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Masato vs Souwer K1 Dynamite 2009

The highly anticipated final fight of Masato versus his nemesis Andy Souwer!


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D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-01 at: 07:31
Thanks for posting Rob

Very good fight. Very close, the KD made the difference.

No more Nemesis.
..... oh yeah, I almost forgot: no more Masato either.
Slayer-CH (104 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-01 at: 11:13
Nice fight, but why didn't Masato fight vs. Petrosyan ? Did I miss something ?
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-01 at: 02:00
Petrosyan broke his hand and was probably unable to fight due to the recovery.

It was a good fight, allthough I pity the fact how Souwer always plays it cool the first round. This way Masato was able to get into his game. But what a high level of technique here...amazing fighters! And oh so fast!!!
A deserved win by Masato and a nice way for him to finsh his career, eventhough he would be able to continue for years at the highest level. I'm not sure if we've seen the last of him yet... maybe a superfight in three years ;-)
Slayer-CH (104 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-01 at: 02:17
They are both amazing fighters, but personally I feel they are past their prime, and Buakaw has been unable to really up his game too. Time for new heroes, Petrosyan would defeat all of them currently.
fedbymum (92 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-04 at: 07:02
Great fight! And what a way to end a career. I`d love to see Masato versus Petrosian, but in a another time in another place perhaps.
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