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Bas Boon Replies to Golden Glory Steroid Allegations


After breaking the story to English speaking fans that Zabit Samedov claimed that Dutch fighters all used steroids, directly calling out Golden Glory by name, Head Kick Legend went to Golden Glory's Bas Boon for comment on this subject. Bas is never one to give a simple "no comment" or a yes or no. Bas always has something to say, and it seems this one took him a bit off-guard.

The first topic he takes on is Errol "Bonecrusher" Zimmerman. Zimmerman has never been the most cut of fighters, but has never been the smallest, either. Boon points out that Zimmerman has been a heavyweight fighter since the age of 16, and his weight has been between 104 and 109kg in the last four years and has been training harder than ever before. "Errol trained harder then normal for this last final 8 spot, which resulted not in any weight gain but a loss in fat," states Boon.

Ruslan Karaev is a newer member of Golden Glory, and apparently how Samedov claims to knows some of the inner workings of the gym, including their outlandish, in-your-face steroid usage that Samedov alleges. "Why would he call Samedov and  tell this outsider Samedov that Zimmerman shoots steroids in front of his teamates. This must be the most ridiculous remark I ever heard," Boon states. "Maybe Karaev came to Holland to infiltrate the GG camp and then brief Zamedov with the secret medicine GG uses? Did Zamedov get hired by the athletic commission who tested Zamedov postive himself?"


Boon points out that fighters Gokhan Saki, Ruslan Karaev and Chalid Arrab all fight under 98kg and have seen success with heavier fighters, that Samedov is just, "pissed he got caught doping in Vegas and losing the qualification match against Zimmerman in the Arena." That fight was in 2008 in Amsterdam for those keeping count, in the famous ArenA that It's Showtime runs every year. Boon also points out that Badr Hari, another of the accused, knocked Samedov out with a well-placed punch to the stomach in Korea this September, pointing at Samedov being bitter for his misfortunes.

"I guess it must be frustrating being Samedov's height and weight - to make accusations in the press like he does, we feel sorry for him," is how Boon looks upon the situation.

His response to Golden Glory's crown jewel, "Hightower" Semmy Schilt's association with Golden Glory is another story. "Oh by the way Samedov, Semmy fell in this huge kettle of special made druid super energy drink (astrix and oblix) when he was very young and we have many guys around the world trying to infiltrate the GG camp to find out the secret ingredients of this super drink."

Boon's reply ends with a slight jab at Belarusian fighter; "We wish Zamedov to grow in length and natural weight gain about 10kg, for sure he would be sportsman number 1 and would become 5x on a row K-1GP champion!"

Clearly this is Golden Glory's denial of any sort of gym-wide doping activities, with a few quite specific examples on Boon's part. Of course, many fans will make note that Boon does not mention the "Dutch Cyclone" Alistair Overeem in any way shape or form, but Boon has addressed Overeem's "great growth" with us before ( http://www.headkicklegend.com/2009/10/02/bas-boon-of-golden-glory-on-overeem-fedor-k-1-m-1-and-more/ ).

Source : http://www.headkicklegend.com/


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Soroush (193 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-29 at: 07:08
I think he couldn't convince fans correctly.
JonnieSunshine (664 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-29 at: 08:23
Sarcasm is often used when you're hiding something.
I'm not saying that Samedov knows everything.

But Boon didn't really admit or deny anything.
He would be a good politician.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-29 at: 12:51
You're right, plus you have to admit...those sarcastic remarks were funny :P
torazulu (580 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-29 at: 04:59
When dealing with accusations, you can`t be much better than this...
But his message to Zabit is clear.
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-30 at: 07:03
In the prefight press conference, for the FieLDS K-1 World GP 2009-03-28 , overeem called bonjasky "the actor" and offers him an Oscar. ANd this one called the first Mr steroid and call hilm to stop anabolisants...
It was public with the microphones and cameras...

Peerkes (23 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-31 at: 06:22
Is the K1 organisation checking on doping?
I don't think so, otherwise Bas would not be so confident.
K1 is a big joke anyway. If Overeem would stick with MMA what opponent would they have for Schilt and Hari? You will have these 2 fight for the belt for the next 5 years...
Alex Evdokimov (138 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-01 at: 09:34
Of course it's possible that some fighters juice. They fight for money, they want to win. Juice gives them an edge. Sad, but true. I don't think that Samedov has revealed anything stellar, merely pointed out the obvious. Why? I'm sure he has his reasons, we need not be concerned with them.

Is this bad for mma/K-1? Depends on each fan.

If firstly you value a good show - it's probably not a big deal that muscles and speed aren't real.
If you value sports integrity and fair competition - then it will upset you.

Subjectivity, subjectivity, subjectivity.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-03 at: 07:07
Happy new year everyone :) glad to be back
First of all, we cant deny that some of the fighters had produced more than excessive gain in weight and in muscles , muscles cant grow forever, of course some have natural capacity to grow a strong look but mostly if can be thanked to some kind of "help" and yes Alex is right we shouldnt think of that that much, i think it s the human responsibility of every fighter to be aware of the dangers of any kind of steroid.
And yes I think Samedov pointed out a fact which is clear of course not only in fighting world but in every sport which need high amount of energy, of course Bas pointed back, as it s not something you will talk openly :) and yes he is a good polititian :)
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