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2010 Final 16-are we happy?

Well I for one am!After "dry" year and much anticipation, with question marks on every FEG card, final 16 delivered big time.

Every year I have the same dilemma.Do I like final 16, or final 8 more? First involves more fighters, and second more fights , but  somehow I cannot decide.I like them both and no sport event will get me so excited like the final 8 championship fight.K1 has that magic aura that no other fight sport has, like a storyline of a video game "Street Fighter", fighters of different styles from all around the world (Texeira=Blanka he, he), to determine who is the best.Something epic is always in the air, and of course fights are something that other organizations could only wish for.Sa everything said and done, I will give my humble recap of WGP final 16, happy as a hedgehog who found a brand new brush.


Dzevad Poturak-Chalid Arrab

This was good and even matchup.Poturak is always a solid performer and in this case he had a height and weight advantage, and Arrab was a little rusty from being idle too long.Die Faust, however lived up to his name, coming out very aggressively, but against Poturak that proved fruitless.Combination of two before mentioned factors caused him to drop out, and Poturak deservedly took a win.Good fight nevertheless.

Takumi Sato-Sergei Kharitonov

I am not sure what is Golden Glory trying to prove putting Kharitonov in K1.Maybe he wants to prove something to Alistair Overeem?His results are exactly what someone would expect when you put a solid MMA fighter in K1 ring.He can demolish mediocre performer like Sato, but any top level K1 fighter will destroy him.As for Sato , his presence in final 16 is easy to explain, but hard to justify.

Ray Sefo-Tyrone Spong

Thing that fascinates me most about Ray Sefo is his transformation from the flashy, ripped young Sefo, who used a lot of beautiful kicks in his fights, to todays chubby slugger Sefo who relies  almost solely on his fists, to get the job done.Either way, he is always dangerous, if less attractive to watch.Spong on the other hand, was always very talented and technical, beautiful fighter to watch,I cannot say if he has improved or not, but his desire for victory is obvious, and that is what brought him a win this time.I just hope that he will not draw some of that bad luck that follows Hoost students.Great fight nevertheless.

Kyotaro-Jerome Le Banner

Some things are impossible to comprehend until you try them in person.How the hell you cannot knock Kyotaro out?His guard is very poor, he keeps his hands low, and his chin is always up, just inviting you to deliver a crushing highkick.It is not that he did not have opponents capable of doing it. Mo, Karaev, Saki, Manhoef, Aerts, all of them tried, and only Karaev snatched a victory.No one was even close K.O.-ing him.Le Banner should think about that before leaving the ring in that manner.He is not a opponent you should disrespect.Fight was good and even if Japanese are partial to their fighter, extra round was justified, and Le Banner shouldnt do what he did.He is placing unnecessary spots on his career, and on the whole WGP.

Peter Aerts-Ewerton Texeira

First of all, respect to Ewerton for improving his fighting skills!He gave Aerts run for the money, showed improved kicks, aggressiveness and the desire to win.No one will call him boring after this fight, and he has definitely got the future in K1.Aerts did the necessary to win, although he was not convincing as before, in some moments you could see the creativity and technique that made him mr. K1.Competitive and entertaining fight all the way.

Daniel Ghita-Eroll Zimmerman

Zimmerman is slowly taking the role which Keith Jardine had in the UFC. Unorthodox fighting, talented comedian.Not a way to go when fighting Ghita, and when he realized that it was already too late.Ghita is fighter capable of giving everyone a hard time.He is big, strong, with a solid stamina, and very technical. To beat him you need all things listed, only on a higher level.Sheer aggressiveness is not going to do the trick, and that is what Zimmy learned the hard way.My favorite fight of this years final 16, and great display of sportsmanship by Ghita.

Ben Edwards-Alistair Overeem

Ben, my friend that is not the way to beat Overeem. I dont know what is though, but standing in front and swinging like a caveman, is not a good gameplan for any serious fighter.Huge heart yes, but just like Poturak, you will get hit badly in the end.Maybe running around Kyotaro-style until he gets tired?Speaking of tired, Overeem throwed a total of 15 punches, including three that caused knockdowns. At one moment he grabbed him, with intention of bringing up deadly knee, but he remembered the new rule and let go on time.Well, the new rule prolonged fight for another thirty seconds or so, and maybe saved Ben some serious conncusion. And he didnt even broke a sweat.I am afraid that he will be unstoppable this year.

Semmy Schilt-Hesdy Gerges

As I said before , Aerts showed the way to beat Schilt, but people still want to be resourceful and industrious and find their own way.Knock yourselves out...Literally...Hesdy already fought him on short notice and displayed huge heart, and good chin.He doesnt need  such display again.He did improved though , in both his stamina and physique, but his gameplan was a disaster. He just stood there and let Semmy do his thing.As always. Sammy does just the necessary amount, in order to win. I have a feeling that if Gerges somehow scored a knockdown , Semmy would promptly return the favor.Back to the drawing board for Gerges, but he has become a true contender.

Mighty Mo-Raul Catinas

Breathing heavily, and puffing like a walrus, Mighty Mo rolled himself to another WGP spot.Mixture of inexperience and underestimation on the part of young Catinas brought him there.Funny thing is seeing him utilize knees and kicks.I think Mo is definitely not a tournament material, but he can always be a tough one match opponent (if he doesnt get hit in the groin).I am sure Catinas has a great future, and this  was experience that will be useful for him.

Gokhan Saki-Freddy Kemayo

Gokhan Saki injury-free and well trained simply outclassed Fredy Kemayo in every aspect of the game.He seems on the roll like when he captured Hawaiian GP.All rounder with the good defense , offense, movement and technique.Devastating lowkicks and good everything else makes Saki most complete fighter in this years WGP.I look forwrad to see him deploy one of his imaginative combos.Kemayo remains a solid fighter, but final 16 looks like his ultimate reach,

Once again we all got what we long for all year despite everything.This was a great WGP, and it will lead to a great final 8.We can only hope for a more tournaments during the year (at least four) and our favorite fight sport will be back on the top.



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samout (261 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-04 at: 10:06
the must exiting fighter for me is saki what i speed and combination .ovreem too he look very complet ; in generale i think its i good final 16 for not like last but is good
jdl (220 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-04 at: 10:32
Very good write-up.
Like you, I also enjoyed this years Final 16. For an event that is lacking in star power (no Hari, Bonjasky, Karaev) and consisting of some replacement fighters, it delivered some very exciting fights and memorable moments (like Ghitas KO, and Overeems 3 KDs)
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 12:32
What a great article. I like reading your work, and on most points I agree with you.

I am happy too, with this Final 16. I didnt miss any fighter, because there were 16 good fighters there.
And looking forward to the Final 8 tournament!!
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 03:04
This was a fun event.

But if you love standup and only get one or two major events a year you will probably enjoy it.

Loved the max event but missed seeing Buakaw, Souwer and Masato.
It is correct that JLB put a black mark on the event but hey there were some great fights.

All in all some great fights good event. Oh yeah, the bbq steaks were great and way too much beer and whiskey were had by all. Rob, your mug is in the freezer.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 04:49
great writing as always Torazulu, and yes was a great event with many highlights I cant wait for the rest to come :)
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 05:04
Yes, we are happy ;)
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 09:11
Nice article man. Ive enjoyed reading it. Final 16 was a great event. Im really happy how it turned out in the end. I didnt miss anybody. Good fights are allways better than good names
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 01:59
It is true it is the fights not the names that determine if an event is good or not.

szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 03:55
Of course it s like this. But how it is, that it s first of all the names which bring the biggest audience ... i dont think it s nice, and i m so glad many get the chance this year to make the name for themselves..
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 05:57
@Samout do you really know Chahid? Btw did i hear it well, that when he had a quick interview with the Moroccan tv crew, on the Badr clip, he spoke Berber and not the Moroccan Arabic? How great it must be to know some fighters :) the closest I got to it, is when I was corresponding with Brice Guidon, who is really a nice relaxed guy.
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-06 at: 08:38
Thank you my friends for the great comments, and I like all of you to contribute, as times permits you wit your own articles to keep this little community of ours great! I know you can (especially after reading that MMA fan recap of the Final 16). I am waiting for the next UFC to return the favor....
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-07 at: 07:51
thank to you Torazulu, i think we all love to read your articles and i m so glad we keep this site and great community alive. I think , if we survived this year, then we can survive anything LOL. it s been a catastrophic year in fighting sports, and only now there s more to talk about.
By the way, another great contributor of ours Alex, i cant wait to read also more articles of yours, such as from Mongoose and from just all of you :)

However, I shared it all what i thought of these Finals, so i couldnt be able to write down anything new now on it. But i cant wait for November, which is just around the corner. on Max Finals, then coming the Big WGP finals, then the closing It s Showtime event in Athens and much more.. so there will be much stuff to write about these last months of the year, for which i m very happy about.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-10 at: 01:05
Thnx for your awesome contribution Torazulu! We need more exclusives like this :D
And in answer to your question: yes I`m happy ;-)
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