes Mongoose i really really hope a stronger year for K-1 next year. The bad thing that there are not anymore superweights, thats why would be useless to make it into 2 divisions .. at least not yet..
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-12-13 at: 03:15
Great, Szanpan.
Especially about Saki.
I just want to add that what did Aerts was awesome. First fight, he fought like the Aerts of his beginning, jabs and devastating kick.
Second fight, he pushed all physical limits for a 40 years old man against the four times K1 champ.
Third fight, he fought literraly exhausted and with one eye against the most monstruous and dangerous fighter of the circuit.
It was as to go to the slaughterhouse.
So in my opinion, he was the best fighter of this WGP, despite not having won the title.
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