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Jerome Le Banner Walks Out; Was He Justified?

is an interesting article on a topic we are discussing ever since it happens, so maybe this gives a little plus to it. I hope you enjoy reading it. taken from headkicklegend.


JLB and Kyotaro exchange blows before JLB walks off. via k-1.co.jp


JLB and Kyotaro exchange blows before JLB walks off. via k-1.co.jp

One of the biggest stories on Saturday's K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 was heavyweight mainstayJerome Le Bannerwalking out of his fight against Kyotaro (Keijiro Maeda) when the judges rendered the bout a draw (one judge did score the fight for Le Banner, the other two called it a draw). Le Banner and his corner, in disgust stormed out of the ringside area, with Le Banner tossing his hands up and Kyotaro climbing the ropes and shouting for JLB to make his return to the ring.

Overheard by those at ringside was his corner exclaiming that they were "sick of this sh*t." Others saw Le Banner backstage being attended to by doctors, claiming his nose was badly broken and needed immediate attention. Michael Schiavello and Mike Kogan were in shock, with Schiavello proclaiming Le Banner's behavior unprofessional and Kogan having the sound of disgust in his voice. This is the K-1 World Grand Prix.

Before the fight, people were asking me who I thought would win the fight. Le Banner, if he showed up, could beat Kyotaro and by all means should beat Kyotaro, but Jerome Le Banner has not taken his K-1 career all that seriously in the past few years. Last year he showed up a day before the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals and was simply winging shots at Semmy Schilt, taking a knee twice upon being struck and storming out of the ring. It was clear that JLB was not prepared, nor did he really care all that much about finally claiming a World Grand Prix title for himself.

A part of me wonders if amongst the fighters some of the PR disasters FEG has seen this year has helped tarnish the image of the K-1 World Grand Prix. Badr Hari couldn't bother getting himself into shape for this year's Grand Prix, Bonjasky erred on the side of caution and withdrew, Andrei Arlovski pulled out due to a minor injury a week before the event. On the MAX side, Buakaw Por. Pramuk looks to be done with the company altogether, and Andy Souwer opted to fight for Shoot Boxing as opposed to participate in the K-1 World MAX Grand Prix.

The question I pose in regards to Le Banner walking out is; do you think it is justified for him to walk out of a fight that he was winning because he felt the judges were pulling a fast one on him? K-1 has a rich history of poor decisions in favor of Japanese fighters, as well as rule changes to handicap foreign fighters. On top of that, K-1 judges, especially in Grand Prix settings, tend to lean towards a draw to bring the fight into extension rounds. On the K-1 side, for a close fight that is entertaining, giving the fans another round in hopes of a more decisive finish is understandable, but from a fighter's perspective, it has to be frustrating to be winning a fight but knowing that the judges will declare it a draw and call for more action.

On the K-1 site there is an interview up with Le Banner, who is as blunt as he can be.

Q: It was a close decision. Your thoughts about the fight?
A: I'm not happy. I don't feel happy at all.

Q: Your impression of Kyotaro.
A: I think he's a good fighter. He probably looked better to the judges. It wasn't a good day for Chakuriki.

Q: How did you feel as you left the ring?
A: Of course I felt the decision was unfair.



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mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-10-05 at: 10:43
I guess we can try to understand and explain.
Justify it is another step in contradiction with many principles, respect, sports behavior, consideration of his opponent and his judges, the team, his coach, the public ... etc.
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