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I believe you are ...

In life when you want to be at the top you really need to do some extra hard work to reach there. You need to see what is the hardest of others and do more!!

This is exactly what is done in K1/MA. You always have to add more to what others have or done, so that you can be at the top. Badr Hari, this year came out very powerful and is a new version of the last years Badr !!!

This year he came out with more confident, great mentalality, grown muscles, and really some improved techniques. All this was added to the 2008's Hari to give us really one in my opinions great fighters in the history in K1 !!!

I'd like to light the candle and remind all you K1 fans out there that in the Final 16 he was the ONLY FIGHTER who ended the fight with a KO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the fighter that all dare and fear to face because of all of what we considered he has above, plus he is the most OFFENSIVE/AGGRESSIVE fighter in the whole K1 !!! All these really makes opponents fear in fighting him. This year he came out great and shut the lights quick for Ruslan who spoke more than he performed. Then he advanced to the next level and promised a LESS THAN 3 MINUTES revange against ALISTA !!! A great hook followed by a high kick to the Demolition Man's head !!! Another hard work by Hari successfully done.

In the final,he faced the GIANT. This man I always said has an extra advantage because of his body and height/reach. He can reach you and KO you with a JAB, this is something really annoying and hard to bypass. How can you baypass a giant like Semmy? The answer to this was a discussion lead months ago when Hari met Semmy in Showtime, and it was SPEED !!! Hari came out with good speed yes, but he forgot his covering :(

In my opinion his mistakes where:
1- In the first knock down, he was nearly stuck in the corner and got a striaght JAB to the chin. He had to keep cycling around Schilt and not stop in one position. Schilts body is much more bigger, and this type of movment shall make him slow in striking and counter striking Badr's attacks. Badr left himself in the corner and there goes the deadly JAB of Mr. Schilt.

2- In the 2nd knock down, he went seeking the body of Schilt so he ducked down, and this made the reach of his head by leg a peice of CAKE for Mr. Schilt. This kick to the head really in my opinion hurt Hari the most. He knows Schilt is much more taller than him, so ducking down in this way means a huge VULNERABILITY fully exposed to Schilt, just like that !!!

3- In the 3rd knock down, he was also in the corner, and didn't move because he was so tired from point 2, so it was the deadly JAB of Mr. Schilt again !!! This one didn't hurt Hari much but he stayed down, because he knew it was over. Schilt is the Winner.

In my opinion Badr faced Schilt with his soul and heart of the WORRIOR not with the brain of a K1 fighter. He was supposed to have a strategy not just go out there and BANG with Semmy !!! BANGING like that is possible against Ruslan, Bonjasky, LeBanner but not with this Talented GUY !!! I think you shall say he had one? But I doubt it. Or at least it wasn't the best one for this best fighter. It's a strategy for someone else not Semmy. He had to keep circling around and not stop in a fixed spot in the ring, he must keep moving. Moving as I said before is a big enemy for such huge body fighters. They need far more power/energy to keep moving in your directions than ordinary body guys need. Semmy's JAB's are not fast, nor are his front kicks. They can all be beaten with MOVEMENT !!! He shall be punching and front kicking the AIR !!! But this didn't happen unfortunately. Hari got stuck and lost the fight.

I also like to remember you guys out there that Hari did catch Semmy with good hooks as usual. He came out very aggresive, more than he did in the Showtime Amsterdam. He gave us all a really good FINALE. Good shows are always what you get out of the Golden Boy, he never lets you down.

Before I finish this article, I think what Mike (Badr's trainer) has done till now to Badr is great. But I think Badr has to change, staying with the same trainer is sometimes good in sports like football, where you need time to deploy the coaches plans in the field. In MMA/K1 I don't think so. In MMA/K1 you need new skills, new techniques, and new ideas that can be taken and added to your arsenal in a specific amount of time. Training for new abilities needs new ideas and a new coach. I am really sad when I am saying this because I know that Mike beleives in Badr and Badr too beleives in his coach, but life is like this and he needs a change. This is my opinion and I don't know if you agree with me or not on it!!!

Finally I wish if I could send my small message to BADR:
Cheer up man, reaching the WGP Final two times in a row is not something that anyone can do easly. I know that you really wish to win this title to be a champion, but for me? I believe you are a true "CHAMPION"


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Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 01:00
Badr did an excellent job this year and he really seemed new and improved. His first two fights were awesome. And I thought we were going to see a rerun of the ArenA fight. Especially since Schilt already got caught by Remy. In the beginning it looked like it was going to be another KO win for Badr. However Schilt got him good and used diverse techniques to finish the fight. Oh yeah I thought the third down was a left kick to the midsection, you could see it very clear in the slowmo.

I can tell your disappointed Badr didn't win this year. But if he keeps this workrate up, he'll be champ numerous times.
Schilt's style isn't my favorite, but he displayed some great KO's this tournament. And I hope we'll see more of this in the future.
Badr's revenge over Overeem is a good mental win, so he can close that chapter. Allthough I think that second eight count wasn't justified, but more a balance disruption. Either way Overeem was not going to win it in the end.

Great tournament! I hope people start to write more articles.
jdl (220 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 04:40
Great article! I agree with many of your excellent points.

Hari certainly needed to use more side-to-side movement, more varied attacks against Schilt. He shouldn't have used exactly the same tactic as before against Semmy, because he would have expected that after their first fight. Also, Badr should be a bit more patient in his fights, although his explosiveness and ability and desire to end fights quickly are what his fans love the most about him.

I, too, think that perhaps to move to the next level, Badr may have to leave Mike and look for another trainer, someone who can bring a whole new perspective to improve his game. For example, he can go to a trainer who can help improve his defense, and make him become a more tactical fighter, who can adapt well to different challenges.

Finally, I think that the "knock out or get knocked out" style of Badr (which he might have gotten from training under Mike P.) has worked out well for him so far, and made him tremendously popular amongst K1 fans, but he may need to evolve beyond that in order to become the best K1 fighter and win all the titles that he certainly has the natural talents to win.
Nichya (41 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 09:01
@Rob Absolutely agree with u, Rob. From the outset, I believe that Badr will KO Semmy just like he did it in It'sShowTime, but everything changed 'coz Semmy showed his great experiences and a sound mind.
I don't like Semmy's style too. IMO Bard's style is much more impressive.
Finally, awesome tournament with many KOs!
mehdiman (636 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 03:50
Yes really, Hari reached another step.
Against overeem, he shows that he can fight like Professor Hoost not in the skills but more in ''mentality''. Whath he's done against overeem was not easy and he get it
Against schilt, he made a first mistake (left jab when he didnt keep hands up) and the final was done. You're right ; he's a champion who needs to continue to perfect a professional style
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 04:28
Thank you for the nice article! Well written!
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 06:36
Nice exclusive, thanks for writing and posting
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 07:59
I will leave negative comment
I understand everyone is choosing their favourtie fighters etc. I'm always respecting it even if I don;t like this fighter, but Hari fanatsim making me sick. Telling Hari is "true" Champion ok it's your opinion but in some way you disrespecting Semmy Schilt. I don't like both fighters but I'm giving big bow to Semmy he gained fourth title and even more he crushed this tournament for me without doubt he show that he is "true" champion. Devastated JLB, breaking through the absolut defense of Remy after Knock down and getting his revange in old knock out fashion on Hari. I don't liek wondering what happen if "JLB was in his prime" or"if Bonjasky punch K.O'ed him or "if Hari would show great dominance in this tournament and K.O once more Semmy" Semmy just won "fair and square". Badr was deafeated by K.O not points it's proving who was stronger. Please just deal with it last year everyone was talking that "Remy was afraid of Badr etc" and next year he will gain title and what??He is didn't, for me champion is fighter who once gained title and is not losing by knock outs (out of 10 Hari losses is 7 by K.O and 1 by DQ). Remy is my fav it's sad that he lost but he lost he was once again weaker as his fan I have to just deal with it and show respect for New(Old) King Semmy Schilt.
Rob, Holland reporter (1964 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 08:12
Good post! Nicely formulated :)
Stuttgart (43 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-06 at: 08:49
nice work! but one thing is different i think:- Badr improved like no other throuhg the last years.
remy should hire one more coach,cause he needs a shilt-taktic but hari should just keep on doing, hope he´ll get even stronger! best tournament ever! always s.o. got caught.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-07 at: 11:20
@ Hera: Nice post. I agree with you.
Although I acknowlegde that Hari is a great fighter, I get annoyed sometimes as well by this Hari-hype.
The hague (4 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-07 at: 06:07
Hate him or love him, He's the one Bringing K1 too Higher grounds, i think he is just most brutal and sensational fighter of this area, about the tactics, just like Hari said, the best man of the day won and that was Semmy, he was sharper then Hari, and i truly i had picked a different strategy to fight Semmy, i think that badr needs his old trainer Thom Harinck
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-07 at: 07:57
@The hague It's not about hating or loving. Every (good)fighter is brining K-1 to higher not Hari Bonjasky Schilt etc. Big family called K-1 is brining. Hari is diffrent his style is mixed with brawl style and it making him unike also he is very agressive and everyone like some sort of agression in MA. I would like to see old days of K-1 come again that you wasn't sure who will win a fight like these old days when everyone were mashing each other. Like K-1 Max they were never row Champion every year someone else almost everyone giving each other hard times only now Petrosyan appeard with his terrifaing skills. Hari is for sure top fighter but really he is not the best and because of lack of his defense and weak chin he won't be the best in my opinion he will end like JLB uncrowned king because he from few years is showing his weakness and soon many fighters learn how to fight him. I'm not wrtting it because I'm not his fan or something but really he was too many times K.O'ed/K.D'ed especially in moments that he shouldn't be. Rember his fight w Choi? He won by extra round because he was K.D'ed and i think everyone agree some sharp as Hari shouldn't get K.D'ed. When he fought with Overreem imagine if he was Champion and as Chapmion he would lost, it would be beggining of the end of K-1 really. True Champion as many using this name it's not just fighter which fights is god damn spectacular and positive/negative way. It's big responsibility to show that you are unbreakable and you can defeat everyone. Masato want to prove tha the was True Champion and want to defeat Souwer only one opponent that he couldn't handle in his K-1 career. If Hari was truly the best he would lost 2 times with Remy and get destroyed by Schilt in 1st round? this is my point Hari can make Hell on Ring for his rival but this Hell can be stopped and we saw it to many times and I'm afraid he will have same Bad Boy fate as JLB.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-07 at: 09:52
Hello everyone first of all i still cant quote.My message is to Hera but for everyone.
Cheering ONE fighter or thr TWO is natural and not disrespectful.You cant cheer both of them can you? If someone cheers for Badr why is disrespectful to you or any other ? Yes sure there are some who cheer Semmy too and not cheering for Badr.

Anyhow for his weakness regarding his match with Semmy all i can say were 3 factors:
1. Heart
2. Underestimation
3, impatience

thats all and any champ can make these mistakes yes Badr improved GREATLY he must now get the cold blood a bit colder that s all. His Heart took him away, in the last fight, he underestimated Semmy because he thought he will fall in a minute like the last time and his impatience was to lose control and to go without guard. Badr is great people wouldnt love him if he didnt fight with pure heart and passion what he has reached only very few can because he has stood up where only a few could. Not disrespect for Semmy to say that, Semmy was never a star sorry to say that I dont think he collected so many devote fans as Badr and I dont think he want and i dont think he could even he wanted He is another type of person and yes he is a true fighter and really he shows improvement in style. Badr has underestimated him, and old or new trainer he must learn not to lose control and patience in the 3rd fight of a tournament that s all. GO BADR!!! and respect not only for Semmy but all the fighters really :)
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-07 at: 10:46
@szanpan I think that you don't understand fully. It's diffrance in cheering and some type of fanatism. His hype fans just can't stand it that he lost again they were so sure about his winning and he lost once more. Last year his fans have great excuse for him "Remy was afraid etc" screw that he made one of the most awful faul I ever saw in K-1. This year another excuses tactic etc and etc. As I said before Hari fans have problem to deal with his loss and this is pissing me off. Maybe every fighter should say " Oh Badr you're favourtie fighter over the world we will let you win WGP because even if we win everyone will look at you as Champion even if we normally beat crap out of you" many peopl eacting like that. Topic how long take Badr Hari winning WGP it's just sick(I took part for fun and to show that I'm not Hater and I belived he got great chance to win WGP). Forgetting about all fighters all have same chances. Some people foregetting about K-1 spirt. If Badr would wing WGP and someone would write some sort of Bonjasky or Schilt I would say same thing "Just deal with it". Hari is overestimated and this year WGP showed this.
Nichya (41 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-08 at: 02:55
@szanpan Thank u! Pure heart and real passion ... I love it!
Aziz (341 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-08 at: 04:37
you should blame a topic in a propice time not now its too late
at hera .

if hari win im sure you ll not gonna blame such topic how long.........win wgp.
you should ask the one who create this topic in the first quote and till him its not respectful but not now.

im with every topic how silly its appear .
Hera (343 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-08 at: 05:20
@BADRELMINIANKO I'm not sure that I really understand you if I'm wrong correct me. By giving example with Topic "How long will take Badr Hari to win WGP" I meant to show fanatsim of many Hari fans. It's some sort of blindess. Somehow I wouldn't blame this topic you're right but for sure if Hari would become chapmion I would protect Hari if someone wouldn't agree he is a champion even if I don't like him. I know here there are many Hari fans and I respect that they cheering him but I don't respect their bad attitude like some fanatcis.
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-08 at: 08:55
Hi everyone I still cant quote :)
First of all , im fan of his though i do my best to be realistic and also as I said to respect every fighters, it s how it is, and i was happy to see on the K-1 site the K-1 fan club photos where all fighters had fun and laughing together :) yes we should never forget that it s a sport. It contains a necessary part of acting and also the fighters show respect toward others, Badr as wel as others :) I like him, because he gets up even when he loses. Semmy Schilt was worth the title. But i dont like if anyone says "he wasnt good enough to win the title" because let s be frank if K-1 would have put any other fighter against Semmy, the outcome would have been just the same. The are all fighers and it s great to watch them, to cheer for them, one has more fans than the others. IF we would deduct all topics concerning Badr Hari also from here, there werent too many others to be left. I like Badr Hari and i respect him and he has that plus, the charisma by which he is famous, by which he has crazy fans, and it s like that :) i hope to see more others, like him in the K-1 in the near future. That will also be my next question on the forum so looking forward to everyones opinion :)
Also i believe Badr in a way made the Finals in here with Overeem. It was really a great experience to hear the crowd before and during that fight that was really something really rarely happen even in K-1 and i m glad i got the chance to watch all these great fights and also glad to exchange opinions, and also great to see different opinions so let me tell you all once more how happy i am to be in here :)
szanpan (2088 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-08 at: 09:17
also i forgotten to tell Rul3z how great his article is what it really is and great to have such well written expressive and passionate articles as yours are! ( Mines dont lack the passion but to write better and more expressive in English still a challenge :D:D:D )
Cdn Mongoose (1425 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-09 at: 02:46
I feel Badr was not letting himself just fight to win. He so badly wanted to win but also beat the record time he forgot that defence is part of the fight game.

I still believe Bards biggest weakness his his ability to take a punch. He is young and hopefully can learn to move his head more.

I was totally impressed with how Badr reacted to his loss. Once again the young fighter is becoming a professional. I look forward to seeing if other new fighters can get into the finals and match the excitement Badr has created.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-11 at: 08:50
I am very sorry guys for not being able to get back to you all. I had a rough week, full of JOBS :(

Anyway, your comments in the topic I think made the post even better, and it really lead to a great discussion which I think is what FOK1 is here for. Sorry again guys for that.

For me I still believe he shall be the king of this sport, specially when he seems not interested in MMA. In K-1 I think he just needs to change the trainer or add another one to work with inside Mike's coordination.

Another congrats to the giant Semmy, but for me? Badr is the TRUE CHAMPION.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-11 at: 07:53
You can be idolate for the man, love him, respect him, adore him, like him, cheer for him, and much more ...

But to be a true champion, you need to win a competition or championship.
The true champion (for now) is Schilt.
rul3z (277 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-13 at: 09:18
@D-rop I can't argue with you D-rop, because most of what you say is true. But,. if you feel your a champion in your mind and your soul? Then its a matter of time and you shall reach it.

Badr lost last year because of the ACT the CLOWN did and all saw that !!!
Badr lost this year because of his aggressiveness without taking care of defense against the giant. I respect Semmy so much, but to be honest? He wins always by tactics were Badr wins by the HEART, SOUL, and POWER of K1.
Nichya (41 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-14 at: 12:26
Thank u rul3z. I'm with you all of the way! Your idea is nice. He is also my True Champion. I can't believe he could loss the championship. For me, it's hard to forget it. Waiting for his new match :)
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