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Interview Andy Souwer

from Mixfight.nl


This is an interview in Dutch. I just dont have the time to translate it completely. If someone does have the time and the will to translate the whole interview, please go ahead.

I have translated some interesting questions and answers:

Q : Some time ago, you had an eye-operation. Did that go well, and doesn´t it bother you (anymore) with fighting?

AS: No, we first thought the retina was damaged after the fight with Chahbari in January, but it turned out that a squash-ball had done the damage. I was operated in March and started training again in May. On September 18, I fought again and thought I would fight in K-1 Max, but that turned out different.

Q: On Nov. 23 you will defend your title in the S-sup of Shootboxing, and your first fight will be against the Thai Bovy Sor Udomsom. He is known for his attacking style and a slugger. How you are gonna beat him and not get too damaged for the next fight?

AS: As always, I take the tournament match by match. Bovy is a slugger, so I am not not gonna slug with him ... He is very tough, but there are holes in his defense. And I am gonna take advantage of that. Fighting a tournament is a special thing. It is not so bad to get damaged, it is just that you must be able to do your thing, and do that better than your opponent.

Q: A thing that everybody wants to know: Why was there no Andy Souwer in K-1 Max this year??

AS: There has been many speculations, but the simple reason was: I was not invited! I was surprised as well, and cancelled some fights in July, because I expected the invitation. I only accepted the fight against Hinata, under the condition that I could cancel it if K-1 Max would ask me. To my surprise, the invitation never came ... Well, so be it. 

Q: Is that the same reason that Buakaw wasn´t there either?

AS: I don´t know. I heard he would fight in -63kg, but I never believed that. He always was one of the most popular fighters in Max. K-1 Max owes him. 

Q: Will we see you back in the future of K-1 Max?

AS: I think I owe it to myself. I wanna be the first guy to win K-1 Max 3 times, and I have some unfinished business with Petrosyan. In 2009 he beat me 2 times, although I dont think I lost in Milan, but OK. 2009 was a bad year. I can´t stop fighting before I showed everyone that I am still the best, and I can only do that by defeating him.





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Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-21 at: 11:08
If I have time tomorrow or tuesday I will take a look at it :)
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