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Improving K-1/Standup Fighting

Hey its just my opinion but here are my thoughs.

There need to be a common direction for all those involved in the sport. Right now there are a number of promoters who seem to be fighting for a piece of a shrinking pie. Getting these guys on the same page is critical for kickboxing to get it's feet back on solid ground. Since the early 80s when the PKA and the WKA were the big dogs promoters began to only look out for themselves. It was common for each organisation to have its world champion but they rarely fought each other. Part of this was due to the different rules but it was mainly because of the risk in one champion losing to another. After this rift many other groups appeared, such as WAKO, ISKA, FFKA etc. These guys continued down the same road. Had these promoters worked together kickboxing would not struggling as it is now.

The common goals need to be:

1: Try to find unified rules. The average fan can not grasp the difference between, K-1 rules, Full MT rules, Shooto rules etc. Get together and come up with a set of rules that the larger promoters can all agree on. You could still promote fights with other rules but large events need to use the unified rules. This is how the UFC became a regulated sport by adapting it's rules to reach a larger audience.

2: Run regularly scheduled events. Even the fanatic kickboxing fans globally are frustrated with the lack of events. Having larger events on say a 6 week basis would allow fans to become conditioned to expect an event. This allows the fights to prepare because they would understand that they had a greater chance of receiving paycheques on a semi regular basis. It would make arranging for worldwide televised a much easier sell. If a broadcaster realises that they can achieve decent ratings convincing them to pruchase the product is easier. Once television broadcasting is sold it will be possible to get sponsors to get on board. Thus adding more money to every pocket.

3: Kickboxing is global. Promote the product as such. There are quality fighters from all across the planet. Use this to advantage by running a tournament that eventually ends in a real world champion. Begin with continental elimination tournaments and ending with the finals broadcast on ppv. FEG continually chooses to push it's Japanese product to the detriment a global product. The marketing of the new product has to expand to a world push. The internet and media expansion has caused a worldwide marketing campaign to be simple.

4: Promote your athletes. Yes athletes come and go but you need stars to market your product. When you have athletes as talented as kick boxers they need to be promoted. K-1 does a decent job with it's promotional videos but they are regularly available in only one language. Editing in language changes is a simple process.

5: Train quality judges. Enough said. There are far too many poor judges decisions that have ruined events. Fighters risk physical damage by fighting only to be screwed by untrained judges. Perhaps adding two more judges who view the fight live on video, when possible, may help with this process.

6: Weight divisions. Add more categories. Perhaps, under 135, 136-155, 156-175, 176-195, 196-225, over 225.


Just the beginning ....


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torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-06 at: 08:33
I wrote a page long response that got chewed by this site...I feel like breaking a comp....Grrrrrrr.Great article nevertheless......
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-06 at: 10:14
I wrote mine on ms word then pasted it...got tired of the same thing happening
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-07 at: 07:46
great ideas and a great article, thank you for sharing with us Mongoose. The language was always a weak point of the Japanese , it s already better this year that they have videos and give chance for more people to watch more promotion stuff. There have been so many tournaments a couple of years ago, and i hope, when they are back in form then they can revive this again. Thanks to some fighters, more and more are getting interested in fighting sports so this, they could and should use.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-07 at: 11:59
Very good article. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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