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Message for Masato - Dynamite!! PV

Promotion Video of Masato for FieLDS Dynamite!! (Dec.31.2009 / Saitama Super Arena, Japan) on K-1 Channel! Check out! Albert Kraus, Buakaw Por.Pramuk, Artur Kyshenko, Yasuhiro Kido, DRAGO, Yoshihiro Sato, and Andy Souwer. Message for Masato.

Albert Kraus

As early MAX champions, we've both kept the sport going.
I'm disappointed that I couldn't be his last fight.


Buakaw Por.Pramuk

People quit for different reasons:
age or damage. It's different for everyone.
It's not my place to say this or that, but I can say that it's too bad.
He has helped make MAX what it is today.
And he's a tremendous fighter that has never stopped trying to make MAX more exciting.


Artur Kyshenko

He's made the smart move.
Leaving as the champion at 30 is the perfect way to retire.
I think he could still keep fighting, but I don't think he could become champion again.
Yasuhiro Kido

Talking to people on the street, they only know about Masato.
That's because of all the amazing work he's done, of course.
But if people say that K-1 is over without Masato, then that makes the rest of us want to try that much harder.
We have to do our best to make it exciting.



After he's gone, I feel like I have an important job to do.
That is to become a nightmare for all my opponents.


Yoshihiro Sato

I'm not a talker like he is.
I'm not a "beautiful" fighter like he is.
I've got my own position.
I'll devote myself to Yoshihiro Sato
I'm not Masato 2.


Andy Souwer

MAX revolves around Masato.
It's a point of honor that he has yet to beat me.
That means that I'm a cut above the other fighters.
He could be the only one who satisfies my ego.



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donde78 (13 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-25 at: 09:55
Sad to see him go, thanks for the translations too!
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