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It's Showtime ArenA 2010: FOK1 User Questions

The It's Showtime ArenA event is coming up and Fans of K1 will be there to get you an exclusive report of the press conference, live coverage of the fights and of course interviews with your favorite fighters!


This Friday there will be a press conference where the fighters will have their medical check-ups, the weigh in and of course their infamous stare downs. Simon Rutz also gave away that he would have a special announcement to make which could have quit an impact. Various speculations have been going on ever since. Whether it is a collaboration with another organization or the introduction for a new weigthclass, no one knows for sure. But knowing Simon Rutz, it is sure to be big.

After this there is a chance to interview the fighters.  So it is time again for you as the users of FOK1 to come up with some interesting questions for the participating fighters. Post your questions in the comment section and I will do my best to get you the answers.

The biggest kickboxing event in the world has one of the best line-ups in history and promises to be an exciting night full with a lot of highly anticipated matchups:

Thomas Hron                  vs           Rustemi Kreshnik
Anthony Nekrui               vs           Chris Ngimbi
Rico Verhoeven             vs           Dzevad Poturak
Dzhabar Askerov           vs           William Diender
Mohamed Khamal          vs           Chahid Oulad El Hadj
Atty Gol                            vs           Orono vor Petchpoon
Lhoucine Ouzgni            vs           Sem Braan
Anderson Silva              vs           Mourad Bouzidi
Sahin Yakut                    vs           Rayen Simson
Aschwin Balrak              vs           Daniel Ghita
Cosmo Alexandre           vs           Nieky Holtzken
Leroy Kaestner               vs           Gago Drago
Yoshihiro Sato                vs           Pajonsuk
Gökhan Saki                   vs           Melvin Manhoef
Arthur Kyshenko            vs           Murat Direkçi
Hesdy Gerges                 vs           Badr Hari



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burim (401 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 08:21
Question from Burim Salihi to Badr Hari:

We have heard lately that you will be part of the Maroccan amateur boxing team. Qualifications start this year and the competition is huge, Do you think you will need a BOXING coach to improve your boxing skills, or you will countinue to train for those boxing matches with Mike Passenier ?
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 02:55
To any fighter.

Do you feel it is important do be a good role model for todays youth?
fab1 (20 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 07:13
here is a question to Badr :

at past showtime events, Brice Guidon fought and beat Bouzidi and Gerges, since you also beat Bouzidi and you are going to fight Gerges, would you also consider fighting Guidon in the futur?
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 07:17
GREATTT FAB1 i love your question i was considering the same long ago as fan of Brice :)
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 07:18
And really GREAT Rob if only you could get me in :D:D:D maybe next time :) I m happy for you and also is a great chance for all our friends here to exchange even more opinions and to be happy to see the interviews as well as the fights of course :) thanks once again is great of you!!
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 07:19
also great question Burim!!!! waiting for the answer !!
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 07:30
Most of all please give ALL our best regards and wishes i think i can say that in the name of everyone over here. I put more questions it s up to you to ask them or only one

i as szanpan or Sylvia Gombola would like to ask Badr:

1. what is his dream right now in career and life.

2. Badr, you are considered as one of the biggest talents of both the Netherlands and both Morocco, can you tell us which country you feel your homeland more

Also another question:

3. There are many moroccan fighters all over Morocco who are great fighters, but dont get chance at all until they live in Morocco, as there are no championships over there at the moment. do you think you would find some chance later on to help martial arts to flourish more in Morocco,specially after Turkey to start championship or to give othergood fighting chance for moroccans in the future?
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 09:27
Ask Rico Verhoeven, just to be sure, if it is really him posting here on FansOfK-1 now and then, and if it is, then thank him, and ask what he thinks of our website ....

And wish him luck agains Poturak .... he will need it.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 09:31
@D-rop haha good question ;-)
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-27 at: 10:26
Ask Direkci (I know you will talk to him :)) is the money really reason we dont see him in K1
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 06:38
Great questions so far, thank you!
Just a few hours till the press conference. So be sure to post your question on time.

haha I will try indeed ;-)

Personally I want to ask Sato what it is like for him to fight abroad like this in Holland, the country which is home to so many of his opponents. And why he decided to take this fight in the first place, since we only see him in MAX.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 07:15
cant wait to see it please post it as soon as possible Rob and really i envyyyy you :) but happy for you so in a good way :) Good luck and a great day to You !!!!
Shadi Ak (102 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 07:57
This kind of touches on Burims questions but what i would like to know is how Badr thinks he will do in the Olympics and would he ever fight as a professional boxer.

I would also like you to ask Melvin when he will be fighting for strikeforce again. Also let him know he is the man haha.

Questions from Shadi Ak.................Thanks Rob
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 10:23
great questions Shadi !!! i cant wait to see that press conference!!!!
Shadi Ak (102 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 11:58
@Szanpan Thank you and also do you know what time does the press conference starts?
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 03:49
The pressconference is over and I just got back from it. I will start to write an article right away.

The atmosphere was awesome and the news from Simon Rutz was HUGE!!!!
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 04:28
@Rob D-rop already spoiled your surprise
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 04:29
Sorry, double post
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-05-28 at: 11:25
hi Shadi i m late with answer i m sorry i think Rob is the man who knows that but i think it should have started sometimes between late morning- early afternoon hours.
Rob what about the questions could you ask some of them?
Shadi and everyone please let me know if you could find the whole pressconference somewhere in video i m so sorry i dont find it :(
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