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Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards highlights. He has got the punch, and I think he will do much better than Teixeira against Overeem.

I wanted to know about this guy, went browsing, and I came up with a decent quantity of material. This is my first so dont be too harsh on the quality. Made it with adobe premiere cs4. For best results, watch it fullscreen and watch it to the end.


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Polakian (252 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 01:31
hmm..what to say about him..has KO power 4 sure but not very technical at boxing, throws mostly hooks, doesent kick or knee, in his fight with Slowinski in the end of 2009 got taken out with low kicks in the 3rd round, didnt defend very many of them. Also he gassed a bit throwing wild haymakers. He is listed at 193 cm but I think he is a touch smaller then that. Against Overeem, and everybody obviouslly he has a punchers chance, but as the fight goes longer that diminishes. One thing that can take him farther is he has an excelent chin. This will be his first real big test on the big stage, as he has fought against mostly b-level fighters aside from Slowinski. Maybe he can be the Mark Hunt of 2010?

Btw nice video Mitko!
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 06:20
I really hope Arista will do the chicken dance. This kid has the heart to go toe-to-toe with him, might surprise him.
Simoyin (344 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 08:08
Thank you for the vid Mitko J.

I think the guy is scary tbh - put him up against fighters like Kemayo, Ghita etc. and he might even KO them in the first round and cause a stir. On the other hand i feel like i have to consider him a brawler, and as scary as they can be i think they only go that far in this competition (also depending on their luck and opportunity). Overeem who has a good denfense and ring awareness (albeit a questionable chin) should imo win over him comfortably if he fights like the professional fighter that he is. Will be an interesting fight though, if only because of that "paranoic feel of uncertainty" in the air.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 11:27
Man oke the guy goth sum heavy punches ..
to me he looks like a bar fighter a brawler who
likes to throw a lott of wild punches .not very technical
but i think that everybody can see that ..
But a Win against allistair ? No i don,t see that happening.
(of course he can suprise allistair if he is lucky or if he catches allistair of game
but no thats not gonna happen allistair is in his prime now ..
soto be honest i thing mr ben edward is gonna be one of them fighters who is gonna get ko,ed big time just like Kazuyuki Fujita just like texeira .
fighters like ben edwards are nice but Simply not good enuff for the real top athleets
i dont wanna compare him or compare fighters ..but look at it like this Kimbo Slice
is a hardcore fighter everybody thought he is gonna go wild on poeple in the ufc But what happend he lost a lott of fight and even got ko,ed a lott of times
so i geus You can be a tuff fighter .
but you goth tuff fighters and super athleets ..Look at it like that
i hope you guys geth my point
sam (167 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 01:30
IMO they don´t have to fight at all,the kid is gonna get terribly ko´d,ARISTA has defeated already big names in k-1,honestly iam not waiting for a surprise in this one(with all my respect).
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 02:45
I think we will all be surprised, if nothing else he will do better than Teixeira and Hari (at the Dynamite), and he will swing like there is no tomorrow. Other thing is that he doesnt curl up when attacked, but goes head-on and punches back. I predict a low kick KO in the second round, but Arista will be wobbled at least once for sure.
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 02:52
He s got terrible punch. But it s not enough for Overeem who has demolished all his opponents except Bonjasky and perhaps schilt. Edwards is a newcomer in Final 16 while Overeem faced all HW in MMA and K1 (or almost). Need to be realistic...
sam (167 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 04:29
@mehdiman Exactly we need to be realistic .a win by ko for ARISTA,nothing else can happen.
(29 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 06:09
great punching, accuracy, but his cardio, i have to wonder, and has he felt leg kicks like Alistair is about to administer to his thighs?
(29 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 06:10
@FightPhilosopher101 and yes i would think he would matchup well against almost all the k1 ranked fighters, albeit losses, but an exciting puncher nonetheless,
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 07:27
Listen up men, this guy isnt kidding, he has a heart as big as his punches, he is a tough kid, not the kind that grew up in the library and in the literary club after classes. You see the respect he shows against his opponents, not acting angry or like he hates the opponent, or like he despises them, or trying to be scary like that geek-went-bad with school-bully-fear complex hariman bada. Nooo. He IS the bully. But he shows respect - thats street smarts. He means business!!! Has nothing to lose. If Arista gets toe to toe with him he will get KOd badly. The only way for Overoid to win is to keep his distance and throw low kicks. But at one point he will have a taste,
he will do the chicken dance. He is the bull, but the one who gets bullied!
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 09:21
Hey man , watching your video I realized that I watched him LIVE demolish Dusko Basrak! And for some years I wonder wtf happened to that Aussie (I forgot his name).That was the WORST K.O. I saw live in my whole life.But honestly I dont think he can even survive Alistair for three rounds.I think him against say, Poturak would be a hell of a fight.Alistair is very cautious fighter (although he gives brutal K.O.s), and catching him off guard is not easy.Japanese dont want him to get very far so hence the matchup...
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 10:18
Hard to say who will win. Overreem has one truly strong side, expieriance. Even if someone has more K.O power or is faster, Alistair know what to do. At the other hand, I hope Ben is fighter that I was awaiting for many year. Hard Puncher from Hell, like Mark Hunt and Mike Bernardo in their prime. If he is strong ching and great endurnace type, in other world tank type, he will for sure give many K-1 fighters a lot of troubles.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-13 at: 11:38
Very well done, Mitko!! I liked that you dedicated the vid to us .... Thanks man.

Edwards sure has potential. And man, he hits hard! There are a few horrible, but beautiful KOs in the video.
But now he will be tested at toplevel. I still think Overeem will be able to beat him. I hope for an exciting fight.
Polakian (252 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 05:43
@ Mitko "Overoid" ..lol... I agree with Mitko.. Im actually gonna go out on a limb and say Edwards is gonna KO Overeem..I dont think Overeems low kicks will be too much of a factor..I actually think Slowinski has a better more powerful low kick then Overeem.and he took a ton of low kicks from him (and Slowinski is a very busy low kick fighter), which he survived until the 3rd round in there 09 fight..if anything Edwards will have to be more careful of Alistairs knees, however the clinching rule is in effect now so that is detrimental to Overeems game..no he is gonna go "toe to toe" with him as Mitko says as Overeem is the one who likes to dictate pace and be the more dominate fighter which I dont think he will be this time..Edwards just has to watch out for those kneees
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 07:47
@Polakian Thats how you create a hype my man, not by saying "easy KO for Overeem" and stuff like that. Makes you kind of eager to watch the fight.

Thank you
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 07:54
@Polakian Double post duh...

The knees of Overeem... He used them illegally against Poturak and Teixeira, the rule is one knee while holding the head, and he threw 2 or three until he scored in both cases. But still - killer knees man.
I cant believe how excited I got about this guy and this fight. I havent got this excited since the 2008 WGP when I broke two chairs and 40euro AKG headphones.
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 09:54
On this particular point :
Are fighters allowed to hold the head and throw knees in K1-rules ?
I don t think so. He can throw knees as much as he wants but without holding opponent s head.
Is that the rule here?
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 11:51
men like i said before Any one can suprise his opponent
by knocking him down or out ...

but if you look at it in a realistic way allistair is not gonna have any trouble with him
i all ready explaint why ,..of cource he can always punch a lott and place a good
one on allistairs chin .that would be bens luck ..but just mark my words Allistair Is gonna
destroy this man ...this gonna be a other one of these harcore ko,s that you wil feel sorry for the poor guy like when Kazuyuki Fujita was in coma for a whole day because of allistair knee and that knee did not even hit him full
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 03:14
@Rishi Nah, you are taking about Edwards like some sort of begginner. True he is brute force type, but at the other hand he was fighting in Australia which have strong Muay Thai fighters. He lost only to Słowiński by K.O/T.K.O. He is barely smaller thatn Alistair. Truth about Overreem is that he has amazing expieriance he is 30 with 55 pro fights...(most of it is in MMA then its a lot), but he isnt super fast type, perfetct techniqe, brutal K.O punch or ultra tight defense. As I said Ben Edwards is tank type fighter, and if he is like Bernardo, Le Banner, Hunt or Sefo in thier prime not only waving wildly hands like Mighty Mo he will shake K-1 because their wasnt single fighter for long like him.
jdl (220 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 04:53
Ben Edwards has a strong punch, thats for sure. However, Overeem just has more experience, more weapons in his arsenal. I personally dont think Edwards has a good chance to win against Alistair. The most likely scenario is that Alistair will bust up Bens mid-section early on with knees like he did with Aerts, then KO him later with a punch up top.
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 05:08
@mehdiman Yes, Alistair did exactly that against Poturak - hold with both hands and knee, and was warned by the referee. The KO came with two knees while holding the neck, and the rule is "attack momentarily when grabbing his opponent with one hand", not hold on and keep kneeing.

Against Teixeira - while holding his neck with two hands, he delivered two knees repeatedly - one to the chest and one to the head and Tex went to sleep, and the rule is "Attacking an opponent while holding a neck of an opponent with both hands is considered a foul technique".

I know the rules very well so I know exactly what Alistair did, both Tex and Poturak protested afterwards, but to no avail. And it would a very hard call for FEG, because the fouled side is KOd and can not continue the tournament, so they decided to play blind. Until he threw the illegal knees, he had nothing against the opponents in both cases.

The perfect scenario:

Final 16
Edwards KOs Arista
Hari KOs Schilt
Edwards KOs Hari
Polakian (252 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 05:12
@ Mitko J Im aware of the rule, even if knee strikes to the head will be more difficult, Edwards still needs to watch out for them to the body, which I have seem Overeem put ppl down with and since Edwards seems to have a good chin I would be attacking there alot & to the legs..I just dont see it happening as Overeem doesent have the precison skills as say someone like Ernesto, I agree should be an interesting fight and Edwards agressiveness and chin should get him the win.

@ Mehdiman .it is a foul to attack while holding an opponents neck with two hands, however you are alowed to attack momentarily while holding with one hand an opponents neck. That includes kicks and punches not just knees
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 07:47
they should change the rules

i know its k1 , but a lott of fighters could do much bether in k1
if there would be bether rulles ,now clinching is forbidden
but holding sumbody and attacking momenterily is alloud
why just add clinching to the game ,
makes it more technical ,

i mean pushing his head down and kneeing him ,thats just a simple and plain technik
especially with overeem,s power , a lott of fights could have bin bether
if you look at the second badr vs allistair badr goth allistair good,
but if you are honest
allister was not ko,d he was down the reff counted, he goth up on time the second time he was just humbling he was not down or ko,d if they would have goin tru he would have recovered, i know i know badr won that match simple and plain , but i,m just saying
in other kickbox tournemants that would not, be the end of the match

a lott of fighters now are days in the k1 came from a muay thai background
i,m not gonna call all the names but a lott of them , cus if you look at the k1 fights
they are only, alout to punch knee and kick ,that kinda takes the technic out of technical
fighters ,cus for example tyrone spong , real good fighter but if you compare him to the other k1 heavyweight fighters, he is just not strong enuff for exemple put him against allistair he would fight a hell of a match but probaly would get ko,s somewhere in the second round or so ,why wel because he can not use all his weapons so eventuly
the hardest punch wil win and geus who has goth the hardest punch the biggest guy
in most cases .but if a fighter like spong can use his elbows or clinch thing like that
there would be more weapons to use i hope u guys geth my point

and there for the match wil be more of a match
jdl (220 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 09:00
@Mitko J. In K1, anything is possible. Hari may not even be in the tournament. But if he is, what I see happening is:

Final 16: Overeem KO Edwards
Semi-final: Schilt wins over Overeem (UD)
Final: Hari vs Schilt. Tough to call this one. I would have to give this to Schilt 60/40.
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 09:58
@jdl Hey brethren, Im not serious, I know the odds alright, I just wanted to stir up the conversation a bit, although I want, hope and believe Alistair will get KOd.
And about hariman bada, jld, he can only win the WGP if Schilt and Bonjasky arent participating, but by that time Edwards will get oh so good, that even then will be a huge question. He will be another JLB, or CroCop, or Bernardo, the only thing different will be memories of him wont be as good as of the aforementioned.
jdl (220 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-14 at: 11:42
@Mitko J. Are you serious about Edwards stopping Hari from taking over K1 after Semmys reign is over? If you are, what top fighter has Edwards beaten that makes you rate him so highly?
sam (167 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-15 at: 09:15
@jdl very good question.can anyone answer this one??
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-15 at: 10:20
@jdl As I said, Im not very realistic, I just say the things the way I want them to be. Im just very excited that some new blood with good resume enters the K-1 rings. Benny boy has a lot to prove in October, and after that, we can all tell if he was just another Slowinsky, or maybe another Hunt.
Simoyin (344 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-15 at: 04:34
One thing he is gonna have to learn is to slow down a bit and not always be on the offense, Right now (i guess) his power is his main weapon and from where he draws his confidence, but if he can´t control the aggression he is gonna end up like Morosanu. OK he can knock people out and he has a strong chin, but what if he faces someone like Bonjasky or Ignashov? If he plans to make it in K-1 he is gonna face such a fighter sooner or later. In a way it´s also a shame they put him up against Overroids (excuse the expression), because it might not stimulate any maturing as a fighter, even if he wins.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-15 at: 04:35
-- What is your impression of your opponent, Ben Edwards?
Alistair Overeem: He is strong, comes to fight and goes forward. I like fighters who come to fight, so there will be an early KO.

-- The fact Ben took just 206 seconds to stop all three of his opponents in the Oceania GP has been quite a topic of discussion. Do you have any comments about it?
Alistair Overeem: Well, good job! I do not know much about the opponents he beat, but “Alistair Overeem” is made from a different kind of wood.

-- Please give us a comment for your opponent.
Alistair Overeem: Ben Edwards, you won 3 fights in 206 seconds. I will KO you within that period. I will KO you in the first round, so you can see and feel the level of a Golden Glory fighter and the power of The Reem.

(it is Written ) The Reem Speaks
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-15 at: 08:06
@Simoyin He isnt technical enough to play that kind of game, and to get that right he will have to spend some time in Holland sparring with the pros. The way it is, he will have to learn his mistakes the hard way - at the actual match at a price of a KO or loss, while e.g. Golden Glory fighters improve while training with no harm at all.

Are those actually Alistairs words? He has every right to be arrogant from the current point of view, but boy do I wish he eats his own words at the post-fight press.
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-16 at: 10:51
@Mitko J. Unfortunately, overeem is going to eat, chew and spit him
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-16 at: 11:20
@mehdiman Yeah, yeah, you said that for Badr Hari in the WGP last year as well.
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-16 at: 11:22
@mehdiman Yeah, eat his own words and spit his own blood.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-16 at: 12:20
@Mitko J. Yes those are his word,s

you can read the interview at the k1 official Site
keep in mind do its Japan and they like too
put a lott of sugar on things If you geth what i,m saying
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-16 at: 06:05
@Mitko J. Haha but i never said it for Hari (was almost sure he can defeat overeem even after dynamite 2008). I said that for Lesnar-Carwin. About overeem-edwards, dreams make life sweeter...
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-16 at: 08:32
@mehdiman Ye, ye, you were like "hari will be the champ in 2009, n o one can stop him", and he ended up beaten like a monkey.
Dreams sometimes come true, thats why they sweeten up life.
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-17 at: 10:52
Wow you are in shape! But a little bit excessive
Consider Hari of monkey... I hope for you that he do not
surf not on this website
In any case, if ed wins (what hampers me in no way,
But I think he will not) we shall ask your mayor
To set up to you a statue on the central place.
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-17 at: 03:18
@mehdiman Yeah Im in shape, Im very hyped about the event.

I didnt say "monkey" as an insult, rather to point how easily he was beaten by Schilt. And if he was reading, what, he will come to my home to settle this with me? But even if he came, I have a CZ under my pillow, so...

Man, if Ed wins, the victory itself will be a reward enough for me.
Rishi (1321 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-18 at: 09:14
Man he won,t come to your house if he would do that he just proves
how much of a loser he is ,
i have bin doing martial arts for years now i started with muay thai
but there is one thing i cant stand ,people who think they are god
because they now sum kickboxing ,a lott of kickboxer in hollan goth shot
to dead because of that type of behavior years a go peter smith was shot
to dead because he wanted to play the big guy and whoop sumbody,s ass
wel that same skinny guy shot him ,its a shame cus he was a good kickboxer
but because of his behavior ,
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2010-09-18 at: 04:40
@Rishi I think Smith got shot because he stood up for a friend in trouble.
I havent done any training, but I have had over 60-70 street fights, I guess it counts for something :]
Anca (114 posts)
Posted: 2010-11-17 at: 07:59
In my opinion, he’s still green and has a lot to learn. He’s not very technical, he doesn’t use kicks and his defense is weak. Nonetheless, I do expect to see him again in K1!
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