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Fighter babe: Nina

How did you get interested in K-1?

The first time I saw it on tv I immidiatly got cought. It´s fashinating because it seems so tough and brutal.

Do you have a favourite fighter?

Yes! Bob Sapp “the beast”

Which fight do you look forward to see the most on the upcoming K-1 Max in Scandinavia?

I think it´s gonna be very fun to see Jörgen Kruth fight.



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Martin Holm (18 posts)
Posted: 2006-11-25 at: 04:43
nice artical!
Jules (12 posts)
Posted: 2006-11-27 at: 09:03
Tnx for this nice surprise!
The Sandman (8 posts)
Posted: 2006-12-22 at: 03:09
Sweet... I'll grapple with her anyday ;P
Jules (12 posts)
Posted: 2006-12-27 at: 11:17
Yummie once again!
Kum Dexa (98 posts)
Posted: 2007-03-12 at: 03:04
Thatz refReShinG...
Kum Dexa (98 posts)
Posted: 2007-03-12 at: 03:06
CaN sOmEoNe AsK hEr DoEs ShE WaNtS To SpArInG wItH Me...I wOUlDnT GeT OuT fRoM ClInTcH..HEHE
Kum Dexa (98 posts)
Posted: 2007-03-20 at: 10:23
canu put more articals like this>!
Eldarbong (989 posts)
Posted: 2007-04-07 at: 07:55
Wow... she is very beautiful..and she loves K1 too!
sanadathetiger (319 posts)
Posted: 2007-04-17 at: 01:12
yeah thats what i call a real apponent.
zambo1 (4 posts)
Posted: 2007-06-25 at: 12:20
Very nice.. good luck to you!
JeFF (1 posts)
Posted: 2007-06-30 at: 03:41
does she fight? I didnt find her anywhere on youtube or on the net.. o_O
Nejc (136 posts)
Posted: 2007-12-27 at: 09:55
Pablo (795 posts)
Posted: 2008-03-27 at: 03:28
Sapp's her favourite fighter? Not a serious approach to K-1, seems to me.
Still, the chick's real nice to watch
The Sandman (8 posts)
Posted: 2008-03-28 at: 02:19
I wonder though.... Will those implants really stand for a clean hit? Could prove disastrous imo...
Sidekick (492 posts)
Posted: 2008-04-22 at: 12:15
Dunno about you guys, but I wouldn't mind giving her some extra private lessons in ...!!
Yeah baby...
waldo (68 posts)
Posted: 2008-07-09 at: 12:05
she's a cracker!
pudyfer (6 posts)
Posted: 2008-08-05 at: 12:55
how on earth can bob sapp be your favourite?
bridie murphy (9 posts)
Posted: 2008-11-18 at: 03:17
ha ha shes no fighter take a look at her guard ,surely if shes got a guard like that she would not have a face like that now would she.
Shock (56 posts)
Posted: 2009-10-23 at: 08:15
Look at them boobs ! :)) id like to fight those ! I dont think she is a fighter.
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