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K-1 Finals Competition - PART 2 (MAX)

Are you ready for Part 2 of the FansOfK-1 Finals Competition???

OK, in this part of our competition we have to choose the Semifinalists, Finalists and Champion of the Final 8 tournament of K-1 MAX, which is set on November 8.

In Part 3 we will do the same for the WGP Final 8.

First, let's set the rules:

  • Only members can play, and only once
  • By picking the right semifinalist, you win 5 points (for each fighter)
  • By picking the right finalist, you win 10 points (for each fighter)
  • By picking the right champion, you win 25 points
  • Once you posted your prediction, you cannot change anymore!! So: think well!
  • All predictions must be made in this article, before November 8, 2010
  • In case of doubt, I will decide :)

You can win 4 x 5 points, plus 2 x 10 points, plus 25 points ... a total of 65 points.

So you have to give 4 names (semifinalists), then 2 names (finalists) and 1 name (Champion).


If you think there will be a reserve fighter in the semifinal or final, you can take a risk and gamble that he will step in. If there are changes in the fight card because of injuries or withdrawals, we will not make another competition.


K-1 MAX Final 8 quarterfinal matches:

            Mike Zambidis vs. Yuichiro Nagashima
            Albert Kraus vs. Giorgio Petrosyan

            Gago Drago vs. Mohamed Khamal
            Michal Glogowski vs. Yoshihiro Sato




The reserve-fight is Hinata vs. André ‘Dida' Andrade


Of course all participants that played in Part 1, take their points to the next level. Let's see if 2wayfreak can keep up the good work ...

The article of Part 1 is here: http://www.fansofk1.com/article?aID=3457&Category=4

And the article of the score and ranking after Part 1 is here: http://www.fansofk1.com/article?aID=3495&Category=4


After the tournament of K-1 MAX Final 8, we will see who has the most points and I will make another ranking.

Later on in November we will do Part 3 of our competition, about the Final 8 tournament of the K-1 WGP, which will take place in December.


Good Luck to all!!




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Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-01 at: 01:52
Ah yes...

Zambidis...Petrosyan...Khamal....Sa to



These are my picks......I think Petro will win but I need to pick an upset for the amazing comeback
oneloveSVK (55 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-01 at: 05:04
zambidis, petrosyan, drago, sato
petrosyan, sato
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-01 at: 08:32
Zambidis, Petrosyan,Glogowski,Drago
P etrosyan
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-01 at: 09:41
My guess;
- Zambidis, Petrosyan, Khamal, Sato
- Petrosyan, Sato
- Petrosyan

Not for the competition, I just like to guess; Hinata wins the reserve fight.
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 02:21
Zambidis - Jenotsu = Zambidis
Petrosyan - Kraus = Petrosyan
Drago - Khamal = Hard to say ,but I will chose Khamal
Sato - Głogowski = Sato
Zambidis - Petrosyan = Petrosyan
Khamal - Sato = Sato
Petrosyan - Sato = Petrosyan Champion
samout (261 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 03:13
zambidis petrosyane khamal sato
petrosyane sato
sato the new champ
i dont want to post the same thing like the other lol
hicham (176 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 03:47
zambidis petrosya khamal glogowski

khamal petrosyan

khamal new king
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 05:31
@samout Was thinking about Sato, but still Petrosyan amaze me ;-).
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 07:42
I will give it a try as well:

Nagashima - Petrosyan - Khamal - Sato
Petrosyan - Sato
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 09:31
well, my choice would be
Nagashima, Petrosyan, Khamal, Sato
then would be Petrosyan-Sato,then Petrosyan, for the reserve fight would be Hinata
(257 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 09:38
Let us see if the rookie can keep up in Rd 2 :P

Mike Zambidis vs. Yuichiro Nagashima- Jienotsu by Dec 3-0

Albert Kraus vs. Giorgio Petrosyan- Petrosyan by Dec 2-1 Ext Rd

Gago Drago vs. Mohamed Khamal- Drago by Dec 3-0

Michal Glogowski vs. Yoshihiro Sato- Sato by KO 3R


Nagashima vs Petrosyan- Petrosyan by 3R KO

Drago versus Sato- Sato by KO 2R


Petrosyan vs Sato- Petrosyan by 2R KO

Reserve: Hinata vs Dida: Dida by 2R KO
2wayfreak (121 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 10:10
Zambidis, Petrosyan, Drago, Sato

Perosyan, Sato

samout (261 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 10:50
@hera you know i think this is i big chance for sato without buakaw and souwer its i big oprtinity for him the only strong oponent is petro
jdl (220 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-02 at: 11:18
Zambidis, Petrosyan, Drago, Sato

Petrosyan, Sato


The only hard fight to pick for me was Drago-Sato

Rodrigo Mello (53 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-03 at: 03:14
Mike Zambidis
Giorgio Petrosyan
Gago Drago
Yoshihiro Sato

Giorgio Petrosyan
Yoshihiro Sato

Giorgio Petrosyan

burim (401 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-03 at: 09:04
Zambidis, Petrosyan. Khamal, Sato

Petrosyan, Khamal

Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-05 at: 10:37
Waaaah what a tough one to call! I mean the right bracket, since I have no real doubt Petrosyan will be in the Finals. Especially with Khamal beating Kyshenko he may be a force to be reckoned with...hmm..but still:

Zambidis - Petrosyan - Khamal - Sato

Petrosyan - Sato

stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-05 at: 03:26
Nagashima, Petrosyan, Drago, Sato
Petrosyan, Sato
davcol (311 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-06 at: 09:35
nagashima, petrosyan, drago, sato, petrosyan, drago, petrosyan
sam (167 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-06 at: 10:25
(257 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-08 at: 02:18
Sweet! I did all right, except for goofing up the Zambidis/Jienotsu fight.
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