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Remy Bonjasky Turns Down Rematch with Badr Hari


Big news coming out of the It's Showtime camp today - Remy Bonjasky has declined to face Badr Hari in the main event of the company's big Amsterdam ArenA show next year.  This would of course be the much anticipated rematch to last year's Grand Prix finale and a match fans are eager to see.

It's Showtime officials offered the fight to Bonjasky, however the former GP champion turned it down, stating that after the footstomp incident he received threatening letters from Hari's fans that disturbed him and his family.  Because of this, he is unwilling to face Hari (and deal with his fans) again.

Current rumors indicate that Gokhan Saki may step in as Hari's opponent in the main event, however that remains unconfirmed.

Truly, this is unfortunate news, and is certainly not going to earn Bonjasky any fans.

Source : http://www.headkicklegend.com/


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Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-23 at: 11:18
Big news indeed. But I'm more interested in the threatening letter part than the actual fight. I mean we all knew they were going to contact Bonjasky. But those letters, that's disturbing indeed. People can go and call Bonjasky a coward, but come be honest...when they threaten your family, that's f*cked up!
Most of the time it's just threats and no real action, but would you be willing to test that theory?
I hope they solve this crap so we can see the fight!!!
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-23 at: 11:27
Not the first time Remy turns down a fight. Last year he didnt want to fighht Semmy either. It seems that he doesent want to lose. Luckily not everyone thhinks like him, otherwise good fighters like Feitosa Sefo etc would never fight,

Its really really sad news this!
marcelt (319 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-23 at: 11:31
Too sad how some people react. Remy and also his family were also threatened on the streets.
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 12:53
Yes, perhaps some people were calling him names, because he acted during the WGP. Thats very bad!
But that means he should settle the score once and for all. Show a real fight! instead of avoiding the most highly anticipated fight of K1 at this moment.

Only for the sake of his carreer. Perhaps he is afraid that he will receive a big loss, that will end his nice winning numbers.
Weak, very weak move.
conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 01:07
k1fan,i think u can talk this much careless because its not ur family who got threatened.its easy to sit here and talk bullshit about things u dont know for sure.so,im curious how would u act if u were bonjasky?
Jordan B (220 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 02:35
@conan81 I don't think that Remy is necessarily afraid of Badr but maybe after the WGP he thinks he'll have to reevaluate his game and would like to be a stronger fighter for whenever this rematch ends up taking place.
Just reading websites like sherdog is enough for me to see the idiots and weirdo's out there but for people to actually send letters like that is pretty fucked up, not to mention people threatening his family and him out in public.
Soroush (193 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 06:53
now i think Aerts and Le Banner can be good choice for this fight.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 07:51
@marcelt Do you believe everything you hear????

What if we heard for example Badr saying that? Would you accept his talk?

Man lets be honest. In such business we for sure might get such threatens, but the world is not a Jungle !!! There are rules and penalties to who goes passing them. And who enters this business must be ready for everything. Ordinary people get threated, but do they stop working just becoz some lamer said so?

You are a STAR in your field, start ACTING by being ONE !!! Not being a CLOWN in the ring and outside the ring !!!

No offensive on you marcelt, this is my own opinion.
burim (401 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 09:47
this about Threatened letters is just a bullshit excuse..remember it: THATS NOT THE REASON...

Simon Rutz explained at It's Showtime website and he said: the financial part was almost finished, so MONEY ARE NOT THE REASON...

BTW...i think he will decline a fight with Badr and Semmy in the future, even if it has to happen in Japan...the man is smart...he doesnt want to lose
Mitko J. (1210 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 10:00
Man lets be honest. In such business we for sure might get such threatens, but the world is not a Jungle !!! There are rules and penalties to who goes passing them. And who enters this business must be ready for everything.

Of what use the penalties would be if someone actually passes those threats? What good would it do to you if one broke your spine and left you crippled for life and he serves 10 years in jail for it? Those are the rules and penalties you are talking about.
There's a saying aruond here that goes: Better to prevent it before than cure it after it happens.
What if Remy stood up back in 2008 and badahari performed a kimura on him later in the game (and he was sooo out of his mind that evening)? So Remy did the smart thing - he prevented that from happening.
Would you do business with a man known not to pay his debts and collect his own by force?
So what if Remy pisses off badahari again? Would he have to be under police protection after that? And what kind of life would that be?
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 10:36
MJ, good comment.
But I don't think it's Hari himself, but his imbecile fans who write letters and threaten Bonjasky's family, that made Bonjasky refuse the fight.
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 11:01
I thought about it a little bit, but dont have time to write it out now. I shall post tonight.
Ronnie (101 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 12:06
In the coming year at the world GP he may not have a choice but fight Mr Hari.
I do understand Bonjasky fully,After all This is a sport.
Alex (76 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 05:47
Remy is afraid because, what will happen if Remy beats Badr for the 3 time....how will the Badr fans react???
And Remy can stand his ground, but what about his wife and childeren???

You have to think about that!
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 10:29
ok i m back from the forum of Burim and now i learned more on the situation.
I give the most credit for Mitkos comment he is absolutely right. Maybe it s Badr fans and maybe he changed a lot ( well really after all he NEEDED to ) but yes if Badr goes out of his mind what happens.. this should stay sport after all and not the film 300. I am a Badr fan yes but yes it was only one year ago, I was soooo mad of the fault of this. To say Remy was acting it was a bad excuse from BArd might be it s true but it s still an excuse, which he said this year he doesnt ever want to make. What if Badr brakes his neck by incident , by the same madness because he goes out of his mind? I dont know what to say about the threatening letters and if Badr carries on to act normally and not like a best anymore with him then we would sure see a fight of theirs, but on this Remy might be right and yes when you have family and happen to live in the same city, you just sit down and think about these things really carefully.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 10:30
and yes i m sorry there is really noone now in picture really no fighter with whom I would be really excited to see Badr fighting with :(
Charki (38 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-24 at: 11:41
I can understand if you get threatend that you won't fight. But deep in my heart I know Remy is also afraid to get knocked out. I'm not saying this because I'm a Hari fan, but because of the video I've seen from remy. Saying that he was afraid to get ko'ed by Manhoef.

h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJTFpA73cE4
< br/>For the dutch people under us, watch from 3:20
Remy says: Maybe I'm to afraid to get kocked out (in the Manhoef fight)

I truly respect remy, and he was one of my favorites back in the old days. But I know he hasn't got the true fighter's heart, right now. He steps in the ring knowing he's got a good defence and always tries to kick his opponents until they dropp.. That's why Ivan Hyoplite always says in remy's fights, (hakken op de benen) choppp his leggsss. I miss the remy bonjasky who always attacks and get's in their faces with a good striking knee. Something Alistair does very well these days.

For all it counts, I think remy stands a chance against Badr. But I respect his decision. Just my thoughts.....
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-25 at: 10:09
First time I saw that video it confirmed a lot of thoughts I had about Remy. He needs to get rid of this fear so he can go all out again. That's how he got to the top of K1 in the first place. Now he remains there because of his defence game. I hope one day he wakes up and has the will to go at it again.
...maybe travel to Oz and find his heart ;-)

I think Remy is too focused on that perfect résumé. He needs to take it fight by fight and enjoy what he's doing otherwise the fun is gone... for him and the audience.
I respect him for all he has done, but there's no denying the spirit is sometimes lacking.

Don't make assumptions you can't back up, saying it's not about the letters. I think what you're trying to say is that the letters are a welcome excuse for Remy not to take this fight and he's hiding behind it. That's an opinion and you're free to have it. But don't state it's not about the letters if you don't know this. I believe such a threat can have quit the impact on your personal live. Don't you see this???
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-25 at: 12:20
I shall state what I think, because of a lack of time.

First of all, I dont think Remy is afraid of Badr himself. Perhaps he is afraid to lose a fight.
Furthermore, a fighter at this level of sport wont cancel a match, because of angry fans. The chance that something happens to Remy is less than a 0.1 percent, even when Remy knocks down badr in the first round 5times in a row. Of course Remy and his team know that if they fight Badr again nothing dangerous will happen, on the contrary then he earns respect, because then its finally a rematch without a disqualification. No matter who wins, fans will respect their fight, because its highly anticipated. In soccer there are 100 times more dangerous fans and yet all teams keep competing, however still, the emotional 'fear' argument is often used in retirements.

Last point
I dont know for sure, but perhaps its got to do with money. I heared Its showtime pays less than K1 and the fight Remy and Badr has to happen. So perhaps Remy wants to fight for K1 to get maximum value from the fight. It sounds logical.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-25 at: 01:51
"The chance that something happens to Remy is less than 0,1 % " ???
How big was the chance that sth happened to Pim Fortuyn? How big was the chance that sth happened to Theo van Gogh?

IMO Hari started everything with his lack of respect in -and especially after- the Final of 2008. He never apologized to Bonjasky or the K-1 fans (he only said: "I apologize to my fans") . The Hari-fanatics picked up this disrespect and projected it all to Bonjasky.
Now, a year later, Hari seems to have matured, but his fan(atic)s haven't... There is a lot of hate, so the threats should be taken seriously.
Charki (38 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-25 at: 02:09

Pim fortuyn was killed by someone who didn't threatin him, so that's a different story... It wasn't a big chance nobody saw it coming. People thought a muslim would kill him, because he offended them, but they didn't. So I think you're mistaken in that one. Second of all van Gogh was murderd by someone who was brainwashed and a lunatic.

Do you really think that if people really wanted to kill remy or his family, they wouldn't already do something like try to catch him @ home...???

I think people started hating remy, because of what he did or did not do in the final 8. Everybody knows that it was Hari's fault and he was the idiot. But everybody hated Remy for not standig up and acting. I know it's unfair, but that's the way it is...

I really think most people liked remy the old fasion way as I stated. Most people I know including in the gym I train really like the way remy knocked some opponents out (LOVE THE AKEBONO KNOCK OUT :P) But as I said remy changed, too bad imo, because he's a great fighter, but he needs to set the bar high for himself...
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-25 at: 04:00
I just reacted on the way K1fan minimized the threat.
These two people were threatened many times ... they thought the chance that sth would happen was about 0,1 % ... in the end they were killed.
It's always some lunatic who pulls the trigger ...
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 12:43
@D-rop Total agree.
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 12:58
I will tell you one story about fanatism. In my country Poland in September in City name "Zielona Góra" was Rap concert. Artist named "Peja" he has been known of agressive lyric ,but he was respected artist in Poland and was one of the frist Raper in Poland. On concert was a kid 15 years old antifan of Peja. He start showing to him middle finger. At first Peja attacked him with words with audiance,but this kid still disrespect him then 32 old man mature man said to his fans audiance to beat this kid up and they did this. it was loud event in my country. If Remy win via. K.O or worse via. decision what fans can do or what happen if Badr once again lose his cool?( I know he matured but still) and what happen if his fanatics run in on the ring what will happen? In Japan Remy feel much safer because in Japan mostly there is Japan audiance. Try to understand his situation.
conan81 (291 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 04:17
hera,very well put.and its not rocket science and it doesnt take a genious to understand this.
burim (401 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 12:08
From what i understood, Bonjasky is unwilling to face Hari again, he is not saying in Amsterdam or Japan, he is saying i don't want to face Hari AGAIN
if Remy accepts a fight with Badr in Japan, then he has obviously LIED cuz he said i WILL NOT fight Badr cuz of threatened letters and insults my family got. What if the fight happens in Japan, then Remy KO's Badr, and do you think threatened letters will STOP only cuz the fight happened in Japan.
i fear...cuz i think Remy will DECLINE a fight with Badr even if it has to happen in Japan...i fear cuz maybe we WON'T see the biggest fight in the sport
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 02:50
@ hera and D-rop

The examples you showed are way different from a K1 situation between two fighters.

Theo van Gogh insulted many people for over ten years. He recceived dozens of threats. He dressed up like a pig and then stood infront of a mosk. He personally attacked many big cafe owners and tainted their image, which made it more difficult for them to make money. Theo really took everything to the max and dispite that he wasent bothered a lot untill he was killed years later.
Remy is only practising a sport and once cheated a bit to get 400 000 dollars. We dont even know if he really received a lot of threats, perhaps he received one or two from 15 year olds on the internet. The two situations differ greatly.

The situation in Poland was also way different. There was a lot of peer pressure and music which made all emotions 20 times stronger. The group probably woudnt attack the kid if the artist asked for it 2 days before. In K1, months go between interviews/fights etc and Badr isnt even asking people to kill Bonjasky.

So the two examples cant be a comparison. On the contrary you could compare it to another sport like Soccer, where the pressure is much higher because the sport is much bigger and there is more money involved.
Yet I havent heared from a single case where a fan killed a player because he cheated a bit. You cant say that there is a higher chance than 0.1 that something will happen with Remy.

However, if he chooses to fight Badr, people will respect it because that means he gives Badr the opportunity to make things str8 in a fair way. If he refuses to let Badr get a rematch, his fans will get more frustrated. Even if Remy wins again, people respect it because its in a fair way.
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 04:03
@K1Fan You said Remy cheated in 2008... Greatest foul in K-1 History and telling that Remy cheated then what about Badr?? You say "happen"? Would you be happy if Hari would win the fight after he fouled and damged him( for sure he feels like after Knock Down after these blows). Many saying Remy sucks because he avoiding fight with Badr ,then I will say Hari sucks because he don't want to fight with Overeem in MMA it is ok? Hell no. Remy fight 2 times with Hari and won he don't need to prove anything he is mature enough to decide what will be better for him. I think last thing that Bonjasky will do is proving immature Hari-Masturbating Fans which sending him sick letters that he isn't afraid of him and he is able to win once more. Remy will gain respect if he will Knock Out Badr ,but I don't belive that many fans will deal with Remy victory by points. I think Remy is aware of this fact if he won't win by K.O it will change nothing. How do I know that?? Because everyone telling Remy cheated in final 2008 ,but forgeting that Hari did the most awaful thing on Holy Sanctuary called K-1 World Grandprix.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 05:43
@Hera :D
We all saw what the clown did on 2008 WGP mate. We don't need binoculars to see that !!!
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 06:10
@rul3z But some people calling Remy cheater/actor then what about Badr?? Maybe some need telescope xD.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-26 at: 11:18
@Hera I really wish you give me one, and tell me when did he cheat ? !!!

1st time in my whole interest in K1 see some1 call Badr a cheater !!!
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-27 at: 12:28
@rul3z You misunderstand me I said people call Remy cheater/actor after Hari fouled him and didn't want to fight. And my question is what about Hari how we can call him for that?About Hari rivlas it's easy to criticize but when it comes to say something bad about Hari it's hard to deal with it. I use one more this example people talking bad things about Remy because he refused to fight for me personally it's nothing wrong but for many actor/cheater/coward and etc ,but if comes about Overeem versus Hari on MMA rules and Hari is refusing it's ok he is Kick Boxer. As far as I rember when these two fighters where about to fight each other first time their antoher fight had to be on MMA rules then. It's easy to call him coward or something like that ,but I'm not thinking like that I say "it's nothing wrong to refuse fight" fighters have their own reasons. As fans mature people we should respect everyone decisions not onl your favourties even if they fear something they still just human and have their own reasons.
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-27 at: 05:36
@ Hera
I said that people perceive Remy's action as cheating, and in fact, Remy did cheat. He could continue and had to continue, but refused to and acted as if he was unable to fight. So indeed Remy cheated.
Of course, Badr made a much bigger mistake, because he committed a foul during a K1 match, but that doesent mean that Remy didnt cheat afterwards, because he did cheat by not wanting to continue.

Anyway, lets look at the current situation. I think its possible lthat Bonjasky deliberatiely refused to fight, because he thinks K1 would pay more than Its Showtime. In the past I read that Its Showtime doesent pay as much as K1, so this could be a deciding factor.

Also I think that Remy got a bigger chance of winning in a torn than in a single match.

rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-27 at: 07:31
@Hera The K1Fan answered you mate.

Its ok to decline a fight, but for us fans? We call that person a coward !!! Where is the problem in that? This is in the end our opinion, it might be true, and it might not.

Remmy is just a fighter who uses his defense techniques to win fights, he has nothing to do with the heart, soul, or courage of a true K1 or any Martial Arts Fighter !!!
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-27 at: 12:54
One of the reasons is true it's propably money. You know after that foul Mr.Kakuda at first should give Hari red card undoubtly. You would be glad if Badr would win fight after foul after he damaged Bonjasky would you be happy that your favourtie fighter would cheat? I understand Remy in 100%. Rember Fight Ernesto Hoost vs. Cyril Abidi? (h ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L13mtfgjhBs). Ernesto cheated?? Everyone can say he was able to fight(Remy took many spin kick from Leko once) I understand both decision. It's would be stupidity after such an foul fight and let my opponent win. Champion who won title thanks to foul.... Nice. Total defense style is Bonjasky Style thanks to that style Remy is winning most of his fights ,fighter don't have to be agressive like Hari and let himself open for K.O blow. And really do you think Remy could fight? when he fought with Stefan Leko got 3 kick in his family jewel he continued fight and even Knock Down Leko in 3rd round. Get hit one the ground is more damaging you know especially these unpredicted because your had stay still and getting hard blow without move of head it's really damaging one. One more thing I don't open topic to attack Hari because I try always understand fighters decisions and I could harm many of his fans feeling calling him in negative way, but many Hari fans open topics about Bonjasky adn attacking him calling him cheater,actor,coward, you know here are also Remy fans and it's unnice call 3 times Champion like that Conan once openen topic just t oprovocate many Hari fans "How long will tak Semmy to win his 3rd fight with Badr"(something like that) many immidiately attacked Conan for opening topic. How we should react when some people call our favourtie fighter cheater,actor,coward or will Remy pass fight against Schilt. Really it isn't okay.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-27 at: 02:24
I agree with Hera!! And I said this right after the fight:
The referee should have given Hari a red card right after the foul. Not wait for Bonjasky or the doctors to decide if he could continue.

If the ref would have done that, there would be no discussion about acting and such. Hari made the foul, that's why he was disqualified. Point.
But it didn't go that way.... The referee made a big mistake, with an enourmous impact on the popularity and career of Bonjasky, because lots of people blame him now for not continuing the fight.
DemonEyesKyo (6 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-27 at: 10:11
I believe it's Remy's choice to accept the fight or not, sure it may look a little negative but I would have second thoughts as well after him and his family received threatening letters, thats a little over the top, Obviously Badr has nothing to do with any of the letters, so he should address his fans and state how ridiculous it is to send a fighter threatening letters. I, for one, would like to see this rematch and I THOUGHT the fans did too, but instead they are causing this fight NOT to occur, weirdoes
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-28 at: 09:48
@DemonEyesKyo As I said before "do u believe in everything you hear" ?????
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-28 at: 10:46
How do we know it's true? It's up to beleving. Some goes for that if Remy could fight last year you were doctor there to know that Remy could still fight? No, it's up to your belivings, simple.
(539 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-28 at: 11:25
I don`t know what the letters say, or how many letters there were, so I don`t really know the gravity of the situation. The threat evaluation is a job for the police in my mind. But I will tell you this;
If anyone threatened MY family I would do anything in my power to keep them safe.
That being said, I think it is a shame that we can not see this fight in the close future, maybe never. There are so few top fighters able to compete in the very top level, and these to fighters match up well so that it is exciting, and you don`t know who will win. I hope they at least will end up in the same bracket in some future GP.
DemonEyesKyo (6 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-28 at: 07:11
@rulz- no I don;t beieve everything I hear, what a strange question to ask, do you believe everything YOU hear? Do you know for certain that Remy isn't getting threatening letters? Its just hard to believe that Remy would turn down that fight for no reason. You know.....since he won last time they fought.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-28 at: 09:12
@DemonEyesKyo What I wanted to reach my friend is that when we discuss such an issue? We need to give it 50% that what he said is true, and 50% is a lie and behind it is another reason for not fighting.

To be honest with you, I go unfortunately with the 50% lie issue. Maybe because of the last fight between them and he made a clown out of himself, plus I am a Hari fan. If I am a Remy fan maybe I would go with the other side !!! Either way believe me or not, in all our discussions here? Our eyes is always seeing what we want to see in the ones we like and not seeing the other side because of either hate or something else.

Anyway I really really really wish to see them fight and its a shame to lose such a fight because of some lame threats to his family whom have nothing to do with the whole stuff (this is if he is saying the truth :D)
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-28 at: 11:15
Diffrance in Remy fans is that we don't call Hari clown or something :-P. You calling him clown/actor and etc for me it's not okay simple. We are in diffrent camps but try to respect our feelings and don't harm verbally our favourties.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-29 at: 01:06
It's pretty hard to judge this situation since we don not know whether or not these letters are real. Some people yell there not real and it's all an excuse. Others state that if they are real, Remy made the right choice. We can debate all we want and please do so. But keep in mind that none of us know if the letters were actually send. So quit yelling it's a lie and try seeing each others points. It's not freakin' rocketscience to read an opinion and understand where it's coming from.

In my opinion: If the letters have been send I completely understand Remy for not wanting to fight. However I do think he thinks it's a welcome excuse not to face Badr, since he enjoys winningstreaks like no other. It's not like Remy's calling out to face Badr, because he already has the 2-0 advantage. It's Badr who wants Remy! Remember this.
Now...if the letters do not exist, then it's simple. Either Remy wants more money or he has no interest in facing a man who has a good chance of beating him.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-30 at: 08:18
@Hera We call him that because thats what he is Hera :p

And don't worry I shall try my best not to hurt your feelings :D
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-30 at: 08:18
@Rob hmmm, !!!
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-30 at: 08:38
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-30 at: 10:23
@Rob I was thinking of what u said, hmmm !
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-31 at: 12:13
@rul3z But this clown still defeated Hari 2 times :-P. Don't worry about my feelings ;-P.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-31 at: 01:54
@Hera Yeah Hera, thats the big big problem !!!
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-31 at: 07:37
You all have each of you a small part of truth but because we must relativize
You talk about a sport at high level, gradually eroded by money
you talk about an athlete Bonjasky who this is his job to give Ko and receive.
You speak of Bonjasky who probablyhas a career plan for the next four or five years as he has said recently himself
And with regard to this career, it certainly does not include Badr Hari because Bonjasky has everything to lose and nothing to gain ... unless the auction amounted to such an extent that he could then review his career plans.
Finally, Bonjasky has everything to lose because certainly in sporting terms, he would lose this match as his fighting style suits very well to Hari. And especially in terms of his image, he would lose a lot because it reminded everyone the disastrous scene of dramatic comedy performed at the end of 2008.
Finally, and this will be any, regarding the fringe minority of fans viciously writers, it is important not to give them more importance than they have. As said Burim it's bullshit ... I've never heard of hooligans poets!
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-14 at: 09:14
First of all I m just reading Burim s comment on Remy lieing and let me tell you Burim and of course for everyone or rather to ask you a question ? Were You there that You know what did Remy say? Or Badr? Or management? Were you sitting there at those moments? I guess the answer is a big NO.
We cant STATE we can SUPPOSE unless one of us really talked with either one of these guys but still ... We are NOT mind readers, we can discuss but we cant put down statements on all actions we are discussing about.
Second of all it s not rational what you say, in K.1 noone can decide in the final 16 who to fight with as far as I m concerned noone has the right to say i wont fight this or that.

Remy has a newborn baby guess he doesnt want to train 24/24 now? You are sill young i know how it is :)

Here is the OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF IT 'S Showtime it put s down things very nicely and diplomatically. We cant say it s true or not, only make our opinions. Badr I think didnt change as much as we might think maybe he did, we will see it definitely in next year's finals. and guess what if Remy wins over Badr maybe someones would drop some Molotovs on him? We cant judge a fighter of course after his fans, and we cant either make excuse for any fan to do something bad.
What Badr did was VERY bad, and many seem not to find it like this,. It s IMO also bad.
I am a fan of his but still i cant excuse him for this unsportsmanlike behaviour, and i think the only reason he wasnt out of K.1 straightaway is because he is really a personality and a great fighter, if someone else does i think he would be out for a while, he can say he is very lukcy to be back in 2009 and to have the chance to have some great fights. I dont say Remy is afraid, I dont think Badr wants to kill him but there are some crazy people who can do anything to make an excuse for themselves why they have done so, Badr changed his behaviour because he was warned by the act of his and his fans after him probably, someone cant be like this these days in any sport so i really hope this incident WONT happen for the sake of his and this beautiful sport.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-14 at: 09:25
K1Fan You have just won a competition in here where you bet on Badr NOT to win :D so am I the only one who see here the controversies? No offense mate I m just wondering :)
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-14 at: 09:33
And Badr wouldnt have won that finals no way. He knew it in the moment he first pushed Remy on the ground IMO, that s why he attacked him again on the ground because then there was nothing to lose for him anymore :( i think he got so so angry for himself he pushished Remy for this.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-14 at: 09:56
I am a Badr fan full in heart, unlike others who are his fans but still vote on others to win ?? Right K1fan? :D to be fan of a great fighter he is, no matter what he made in the past it s not like being fan of his fans all in all. As i said there are crazy people everywhere, if someone has family understands it more clearly, Remy has a nice website so i dont understand why he shouldnt get mails from there even from avid fans or just crazy people ? I always try to be as realist as I can be, because most of all i am a sportsman and not a fan. We can see the big difference between the two.
Here i will give credit for Hera also saying that that fans want to concentrate on the issue of him acting and not the issue of Badr doing what he did. I m still so sorry for the whole, and yes it was a big mistake to give the yellow first in this context after this that fight was over.I hope with the change of Badr if he will ever will change that much will bring also the change of some who especially love the agression and not the sport in here. Peace!
K1Fan (846 posts)
Posted: 2010-01-15 at: 12:19
I didnt bet on Badr to lose. Remember, the competition started in the beginning of 2009, right after Badr perhaps would be disqualified.
I also betted on Badr Hari , but I just betted more on Schilt, because I knew he would defenitely have a lot of fights, because he always has.
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