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Najmeddin - I'm back

hello everyone i truly apologize about disappearing like this for a long time. but i am back now this site has shown me so much support and respect thank you all i couldnt have done it without you

here i would like to get straight to the point.

K-1 World Max has oppened its doors to the -63 kgs, so obviously famous fighters like Cheon Jae Hee, Daisuke and Kid Yamamoto were the first to fight in this category, basically fighters who have had history in the K-1 ring, precisely the lightweight division.

my question is, why was i not invited? avoided? i have kept quite for a while, i have tried, but K-1 Max keeps ducking me!

i knocked out their current champion Cheon Jae Hee in K-1 Khan 2007, how much longer can Cheon dodge me? Cheon's manager refuses to hear my name, and Steve Kalakoda tells me that K-1 wishes to avoid this. why is that? i have tried so many times that even Kalakoda has stopped replying.

where is K-1 max? i have been doing an ok job, i won the K-1 Rules WKBF World Title Belt this year,

have your say please, advice, suggestions, thoughts, please feel free to share what you think or feel.

sincerely yours

Najmeddin - Canadian Scorpion



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D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-07-29 at: 10:04
I wish you all the luck. It seems like you have the right (spectacular) fight-style to enter the K-1 Max.
Unfortunately, I cant help you. You will have to talk to Mr. Tanikawa and convince him of your qualities.
Untill now, the -63kg-division is totally Japanese ... so it seems to me that they could use a good foreign fighter!!
Nice to see you post here on FansOfK1.
Good luck!
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2010-07-30 at: 01:26
For what its worth, I think you definitely deserve a spot in K1 MAX.But I do not think they are going to let you in the division they made for Japanese to dominate.If I were you, I would do three things:
1.Promote myself and make fuss (like you do here only on a larger scale).Consider hiring a professional to make you a campaign.
2.Get in contact with Its Showtime and Collizion.I think they will be happy to have you on their cards.
3.Wait.FEG is probably going to make at least one show in North America in next 12 months, and they will need a local fighter.
I wish you all the best and a good health!
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-07-30 at: 06:53
Hello, and good luck to you! FEG can be really slow sometimes in recognizing fighters, and some times they don`t let people into K-1 even though they are arguably the best fighters (just think about the many talented thai fighters being ignored by K-1 MAX, or why there are so few chinese fighters). I guess they do what they think is best for the japanese audience and the japanese fighting scene. Also they want fighters to perform on a high level over time before they get a shot at the big stage. (It took Ignashov many years just to get a shot at K-1 again after his downfall, and he was a major star) Having a flashy, fast and technical fighting style like you do is going to help a lot. The high paced action with a big WOW factor is what K-1 is all about. I have to agree with Torazulu about trying for it,s showtime and collizion. The european kickboxing scene is on the rise, and it,s like an advertizing board for K-1. If you make an impact there, FEG will notice. So keep on winning, promote yourself and be patient ;)
Posted: 2010-07-30 at: 07:46
thank you D
uve always been great help and great support.
K-1 Max -63 kgs had korean and beleive it or not Iranian fighters.
Posted: 2010-07-30 at: 07:48
which made me really i wonder, i mean, i have the K-1 history, thought it would have been easier to get back in.
Posted: 2010-07-30 at: 07:50
every1, thank u dearly, i need all these suggestions and advices.
keep them coming my friends :)
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-07-30 at: 11:38
Yeah, torazulu is right: why dont you go for Its Showtime? This organization is growing big and I think that there is more money there than in K-1. And the fighters arent any less ...
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2010-07-30 at: 01:24
Welcome back Scorp! To be the best, you need To have The courage To do whatever is necessary to see Your vision through, even if it means doing things differently than others. Hard training and great goals always pay off in The long run. Keep up The good spirit!
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