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Live play-by-play report It's Showtime ArenA 2010

SPOILER ALERT!!!! This article is a live report from It's Showtime Arena 2010 being held in Amsterdam right now. All the fights will be posted here.

Thomas Hron vs Rustemi Kreshnik

This fight was already in progress when entering the ArenA. In the end it was Kreshnik who took the win.He was a bit disappointed he was not able to show more, but he was thrilled to win.

Anthony Nekrui vs Chris Ngimbi

Round 1
Testing each other with lowkicks. Some nice combos from both men. Some highkicks miss their targets. Close round with nice pace.

Round 2
Jumping kick by Nekrui. Knee by Ngimbi barely misses. Nice lowkicks from both men. Nice counter by Ngimbi causes a knockdown. Nekrui recovers fast. Another left hook by Chris and another down! He charges in for more but the ref steps in. Another shot...but it is counted a slip. Nekrui survives the round.

Round 3
Jumping knee by Chris misses. Nekrui is not bothered by the knockdowns, but Chris gains advantage and scores another punch knockdown. After the eightcount Chris charges in with a beautiful flying knee which lands perfectly sending Nekuir to the mat and the ref stops the fight.
Winner by TKO: Chris Ngimbi

Rico Verhoeven vs Dzevad Poturak

Round 1
Poturak starts with hard punches but gets one in return. Lowkicks by Rico land hard. His right hand scores him good points as well as his knees. Nice round win an advantage to Rico.

Round 2
Poturak lost his speed and Rico is starting to score more points. Especially lowkicks.And they are doing their work as Poturak slows down even more.

Round 3
Now even the power seems to be missing with Poturak. Nice straight by Rico. Poturak knows he is losing and starts to lower his guard and taunt Rico in order to lure him for a slugfest. Rico gives him a solid lowkick and the fun is over. Rico has done his work well here and avoided the powerpunches of Poturak.
Winer by dec: Rico Verhoeven

Dzhabar Askerov vs William Diender

Round 1
After some testing the first combo come from Diender. And he keeps them coming! Nice left hook by Askerov barely misses. Pretty even round with a slight advantage to Diender who had more solid combinations.

Round 2
Dienders lowkicks are starting to work. Both fighters step it up with their punches, each throwing hard hooks. Small cut by Dienders right eye. Hard knee by Askerov to the head!! Diender looks hurt but recovers and keeps landing combos. Askerov looked sharper towards the end.

Round 3
Hard hard exchanges!! Both fighters know its a close fight. Askerov scores some solid punches, but Diender keeps the combos coming. Askerov lands some good knees while Diender uses his last power for lowkicks. Very close fight with each fighter having their moments. Tough call for the judges.

And yes we go into an extra round!
 Askerov wants it bad. Diender is on autopilot. Good knee by Askerov. Both men are exhausted. Diender seems hurt by the knees and starts to lower his guard causing a nice spot for Askerovs punches which find their way.
Winner by dec: Dzhabar Askerov

Mohamed Khamal vs Chahid Oulad El Hadj

Round 1
They waste no time and go at it immidiately. Khamals right hand lands and Chahid looks in trouble. Near the end the agression comes back to him and he answers some hard punches from Khamal with a few shots of his own. But Khamal landed more points this round.

Round 2
Khamal opens but Chahid takes over and lands a hard right hand. Khamal backs up but recovers with weak knees. After a that it is Khamal who scores a solid shot and Chahid needs to evade a few more and does so in fashion using classic bob and weave moves. And he lands a hard counter and follows up with more.

Round 3
Some jumping knees from both men. But then a groin shot and Khamal gets time to recover. A fast spinning kick from Chahid, but it lands on the guard of Khamal. Fatigue sets in and Khamal keeps missing while Chahid gets more into it and uses his evasions well. His counters gives him the round.  
Winner by dec: Chahid Oulad El Hadj

Atty Gol vs Orono vor Petchpoon

Round 1
Orono in southpaw. Exchaning lowkicks. Lots of clinching here from both fighters.But Orono keeps scoring with lowkicks. Solid shots are few from both.

Round 2
Gol starts hard, but Orono neutralizes his attacks.The clinch game is dominant again. And Orono lands some good knees here. Some punches seem to reach Gols head. But he counters with a nice straight. The clinches make it hard for the fight to gain momentum.

Round 3
More clinching, but finally a nice body kick by Orono. After getting a warning for headbutts, he receives another for a close elbowshot. However his dominant clinchtechniques  keep Gol from scoring. 

Round 4 (title fight)
At last some punches come through from both sides. But then the clinching begins again. After ignoring a few stopsigns from the ref Orono gets a new warning. Now the ref orders them to put on a fight and even the crowd starts whistling.

Round 5
Finally some agressive exchanges...but then more clinching. The ref is sick of it and urges them on.The crowd agrees. Midway the round some lowkicks are thrown but the clinch is all these two are capable of as it seems. After the round the crowd keeps quiet and there is no cheering for either fighter.
Winner by dec: Orono vor Petchpoon

Lhoucine Ouzgni vs Sem Braan

Round 1
Braan fights technical and both land equally.However toward the end Ouzgni starts to throw harder punches and gets Braan into the corner. He escapes! Another nice left hook from Ouzgni. Braan keeps up the combos while Ouzgni is swinging and aiming for that one hard punch.

Round 2
We see a completely different fighter now. Ouzgni lost his energy in the first or Braans work is paying of. Braan can do anything he wants, Ouzgni goes in defence as Braan dictates the round.

Round 3
Braan begins again, but Ouzgni finally lands that big hand he wanted and Braan goes down for an eightcount. After that he receives some more punishment as more shots land. A hard right hook by Ouzgni almost has Braan on the floor again, but he keeps standing and has his lowkicks working for him. However Ouzgni takes the round with more solid shots.
Winner by dec: Lhoucine Ouzgni

Anderson Silva vs Mourad Bouzidi

Round 1
They start throwing from the bell. Punches,kicks and knees.But neither fighters lands a decisive blow. An even and entertaining round.

Round 2
More of the same here...which is not a bad thing.Yet they seem tolack the will to finish. Bouzidi acts more willingly, but Silva throws a nice high kick which barely misses!

Round 3
They both keep the same pace. Bouzidi lands an nice uppercut and Silva answers with several bodykicks. The punches are hard but they dont land. The fight is going pretty even.

And yes we have another round:
Bouzidi looks sharper while Silva seems to become sluggish. Fatigue sets in and both fighters look for the clinch. Nice combos from Bouzidi, Silva again answering with kicks and knees. Bouzidi lands another hard left to the face of Silva. The difference is now becoming clear.
Winner by dec: Mourad Bouzidi

Sahin Yakut vs Rayen Simson (farewell fight)

Round 1
Nice opening knees from Simson. Technical fight thus far. Some clinching by both men. Looking for the knees. Yakut turns up the pressure, but Simson knows how to deal with it and lands a solid left.

Round 2
Yakut is the busier fighter now. A knee to the groin of Simson, he recovers. Nice left straight by Simson. Another groin shot? No it misses. Some clinching...but another groin shot! They end with some clinching.

Round 3
They start this last round of Simson with some hugs. They clinch again. Yakut performs a good sweep. Then another groin shot...and both men reach for their crotch! More clinching. Simson has nothing left, his energy is gone. Stumbling across the ring, falling after every technique. Time has caught up with the veteran Simson. Yakut puts him in the corner for some more punches, but instead of finishing it, he makes another sweep. Simson can barely stand up. The bell saves him from more harm.
Winner by dec: Sahin Yakut
(There is a farewell ceremony for Simson. He is dissapointed in his performance, but wants to thank everyone who ever stood by him)


Aschwin Balrak vs Daniel Ghita

Round 1
Lowkick exchanges. The punches become secundairy as this turns into a kickfest. Nice right hook from Balrak at the end. If they keep this up, one of them must eventually fall. But perhaps their fists will take over now.

Round 2
Balrak comes in with punches, but is stopped by the kicks of Ghita. Nice right hook from Balrak.However Balrak hands start to drop.He makes some good punches though. Ghitas lowkicks make Balrak reach for his leg. In the bell Balrak tries a spinning kick but it fails.

Round 3
More hard kicks from Ghita.Balrak wants that one punch. His jab comes through. Ghita slows down and closes up. He uses his heightadvantage to stay away from Balraks punches. But Balrak is getting confident and lands two nice blows at the bell.
Winner by dec: Aschwin Balrak

Cosmo Alexandre vs Nieky Holzken

Round 1
Sharp opening from both. Spinning lowkick plus left hook from Nieky. Two hard counterhooks from Cosmo. Technical exchanges. In the final seconds Nieky lands a hard left hook counter to score an 8count!! Cosmo survives..

Round 2
Cosmo opens hard with a knee. Nieky lands another of those hard rights but Cosmo stays on his feet. Nieky smells blood and throws everything but the kitchensink to win on KO. Knees, spinning kicks, more punches. But Cosmo finds himself again. Jumping knee by Cosmo barely misses Niekys head.  

Round 3
They begin a bit slower. Some clinching, but they stop it quikly. Spinning kick by Nieky misses the head of Cosmo. Nieky starts to go at it once again. He wants the KO so bad he neglects his own defence and gets caught by a hook from Cosmo...he takes a few steps back looking he is gonna fall, but he recovers. They fill up the last seconds with hard exchanges, but Nieky lands more here.
Winner by dec: Nieky Holzken

Leroy Kaestner vs Gago Drago ...whooohooo his entrance roooooocks!!!! ;-)

Round 1
Punches and kicks fly around! They are evenly matched. Drago uses power shotas, Leroy uses combos. A few punches land on Dragos face and he starts to back down. Is he going down?? No he survives! He lands a high kick of his own to the head of Leroy...and another! What a round!

Round 2
More action! Again the hard punches from Drago vs the combo of kaestner. Another high kick from Drago..immidiately answers by a flying knee from Leroy. They keep at it. Drago lands a few hard shots and the ring of the bell.

Round 3
This is a war! Neither fighter is backing down. Drago launches a spinningbackkick to the head of Leroy but he just wont go down. More spinning kicks from Drago. Leroy evades and answers with flying knees of his own. These guys are giving it their all. Such a close fight, but Leroy scored a bit more.
Winner by dec: Leroy Kaestner

Yoshihiro Sato vs Pajonsuk Superpro Samui

Round 1
Pajonsuk opens hard, but Sato is not impressed. They exchange kicks. Pajonsuk is using hard onetechnique shots which keep ending up in the clinch. He throws Sato after the ref yelled stop. Close fight.

Round 2
Neither fighter lands solid shots and there is a lot of clinching. Pajonsuk lands a good high kick but Sato shrucks it off. Sato is not getting into his game due to Pajonsuks clinching.

Round 3
Sato wants to box, but Pajonsuk keeps clinching. The ref urges them on to fight, but every encounter ends up in the clinch. Satos punches cant find their target, but Pajonsuk uses his kicks when they seperate.
Winner by dec: Pajonsuk Samui

Göhkan Saki vs Melvin Manhoef (awesome intro from manhoef!!!)

Round 1
What a tension in the air! Kicks from Saki. Manhoef waiting...taking kicks from Saki. The exchange comes...!!! They both live. The tension rises even more...a KO is in the air. After a flurry from Manhoef, Saki drops his hands and taunts him!! Hard fight!

Round 2
They start again. And out of nowhere comes a left high kick from Saki and it hits target.Manhoef starts to go down and the ref jumps in before Saki hits him even more. An 8count! Manhoef gets up! Saki goes in for the kill...and he gets it! Right punch comes through followed by another left highkick..Manhoef goes down again!!! But he gets up and wants to fight on! Manhoef tries to land his onepunch KO, but Saki beats him to it and counters with his famous left hook and Manhoef goes down again!!! ...and this time to stay! The fight is over with Saki as the winner.
Manhoef wants the mic and tells everyone theyre the best of friends, but a fight is a fight. He just wants to put on hard fights for the fans and that is what they got according to him. And he jumps in the ropes to receive cheers for everyone. Respect for Manhoef for taking his loss like a true fighter.
Winner by KO in R2: Göhkan Saki

Arthur Kyshenko vs Murat Direkçi

Round 1
Sharp looks from both. Sweep by Kyshenko. Jumping knee from Murat misses. Nice technique from both. Sweep by Murat. Hard techniques...a KO seems unavoidable. Good fight!

Round 2
Knees from Kyshenko. Good clinch work from both. Nice right straight from Kyshenko! Followed by a push kick to the face. Another right hook! Multiple knees. Murat has trouble finding his rythm back.

Round 3
Knees from Kyshenko again. He is mixing it up very good. He grows confident. Murat seems lost. But then suddenly he launches a few right punches and opens a cut above the eye of Kyshenko. The ref stops the fight to check it, they continue. Murat wants to open it up and goes for the kill. Kyshenko answers with a spinning kick which barely misses. Murat cant find that cut anymore.
Winner by dec: Arthur Kyshenko

Hesdy Gerges vs Badr Hari

Round 1
Tension is insane! Lowkick from Hesdy. They are both looking and searching. Hari opens with a hard flurry and the crowd goes nuts!! But Hesdy lives.. Hari lands a punch to the back of the head and Hesdy goes down, it is rules as a slip.Everybody starts cheering for Badr with every flurry. Hesdy locks up and remains standing. He charges at Hari, but Hari throws him half out of the ring. The round ends with a advantage to Hari.

Round 2
Hesdy is eager and awaits Badr center ring. They start again. But then it happens..after a slip Hesdy falls down, the ref stops the fight and Hesdy tries to get up...as he does so Hari charges through the ref and LOWKICKS HIM IN THE FACE!!!!!! The crowd goes apeshit booing and screaming!!! Hesdys corner goes insane and they storm the ring. Hesdy stays down and Hari is sent to his corner. The booing goes on and on! There is uncertainty what is next. Disqualification? Pointdeduction? Will Hesdy fight on??
Manhoef asks for the mic, but the crowd boos on even louder and wont allow him to talk. He urges everyone to be quiet, but they keep booing.Now they are even starting to cheer for Hesdy!! Manhoef tries to explain they are sorry, but no one wants to hear it. They have just been robbed from an awesome fight...AGAIN!! Will Hari never learn?? There was no real grudge between these two fighters which could have caused this.
Hesdy stands up and everybody cheers for him. The sides have changed and Badr is once again the badboy he once was. The judges have their answer.....DISQUALIFICATION!!!Hesdy Gerges is the new champion and Badr is back to his same old behaviour!!! What a shame for the sport. This may have major consequences for the sport in general and people will be talking about this for years again!!!
Now it is time to leave, but this tournament was an awesome event...until the badboy spoiled the end again!
We will talk on the forum my friends. I hope you enjoyed reading this report as much as I enjoyed writing it :)


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szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 03:11
wow so great of you Rob it means you are sitting there live right??ahh i envy you so much, i gonna eat the whole Gouda cheese my boss brought me from Amsterdam yesterday :D miss to be there!!! so next time !!
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 03:17
@szanpan yes Im there right now, the atmosphere is great!
oneloveSVK (55 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 03:23
Rob?.....THANK U! :)
asfranco88 (346 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 03:42
Thanks friend, this look great!! You are so lucky
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 04:04
Thank you very much. This is great!
Aziz (341 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 04:21
any has a good link to watch the fight
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 04:35
GREAT!!!! Thanks Rob!
KAZAKH (30 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 05:08
When HAri-Gerges fight will be????
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 05:19
@KAZAKH I think that will be the last fight of the event.
So please be patient!
Rob is doing such a fantastic job for us!
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 05:42
Is Anderson Silva thé ufc fighter?
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 06:15
No it is Anderson Braddock Silva :)
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 06:27
but i think from now on i will rather wait for the links to watch them because i dont want to know the result before seeing the rest. If i can resist :D
Nichya (41 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 06:49
Very nice post! Thank ROB. I wish i were there :D
KAZAKH (30 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 06:54
Did Balrak deserve victory???
Or it is questionable????
conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 07:25
all fights ended up with decisions.doesnt sound fun so far
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:05
I knew it. GOKHAN THE REBEL SAKI is back!
conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:13
im not surprised with sakis win over manhoef.well done the rebel
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:36
Badr is up next, anybody excited yet?
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:47
Why again, will he never learn?
conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:48
bard,what happened?
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:49
Faul techniche, Badr kneed Gerges when he was on the ground, trying to get up.....
conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:51
not surprised.so,fight is going on or stopped?
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:52
Badr was disqualified, Hesdy Gerges is the new It`s showtime HW champion. That was a surprise!
Aziz (341 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:53
any one tell us what happened
Aziz (341 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:54
its good for him.
congratulation for hedsy.
badr is still a child
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 08:59
Round 2 is opening like a war, both delivering powerful punches, like a house on fire, but Badr is leading. After a while Badr connects with a powerful punch, and Hesdy goes down. Badr was ahead, but must have been angry at Gerges for fighting back hard, so out of nowhere, with Hesdy still on the ground trying to get up, Badr throws a roundhouse kick to the head. It looked like a knee, but it was actually a kick, very hard, and clearly after the ring judge had started counting from the knockdown punch, so illegal, no doubt about it. It`s a shame, cause Badr was ahead both on points and on damage, he would have won. And then he goes and does something like that.
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 09:01
Rob, man you are the best.
Badr is an idiot...It only proves my point.If he gets involved in the trash talk he is bound to lose or make something stupid like this, and if he is calm and respectful he wins.He made two world champions in a stupid way.
asfranco88 (346 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 09:10
Oh badr...again..you will never learn the lesson!!
A great fighter doing the worst things
fab1 (20 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 09:11
Hari proved he has a short term memory by acting immature again, he should learn how to respect before he comes back on a ring.

Saki is the man of the night, he showed everything
Aziz (341 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 09:16
i cant beleive that he is stupid at that point
(539 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 09:16
Oh, I loved the Saki/Manhoef fight. Very tense and electric, I was on the edge of my seat (sofa) the whole time. And Kyschenko/Direcki was fantastic too, what a close call!
burim (401 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 09:56
Gerges is the man to beat now
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 10:02
First reactions to the Badr-incident:

I bumped into Alistair Overeem and asked him on his opinion on what happened:
"Its a shame.. He did it again. Maybe it were emotions, maybe something else. But its still a shame, that what it is."

As everyone is trying to leave the arena there is a traffic jam. Right next to me is Andre Manneart waiting for his ride, a perfect opportunity for a few questions.
*What is your opinion on all this?
- On what?
*On what happened?
- What is it that happened?
*IT and IT happened AGAIN.
*The Badboy lived up to his name again.
- Yeah well...what can I say?
*But there was no real history or grudge between the two. Sure the Bonjasky action was just as wrong, but they had a history. Which at least explained it.
- Well maybe he was frustrated again? But that is unlikely because Hesdy did a terrific job. He stood against him and blocked the punches. And even went toe to toe with him in some of the exchanges. Thats something! He had Hari backing up a few times. So youcant say he was not trying to fight.
*What will this mean for the sport?
- Well fighting has always been a questionable subject in the media, so this wont change anything because they already think it is always like that.
* Thank you for your time and goodluck with the traffic.
-Thank you, you too. Till next time.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-29 at: 10:15
ps. I didnt literally bumped into Alistair.. I would not have survived it ;-)
....the guy is HUGE up close!!!
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-30 at: 12:44
Really Hari failed one more time, I started to think that he little bit matured, but I was wrong. No offense to fans, but really for you "True Champion" act like that? Imagine if he go to Olympic and he do something like that. Personaly I would suspend him for a year maybe he will learn his lesson
Melali (332 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-30 at: 08:35
My God, this is a huge nightmare. Why Badr repeat it again ?
Shock (56 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-30 at: 10:45
Lack of respect for the people who payed to be there and for the sport it self from Badr, he acted like a criminal on the street, not in a ring.
Predrag (13 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-31 at: 07:38
Wow Gohan Zaki kicking Menhofs ass id dint see that one comming nice
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