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Japanese entertaiment

Ever been to Japan?

Probably not.Me neither.But I have been working with Japanese people for few years, and I feel that I have got to say one big THANK YOU to all those involved in making K1 what it is today.By the way  "Thank you" is the word you are going to hear most often when dealing with Japs, aproppriate it may be, or not, they will smile and thank to you.

I, for one am not claiming that I understand how they live, work, their culture but I did notice few things.They do work a lot, and they are very open minded for anything they deem interesting.Just look at their cartoons!What a mixture of fiction,epic fantasy,religion (not any religion, but all religions combined), legends and erotica.Anything and everything ,no cliches no taboos.

Then there are their TV shows:Nija Warrior, Sasuke, Banzuke, Viking.When average Japanese gets home and turns on his TV he doesn`t want to watch some guy picking his nose like in a "Big Brother" type of show, he wants action, he works all day!They tend to exxagarate though (at least in our cauccasian eyes).I will not mention schoolgirs fascination, but MMA competition between the mentally chalenged was a bit much for me ,and no i will not post a link.

Anyone who ventured in a Private Buissines, knows how much it takes to succed, just in your home town.K1 is Japanese idea, and being a good one it cought up.Now , many kickboxing federations have K1 rules, among others (full contact, semi contact, low kick).They hadn`t even copyrighted them so anyone can organize K1 tournament if they want to, and K1 is synonim for a best stand-up fight in the world.We had Boxing, Karate, Thai Boxing for hundreds of years, and had it not be for Japanese we would still be having endless academic dialougues who is the strongest stand up fighter, and if someone tried to unite them with one set of rules, everyone would pull to his side, and the deal would fail.Thy didn`t even tried to make deals with various federations, they made a competition, and invited the best fighters.

And it worked.In fact it worked so well, that today every champion in any federation dreams of being invited to a K1 tournament.

But let`s just for one second imagine that we (all of us non-japanese) founded some sport in which Japanese are dominant.What do you think would be the TV rating for such show, and how long would it last on the air?Still k1 wgp averaged 15% this year with no Japanese fighter in the final 8.It is their, privately owned promotion, organized in their country, financed with their money.And yet we complain about Mousashi getting a wild card?As far as I am concerned they should have a permanent spot in any WGP.Why?Becouse they DESERVED it.And another thing.There is  ABSOLUTELY no chance that any other of us  non-japanese could organize such a thing.As  soon as someone thoughts his big enough (Promotion or a Gym) he soon comes up with the demands, contracts and lawyers, and we, the fans lose.No FEG in far from perfect, but still their foremost priority has always been giving a chance to someone who deserves it, and making a most-interesting matchups.How else would we know what would happen if Bob Sapp faced Ernesto Hoost?No way enyone else would organize such a thing.

For that, I for one thank them

Keep up the god work FEG


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Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-09 at: 09:02
Cool point of view! I like :)
(539 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-09 at: 11:40
I would like to add that FEG have done things so much better with advertising and internetstuff this year, making it probably the best build up to a GP ever. Daily updates to their english website and special site is a very welcome trend that I would like to applaud. Well done. I was glued to the PC-screen not only on the day of the GP, but also the days before with all the articles, videos, intervievs, press conferance and so on.
Keep it coming K-1, it is very appreciated!
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-09 at: 01:20
Nice article. Thanks for sharing with us, Torazulu.

And I agree with Bard R. This year's WGP Final was extremely good, not only because of the exciting fights, but as well thanks to the better promotion of FEG.

... and thanks to us, FanOfK1.com ;)
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-09 at: 11:11
yes because japanese have both dignity and humility toward fighting and fighters , which the americans try to exchange with the pure brutality of the UFC. For me UFC will never be as good or close as good as K-1.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-10 at: 09:19
K-1 is perfection. Amen.
burim (401 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-10 at: 10:48
I love K-1 (as a sport, not as organization)
FEG definitely deserves a BIG THANK YOU, for everything they have done. i dont know what's the reason but this year beyond the WGP FINALE, we havent seen as much as we have seen before 4 or 5 years.
the WGP finale with no doubt was the best Fighting Event in 2009
other events were good but the number of events was TOO SMALL for a sport that is growing everyday
the youtube channel and Preview videos is one of the biggest steps of FEG this year, that was AWESOME

the biggest thing i "dislike" about japanese is CUZ THEY DONT CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT NEW UP AND COMERS and HAVE FEAR FROM Americans cuz they know if Kickboxing becomes popular in USA as MMA is, FEG would Lose just like Pride.
we have seen almost the same 10-15 fighters in the TOP of K-1 WGP for a long time. and im sure there are plenty of talents out there

Whatever, K-1 and It's Showtime product for me its FIRST LEAGUE
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