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Spong vs Jaideep RUMORED for Yokohama

A new fight looks to be added to the K-1 Yokohama show on April 3 as #12 ranked fighterTyrone Spong faces #18Singh "Heart" Jaideep.  This has not yet been announced by K-1, though Spong's management team indicate it is a done deal.

This is a tough fight for both men, and one where they both need to impress.  Spong came into K-1 behind a whirlwind of hype, but was instantly deflated by a tough loss to Gokhan Saki and some time on the sidelines.  He returned late last year with an impressive decision win over Kyotaro, but he has yet to show K-1 fans the kind of skills that made him such a sought after prospect.  This will be a good test for Spong's continued work with Ernesto Hoost as he tries to work the kinks out of his transition to HW.  Fighting a tall, rangy fighter like Jaideep may be the perfect kind of practice Spong needs before facing some of the top level big men in K-1.

Jaideep was a fighter who came out of nowhere in 2009, earning an impressive win in the Seoul GP and turning some heads with his well-utilized reach advantage.  However, any fans he picked up along the way were soured by his terribly boring Final 16 fight with Ewerton Teixeira.  After that loss, Jaideep was shuffled into an unaired prelim at the GP where he defeated Makoto Uehara via KO.  Win or lose, Jaideep needs an exciting fight here, as another dull performance will leave him without many supporters among the K-1 fanbase.


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JonnieSunshine (664 posts)
Posted: 2010-03-11 at: 11:10
The difference in height and reach wlll make this an interesting fight.
I hope it happens.

Spong still has a lot to prove in the HW division.
Cant wait to see him vs Melvin Manhoef in May.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2010-03-12 at: 09:15
Good fight for Spong. Look forward to next K-1 event.
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