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MAX Interview: Drago, Petrosyan, Oishi, Ikemoto


Q: How are you feeling right now?
A: Good. I trained very hard. I cannot wait for the fight.

Q: Your last fight ended with a spectacular knockout. How do you feel about it?
A: It was a good fight for me. My opponent was tough. I was really very happy to end it with a knockout.

Q: What do you think about your first opponent this time?
A: He is very good. He has good boxing and great kicking. He has nice combinations. He is really good.

Q: What sort of fight do you hope to have against him?
A: Well, I prepared the same way I usually do. I am in good shape, so you'll see it on Monday.

Q: Will you be looking for a knock out again?
A: Well, if it is a knockout, that's great. But, I won't look for it. I hope it will be an exciting 3 round fight.

Q: What do you need to win 3 fights in 1 night?
A: Luck! You have to be lucky. You need to have few injuries, and win every fight.

Q: Please give a message to your fans.
A: I want to say thank you to my fans in Japan. I love you a lot. It will be an exciting fight on Monday, so keep watching!

Giorgio Petrosyan

Q: What is your condition like now?
A: I'm in good condition, and will show you that on Monday.

Q: Your first opponent is Albert Kraus. You've beaten him before. How do you feel about this fight?
A: Last time I won via decision against him. He is a tough fighter, and isn't esy to beat.

Q: How did your training for Korea and this fight differ?
A: I was injured and had to rest for a while, so the fight in Korea was my first in some time. My preparation for this fight was similar to others though.

Q: The injury was your hand?
A: Yes, but it is 100% perfect now.

Q: You need to fight 3 times this tournament, so how does that make you feel?
A: Every fighter has to fight 3 fights, so all I am focused on is fighting Kraus.

Q: Who is the biggest obstacle this year do you think?
A: All of the opponents this year are tough, so again, the only one in my mind is Kraus.

Q: What do you need to become the champion again?
A: Well, I need to win all of the fights. I have to give it my all, and I will.

Q: Do you feel any pressure as the champion?
A: No. Not at all. I feel very relaxed. I am very motivated, but don't feel any pressure.

Q: What sort of fight do you want to have on Monday?
A: It is impossible to predict, but I hope to show the techniques I have been training so hard.

Q: Please send a message to your fans.
A: Please cheer for me again this time, as I will do my best to win.

Q: This time Masato, Buakaw and Souwer aren't in the mix. Do you feel any responsibility as the face of MAX?
A: Last year Masato was already gone. This year, I am here. I don't feel any particular responsibility though.


Shunsuke Oishi

Q: What's your condition like now?
A: Well, I found out just 2 days ago that I need to attend this interview, so have to rush my cut a little bit. I need to lose 1 more kilogram and I'll be fine.

Q: This is your second fight in K-1, so how do you feel?
A: Well, the last result wasn't the best so I really trained hard to ensure this opening fight is exciting.

Q: How has your training changed for this fight?
A: I haven't really changed anything major, but I have increased by boxing training quite a lot.

Q: What's your impression of Nishiyama?
A: He is quite a technician. I'll have to keep my concentration so as to make the fight my own fight, and not get caught up in his.

Q: How do you think the fight will go?
A: Well, I want to end all fights by knockout, but I won't go looking for one. I hope to fight hard enough to get a solid decision if the knockout doesn't come naturally.

Q: Please give a message to your fans.
A: Last time I didn't manage to show my skills to anyone, but I have trained hard and will definitely do so this time.


Seichi Ikemoto

Q: How is your condition right now?
A: I am cutting weight, and haven't really suffered at all. I am in good condition and expect to make weight easily

Q: How much more weight do you need to cut?
A: 3kg

Q: How do you feel debuting in K-1 this time?
A: Well, it is the same as with DREAM. I am looking forward to the challenge, and looking forward to my fight!

Q: Will you use your own techniques like the "double punch" this time too?
A: Yes, but not only my "double punch". There is the "iron hammer", and others which I plan to use in the bout. Even the "white cat" is legal under K-1 rules.

Q: What do you think about Yuya Yamamoto, your opponent?
A: He is an aggressive fighter with a strong heart. He is a great fighter I think. I feel I am also aggressive and have a strong heart, so I believe our fight will be exciting.

Q: How do you want the fight to go?
A: Well, K-1 equals knockouts I think. I have to put on an exciting bout, as I expect many people will look at this as a K-1 vs. MMA fight.

Q: When did you start thinking about entering K-1?
A: When I fought against Marius I trained mainly only stand up. At that time Tanikawa noticed my skills mentioned my name as a possibility in K-1, and I felt it might finally be my time.

Q: Would you like to enter the Japan tournament next year?
A: Well, firstly I need to start by having a good fight in 2 days. Once that is over I expect there will be more offers on the table, and I would like to follow them where they lead.

Q: Could you please send a message to your fans?
A: I will do my best tomorrow, so please give me your support.





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