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K-1 Hawaii PBP

(This is my first play-by-play written for fightforum.com from 1am to 4am so please forgive any mistakes, the generic parts at times (and my biased views on Bonjasky/Feitosa). I plan to improve in the future and any/all feedback is greatly appreciated!!



K-1 WGP Hawaii live results


Well, live as of Patrick Barry/Gary Goodridge.. jumped on a little late.


RD1 2:45 after several nice kicks Barry gets a short knockdown of Gary, but judged as a slip.. 2:22 after taking several hard hooks, down is declared and Gary is given a standing 8. Barry rushes after this landing hook after hook with shin kicks to the thighs thrown in for good measure. Ref calls a Timeout around 2 min and stops the fight due to what appears to be a massive cut over Gary's right eye. Could just be the quality of the video and may have just been stopped due to the damage Gary was taking unchecked. On second view in the replay, a high kick by Barry lands a knee directly on Gary's nose and orbital area.. angles were still not good enough to know completely and I have had 3 too many beers to be able to translate the Japanese fast enough.

Next fight coming up:

Alexandr Pitchkounov v Tatsufumi Tomihira

still intros.. they mention Tomihira having trained with Fujimoto, who will be fighting Badr Hari later tonight for the K-1 HW Title (K-1 this year created individual titles to go along with the Grand Prix titles).

Buffer totally manages to say Alexandr Pitchkounov as if it were as simple as saying "Steve Jones", but he says that it is 2006. Now I know how to say Alexandr's last name. I will refer to him as Alexandr still because I cannot type Pitchkounov very fast.

14-14 overall record for Tomihara. Was not very familair with him at all until tonight. Alexandr is 4-0-1 hopeful that he does well tonight.

Alexaandr lands a few low kicks while Tomihara attempts a few push kicks, a jab, and so far is managed to check Alexandrs kicks but nothing much else. Little action up until 1:44 mark where Alexandr lands several short jabs, working into the clinch with Tomihara. After the break Tomihara keeps pressing Alexandr back with jabs.. however Tomihara managed to work himself into the corner and takes a few blows but is managed to cover up fairly well. Tanaka-san just said 'Soo desu nee' for the 19th time during this fight..heh
0:36 seconds of RD1 Alexandr uses the ring control to his advantage and knocks Tomihara down with a knee from the clench and several hooks, but Tomihara answers the standing 8. After the standup, short low blow timeout and then bell.

Alexandr attempts a spinning cresent kick, and works into a clinch that is broken up fairly quickly. Continues pushing Tomihara towards a corner landing more hooks, eventually landing back into Tomiharas clench. After the break.. you guessed it, more of the same, 2 head 1 body hook 2 head 1 body.. clinch/break. 1:39 of round 2.. Tomihara is doing little but covering up and throwing the occasional knee to the body. Gets in the clinch and pushes Alexanr into the corner before the ref breaks it up. Oddly, since Alexandr did nothing to escape the clinch either, he is apperantly given a warning. Tomihara is showing little desire to be in the ring whatsoever. Alexandr seems content to land a few blows and dance around during the waning seconds of round 2, having landed many scoring combos already. My guess is he will conserve energy in round 3 so he can have some gas in the tank for the rest of the tourny.

hook hook knee clinch. After the break Tomihara attemps some sort of backfist and falls on his ass. The ref calls it a slip. Back to the clinch and on the break this time Tomihara falls down again after taking a few blows pre-clinch.. the ref calls a down to check on the welfare of Tomihara.. Tomihara answers the count and lands a nice axe kick on Alexandr but quickly falls back into the corner and the speedy hooks of the russian Pitchkouv. Alexandr lands 3 or 4 quick jabs after another bevy of hooks, knocking Tomihara down.. the ref does not even attempt to give Tomihara a standing 8, stopping the fight for his own safety.

Coming up:
Junichi Sawayashiki v Randy Kim (superfight 1)


(Went to Kakutougi during the fighter intros to get the results for the fights before I hopped on..
Mo wins by R1 KO
Takumi wins by R1 KO
Graham wins by UD)

Sawayashiki was the man who shocked the world, before Serra, before Gonzaga.. a relative unknown KTFOing Jerome LeBanner (who dosent have the best chin in the world) taking on Randy Kim, a rookie to K-1 with an 0-1 record. Anyhow, fight begins. lots of quick footwork and dancing by both men, Sawayashiki lands one low kick.. the announcers are praising Sawayashiki and reflecting to when he shocked them all earlier this year at Yokohama arena.. in other words, the current fight is still a danceoff with nothing better to talk about. 2 or 3 strikes landed by each fighter, with Kim landing a push that knocked Sawayashiki down, but was ruled a slip. The croud starts booing. Round over with nothing at all to really mention aside from the one high kick by Sawayashiki and the one push by Kim.

The round starts with a few small scuffles but nothing very interesting.. Kim throws a leg kick, drops his hands on the way down, and Sawayashiki checks him with a nice hook. Kim has a bad habit of dropping his hands which Sawayashiki is looking to exploit.. both men take an equal amount of blows in the first real confrontation of the entire fight. I spoke too soon.. Kim is back to standing flat on his feet and shuffling like a robot by the 1 minute mark. I don't know if I can take another round of this Korean Tim Sylvia. The crowd starts to boo again.. Kim drops his hands and Sawayashiki lands 4 or 5 hooks.. ref breaks.. Kim comes out with his hands still down and Sawayashiki lands a high kick and a good 8 or 9 hooks RIGHT on the button of Kim. Kim does not answer the 8 count and Sawayashiki has won the first Superfight of the evening in impressive form with a flurry of punches.


Interesting.. FujiTV is presenting tonight's K-1. Wonder if TBS no longer presents?

Coming up:

Jan Nortje vs Mighty Mo (Semifinal 1)

Looks to be a total slugfest

Heh, Bruce Buffer just called it the K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 again.

Mighty Mo gets a HUGE reception from the crowd. Mo lands a hard low kick, rushing in towards Nortje, taking a few blows on the way while leaving nothing in return. Mo lands a few more low kicks. The crowd is chanting Mighty Mo.. not a quiet one in the arena. 1:40 Jan Nortje starts wobbling as if his legs are already feeling the damage from Mo's lowkicks and Mo takes advantage and lands quite a few blows before Nortje is able to recover.. right as Nortje thinks he has recovered, Mo lands a superman punch in conjunction with a sweep kick to the knee (hard to explain) and gets a down on Nortje.. Nortje answers the call but is obviousl already damaged, gassing, and holding his hands at his waist more times than not. Round ends with a questionably late knee by Nortje.

2:35 Nortje lands a blow on Mo, Mo seemed jolted but quickly recovers. Nortje is using his reach to his advantage and taking jab after jab attempt at Mo any time Mo attempts to advance. Mo goes back to the leg kicks and opens up Nortjes defenses, knocking Nortje out cold with a right hook at around the 1 minute mark, give or take. Mo, barring injuries, moves on to the K-1 Hawaii Grand Prix finals. Nortje is still on the ground as Mo exits.. the knockout was so fast and sudden it looked just like Mighty Mo vs Hong-Man Choi from earlier this year. Mo has been very impressive this year.

Coming up: Patrick Barry vs Alexandr Pitchkounov (Semifinal 2)

(Freakin Buffer calls it FieldS K-1 WGP 2006 again. Don't you think he would have figured out that its 2007 by now?)

Still in the feeling out process to quote Mauro Renallo as of 1:40 remaining. I need coffee, a very dull first round.. someone dressed up as either Barry or Alexandr, but its really Randy Kim methinks. They are quite enjoying the feeling out process. Barry lands a low kick and attempts to land more strikes but he is much shorter than Alexandr.. Alexandr lands a knee to Barry. We see a 10 second shot of Ernesto Hoost rather than the last 10 seconds of this actual round 1.
10-9 Alexandr simply due to landing more strikes.

Round two.. sleep! Oh oh wait, I am doing a job still. Alexandr lands low leg kicks while Barry sneaks in and lands some body blows. Alexandr uses a push kick to attempt to work Barry into the corner but Barry retaliates with a shin kick to the head that although misses its mark gives Alexandr time to wind up, knocking down Barry at 1:30 with a beautiful Brazillian kick. Barry answers the call b ut perhaps he should have let the answering machine get it as he is being peppered more than a steak with heel kicks and jabs. Still standing and seeminly recovered at the 40 sec mark. In the last 15 seconds Alexandr knees Barry at least 4 times. Barry is not showing much damage physically.
Round 2 was definatally all Alexandr, 10-8, if not 10-7. Total domination.

Barry comes in with more attempted strikes but Alexandr's height and reach advantage are proving to be too much (Pitchkounov is around 6"3 while Barry is around 5"9). Alexandr lands a spinning backkick which you rarely see. 1:30 mark and Barry has landed a few more blows this round than the prior rounds but he is still being outclassed by the tall man from Russia.

Alexandr Pitchkouno wins via UD. While Barry is leaving the arena Ray Sefo comes up and says a few things to him, gives him a hug, and exits.

Intermission is now on.

The finals for tonights tournament will be Mighty Mo vs Alexandr Pitchkounov. Still remaining are tonights superfights between Glaube Feitosa and Remy Bonjasky, Mike Malone vs Hong-Man Choi as well as the aformentioned K-1 Heavyweight title match between Yusuke Fujimoto and Badr Hari.

K-1 Bible Best Bout Series 1996 is being advertised.. looks AWESOME.. 5/20 18:30 starttime. Now Japanese rap is on.. Rhymster King of Stage 5-12.. I know you guys cant wait to see it. Ah, Tokyo Yakult Swallows promo is on.. followed by girls dancing and men in rat suits and drag queen teaching dance on a show called Silly Go Lucky.. comparing it to Gaki no Tsukai, which it will never be. 3rd obligitory anime ad just went off.

(why am I typing up the ads?? Because I am already pretty tired and needing to stay awake to see the rest of the fights)

Fuji's ads are over and the supercute eyecandy is back.. when I get a better copy of this if I manage to, im so gonna figure out her name. She likes Mighty Mo but thinks Alexandr will win.. as for Hong-Man Choi and the views on Hari-Fujimoto.. she just bent down and I got distracted from what she was saying.

Anyhow, intermission is over with but I have been watching dead air of the ring and people coming in for 5 minutes now.. I coulda been checkin out miss bluedress some more.. lmao

Coming up: Hong-Man Choi vs Mike Malone

Mike Malone gets a nice reception; being Hawaii's own. Hong-Man Choi makes his way to the ring and I cant wait for this one.. Malone is a perfect 12-0 and has something to prove.. and last time we saw Choi in K-1 we were shocked to see Mighty Mo delver the huge KO.. oh Freakin Buffer yet again thinks it is 2006. Someone send this man a cheap calender.

Choi throws a few kicks while Malone dancers around well out of range.. Malone is moving faster than Choi can react whilst skirting around the Korean giant, perhaps trying to tire the big man out or find a weakness to exploit.. Malone gets caught with a few big blows but circles right out of Choi's range after a few kicks. Malone pulls a Genki Sudo and starts to run circles around Choi. Choi was not pleased and landed a downward superman punch on Malone at the 55second mark. Malone recovers but is caught again at the 34 second mark from a flying knee.

Malone is being stalked this round, circling to avoid being caught in a corner but offering little else. Malone turns his back to Choi and goes into a flying sidekick landing a blow on Choi. Around 2:10ish Choi knocks Malone down again (missed the strike, was too busy typing this) but Malone recovered. Malone is now running away looking for an opening but the second he turns his back to Choi he is struck with a brutal hook, TKO coming at 1:08 remaining in round two.

Coming up: Remy Bonjasky vs Glaube Feitosa

(Its almost like nobody wants to tell Buffer that its 2007 because its just so funny to hear him call it 2006 time and time again.)

Touch up and we are ready to go.. Feitosa and Bonjasky begin with a flurry of leg kicks leg checks and jabs, with Feitosa controlling the tempo of the fight for the first minute or so of round one. Remy is in a defensive stance waiting to find an opening on Feitosa.. guarding and landing kicks to the legs/torso from time to time. Feitosa lands a beautiful axe kick on Bonjasky but little if any damage was done.. Bonjasky is keeping his gloves over his face to the point where Feitosa could easily exploit the wide open ribs. Several push kicks by Feitosa and two or three blocked hooks by Bonjasky and we reach the end of round 1
I score this round 10-9 Feitosa

Bonjasky was cringing during the break between rounds.

More of the same, with Feitosa continuing to push the action.. could Bonjasky be playing rope-a-dope? Bonjasky lands a leg kick and jab to Feitosa, but with little under 1 minute left in this second round it is obvious that Feitosa has the momentum rolling still and has landed a good deal more blows than Bonjasky has. Bonjasky is doing absolutely nothing, his heart is not in it tonight at all. Aside from a shin to the body left hook to the head combo nothing much has damaged Feitosa.. Bonjasky throws a flying knee but it connects after the bell, and Feitosa had it blocked anyhow.
rd2 - 10-8 Feitosa

Bonjasky comes in throwing punches and kicks 100 miles an hour with Feitosa in the defensive, returning leg checks when able. Bonjasky has worked Feitosa into the corner and has landed a flying knee and several nice kicks but Feitosa recoveres and pushes the pace and almost manages to get Bonjasky in the opposite corner of the ring. Feitosa is starting to get a little tired. Spinning back kick to Bonjasaky, countered by the flying gentleman with a trademark knee. Under 1 minute remains and Feitosa is weathering the storm of Bonjasky this round. In the last 10 seconds Bonjasky lands 3 high kicks 2 straights and around 3 hooks, winning this round 10-9 on my cards. Unless extra rounds are declared I see this fight going to Feitosa via split decision.

Judges declare 30-29 30-29 and one 29-29 draw, making the winner Remy Bonjasky, which was a total shocker to me. I was almost 100% guarenteeing this fight would see a RD4 at least. Was one of the most exciting fights of the evening, very technical.

Coming up: Badr Hari vs Yusuke Fujimoto for the <100kg title.

(all of the pre-title match formalities and anthems are being played currently, now Tanigawa-san is certifying the title and having passed pre-fight exams and the title match being officially sanctioned this day etc etc.. lots of formalities in Japanese run combat sport.)

PRAISE JESUS Buffer just stated that this is the First ever <100kg title bout, taking place at FieldS K-1 WGP 2007.. took him long enough to fix his mistake lmao

Hari almost lands a kick that would make CroCop jelous. Fujimoto slips but it is ruled as a down. Hari is being worked into the corner but throws an absoultely brutal shin kick to Fujimotos skull at 1 minute into the very first round, knocking Fujimoto out cold and becoming the first K-1 Heavyweight title holder. Fujimoto comes to and is doing fine. This is one clip I am going to find for you guys on Youtube in the coming days.. it was every bit as brutal of a KO as Gonzaga/Crocop and Salmon/Evans.

Not only does Hari get the belt, the title, and the glory.. he got the coolest trophy I have ever seen.


Coming up: Tournament Final: Mighty Mo vs Alexandr Pitchkounov.

2:30 to go in round 1 Mighty Mo lands several body hooks, stepping back to get a breather, which gives Alexandr the chance to land a head kick and knock Mighty Mo down like a sack of bricks. Mo recovers but is still very shellshocked and has a cut on the back of his head from the aformentioned kick. Ref calls a time out. Fight is allowed to continue. Mo returns the favor and punishes Alexandr during the last 30 seconds, knocking him down. The round ends on mutual late hits.

Alexandr pushes Mo into the corner at the very start of this round and almost gets a down but Mo is able to recover. Alexandr gets warned by the ref for throwing elbows. I am quite tired around now and realize that the biggest fight of the night in a way has the most bland commentary and I apologize. Mo is gassing pretty bad at the 1:20 remaining mark and making the mistake of throwing a low kick and then rushing in chin down with hands at his side. Crowd starts chanting Mighty Mo. Mo counters a high kick with a nice cross jab but its not enough to win this round which has been dominated by Alexandr.

Mo lands a BRUTAL low kick 10 seconds into the final round right on the knee of Alexandr. Alexandr recovers from the down only to stand up and not be able to escape the lighting fast hands of Mighty Mo. Repeat twice. Mighty Mo wins via TKO in a dominating fashion, throwing strikes faster than Chuck Liddell in this third and final round. Mighty Mo Silga is your 2007 K-1 World Grand Prix in Hawaii champion, having defeated 3 men in one night. A true champion who has had a stellar year thusfar and has guarenteed himself a seat to the K-1 Finals in the Osaka Dome later this year.

and with that, this concludes my broadcast day... its 4am and I am pretty damn tired. Hope my commentary and pbp was decent



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Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-02 at: 07:34
Great article T Ray. The aricles written by fans are always the best.

One suggestion for improvement, use the preformatted head lines in the editor to more clearly define for example when the description of a new fight starts.

In the editor, put the marker in the line you want to make a headline. Click in the drop-down menu with the name Format and choose heading 2.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2007-05-02 at: 05:08
Awsome T Ray. Felt like I was sitting right next to you drinking 3 too many beers and wathing the whole event, lol =) Really well written article with lots of humour, would be really glad to read more of these from you in the future. But I still think Bonjasky won ;)
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