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                                       Stockholm - Hovet 2009.11.20



As the long and hard qualification events had been settled it was finally time for this years big and decisive Rumble of the kings event in Stockholm. The matchmaker matched up most of the Swedish fighters with the intention that they would be tested against top of the line international fighters and no "home" fighter would step in to the ring as the favorite to win. Thirteen fights was settled and there was no shortage of upsets, drama and world class action 



                               Main event and WMC MuayThai title fight  

The first round started out slow in a good MuayThai fashion. The tension was very clear as much was on stake and both fighters made sure not to make any mistakes as they rather gently made their first attacks. Brown controlled the center of the ring and Nordstrand made circles around him throwing one kick or punch at a time. At the end of the round Brown put together a couple of combinations but nothing big passed Nordstrands tight guard. In the second the action was instant, Brown attacked Nordstrand with combinations and hard mid kicks and Nordstrand answered back with clinch knees and punches. Midway thru the round the pace decreased a bit and as Brown was taking a step backwards to re focus lighting struck him. Nordstrands fast, accurate and hard overhand right caught Brown right on the button and his legs started to wobble. Nordstrand quickly followed up with two more right hand punches and it sent Brown to the canvas shaken. Brown beat the count and tried to regain his compulsor but it was to no use. Nordstrand made no mistakes as he unleashed more then 15 fast and hard punches to Browns head and body and as the ring referee stepped in to stop the fight we also saw the towel been thrown in to the ring.

While receiving standing ovations from the crowed Rickard Nordstrand also announced his retirement, he said that winning this title was the one thing he had dreamt of achieving and now when he had made it it was also time to hang up the gloves and focus on his private career and his two year old son.      


                       How to disarm a weapond of massdestruction

Drago instantly set the tone of the fight as he constantly walked towards Öberg and tried to close the gap between them. Öberg swiftly kept Drago at bay by using front kicks and mid kicks and cleverly avoided toe to toe action. Every time that Drago managed to get up close Öberg locked up in clinch and landed knees from it. Öbergs tactic was clearly frustrating Drago as he didn't get the opportunity to land any of his hard boxing combinations and at the end of the round Drago tried to jump in the punches instead but it didn't work either. In the second round Drago came out even more aggressive and took risks as he set his defence more and more aside for a opportunity to land his punches. The result of this tactic from Drago did not serve its intentions and he got caught hard several times by Öbergs contershots. After a short exchange in clinch Drago finally managed to catch Öberg with a hard series of punches and the final right hand could have been a knockout blow but Öberg took the shot with steady legs. A few moments later Öberg swept Drago to the canvas and attacked Drago at the ground with a knee. The foul technic did not result in a point reduction but it fired up the all ready frustrated Drago even more and the final minute of the round became a total war as Drago threw everything he had against Öberg and Öberg replied with combinations of his own. In the final round Drago knew that he needed to knockout Öberg to win the fight and he tried his best to do so but Öbergs tactic still worked like a charm and his tight defence combined with sweeps, front kicks and straight punches keep him out of harms way and ahead on the score sheets. As the final bell rang Öberg raised his hands in the sky well aware that his magnificent performance had won him the fight.    


                                           blood stained canvass

 From clinch in the standing position Engberg manged to get Gardner to ground and control his back, Gardner scrambled and got back on his feet only to once again end up on the mat with Engberg on his back. Engberg then tried to get a rear naked choke locked in but Gardner once again scrambled and ended up in ground guard position. From the top Engberg started to rain down punches and as Gardner protected himself Engberg grabbed his arm and went for a armbar. Gardner once again came loose from the rough situation and after some ground work he managed to get himself in to a good position and got a heel hook on Engberg. It was clear that Engberg was in a tuff spot and he hammered Gardner with punches in a attempt to get free and it paid off as Gardner slip the grip just as the round came to a end.  The second round never went to the ground, both fighters stood up and exchanged punches and kicks and it was Engberg that got the most out of the traded blows. After receiving several kicks to the head Gardners eyebrow and forehead got cut badly and he started to bleed heavily. The event doctor checked the cut and determined that it was to deep and bad to let the fight go on.    



                        brutal punches and a scary knee

This was without a doubt the most exciting MMA fight of the night. Mizuno flew straight out of his corner as the fight started and tried to land a jumping knee, cool as a snowman Ilir patiently waited for the attack, took the blow and then grabbed and tossed Mizuno like a rag doll. At the ground Ilir used his trademark sledgehammer punches and the stoppage was not far away when Mizuno scrambled back to his feet. With both fighters standing a real slugfest started and both fighters got rocked several times. Ilir connected with hard right hooks and Mizuno showed great knee attacks from clinch and as takedown defence. As the round came to a end the audience was going wild and the atmosphere almost touchable. The second round was allot slower but still with a great tension, both fighters remained standing and there was once again several wild exchanges between them. In the third and final round Mizuno once again came flying out of his corner. This time with a superman punch followed by a jumping knee, and this time he landed it. The sound of Mizuno`s knee as it crashed in to Ilirs chin was heard thru out the whole arena, Ilir whent down hard and was instantly showered by ground and pound strikes from Mizuno. The referee was fast to stop the fight and Mizuno picked up a big and spectacular win.  



            A combined age of 86 years in the ring, would it show?

The former professional and Olympic medalist boxers George Scott and Lasse Myrberg reviveld their fighting careers for one night and one fight at this event.The first round started out rather grope, the lack of recent fighting experience was clear with both fighters and there where not to many clean technics landed. The pace shifted up and down and none of the fighters took any control of the fight. In the second round Myberg started out a bit more aggressive and used both kicks and punches while Scott mostly relied on his solid boxing. The younger Myberg seemed to be one step ahed of Scott most of the time but did not land that many clean technics. In the third the pace got allot higher but the precision of the attacks was still questionalble and Myberg received a point reduction as he hit Scott in the groin. Towards the end of the fight the fighters end up toe to toe and we got to see some good action and several nice boxing moves. As the score cards was presented after three rounds George Scott picked up the win by split decision 2-1. Did the combined age of 86 show? Yes it did, but not in  a bad way. Considering the fact these two warriors aint youngsters their performance was even more impressive.


                                  The turtel and the beast

From the gecco the fighters got standing in clinch at the ropes, after some "dirty boxing" Kruth managed to throw Fletcher to the ground. From the top position Kruth banged down punches but Fletcher remaind rather cool and grabbed one of Kruths arms and tried to get a armbar. After some strugeling the fight continiued standing and from there Kruth took down Fletcher severall times but the turtle tactic that Fletcher used on the ground worked suprisingly well. Towards the end of the round Kruth once again got Fletcher in clinch and landed two solid knees to his head. Fletchers legs folded and he fell to the ground, Kruth wasted no time as he unleashed hard punches at the downed Fletcher and the referee jumped in and stoped the fight.   



                                    Would the dream come true?

 The first opening moments of the fight was rather cautious with both fighters trying to test the other. After about a minute Abbe started to take control and pressure Kyshenko, Kyshenko answered back and some hard technics where exchanged. Moments later Kyshenko catched Abbe with a lovely highkick straight to the head and the down was a fact. Abbe looked clearly shaken but beat the eight count and the fight continued. Looking to end the fight Kyshenko then increased the pressure and threw series of combinations but to the delight of the cheering crowd Abbe fought back and showed big heart as he made it thru the round. In the second round Abbe took control of the center of the ring and Kyshenko started to counter fight and try more high kicks. Abbe manged to get Kyshenko under pressure at some parts of the round but not many attacks passed Kyshenkos excellent defence and Kyshenko could in return both taunt Abbe and pick up points with low kicks and punches. The third round lookt allot like the second did, Abbe controlled the center and Kyshenko counter fought wisely. During the last minute of the fight the pace increased allot and some toe to toe action got the crowd on their feet. After three rounds of sheer excitement the judges scored the fight in favor for Artur Kyshenko 3-0.    



                                        It aint over untill its over 

The fight had a good pace from the start, Juuhl and "Yukay" immediately started to trade kicks and punches with one and other and each and every technic looked like it was intended to hurt. Juuhl used some nice straight knees and left right boxing combinations followed by low kicks. "Yukay" made good used of his solid boxing and also showed good improvements in his defensive work. Round two was extremely dramatic, early on "Yukay" pressured Juuhl against the ropes and there was allot of hard exchanges, not short there after "Yukay" landed a perfect knee to Juuhls midsection witch resulted in a down. Juuhl got up but looked very tormented and out of breath. "Yukay" moved in for the finnish and threw alot of big punches but got caught by a devastating left hook from Juuhl. Clearly dazed "Yukay" struggled back up on his feet and continued the fight but after receiving a hard series of punches from Juuhl he could no longer fight back and the referee stopped the fight.      



                          Shifted stances no use against solid defence

The first round was rather slow, Hutnik tested a few kicks and punches and Gromark put togheter a couple of boxing combinations. Clearly advised from his corner Gromark opened up the second round allot more aggressively putting together allot more series of punches. Hutnik replied with solid low kicks to Gromarks right leg, straight punches and was also the fighter that seamed to do the most damage. In an attempt to find new angels and protect his right leg Gromark shifted stance but almost all of his attacks still ended up in Hutniks brick wall defence. At the end of the round the low kicks from Hutnik had started to do the trick and Gromark was clearly in pain. The final round saw a frustrated and tired Gromark and a confident and clever Hutnik. It never really looked like Gromark could challenge Hutniks defence and Hutnik only did what he needed to do to secure the win and so after three rounds the unanmous decesion whent to Ondrei Hutnik.    



                                            Jump in to the action 

After the intense stare down at the weigh ins the fight was expected to start in a raging tempo, but it actually didn't. Muharaeb walked a lot in reverse and tried some unorthodox attacks and several of them where jumping techniques. Teymur who is know as a very aggressive fighter actually took his time and did not rush head over heel in to action. In the second round Muharerb landed a jumping left knee that shook Teymur orderly, Teymur answered with knocking Muhareb down with a perfectly timed fast and hard left hook. In the third it was teymur`s time for a fast nap after being hit by a flying superman punch from Muhareb. Teymur jumped back up and unleashed hell. Swings, hooks and kicks in every direction and both fighters only aimed for the "super punch" KO. The fight had just about everything and David teymur won a well deserved decision victory.  



                      Muay Thai fighter versus a Kung Fu wizzard 

Kazemi started out great making good use of his excellent knees and did allot of damage to Widlunds body and head. It actually seemd like it only was a question of time before Widlund would be downed by the powerfull knee strikes from Kazemi, but then something strange happend. After an exchange that diddent seem to harsh Kazemi suddenly just folded and lost his breath. He stumbled towards the ropes and Widlund charged him with attacks. Kazemi then fell to the canvass and was unable to get up again. The knockout was a fact but what the heck caused it? In his post fight interview Widlund said that it was a magic and secrect combination of the drunken monkey and the Karate kid Crane kick......       



                               No real looser in a fantastic fight 

When you pair up one very agressive fighter with another very agressive fighter you get one hell of a fight! Teymur and Akhtar did not waste any time in the ring and they fought toe to toe basically thru out the whole fight. Boxing technics was the key ingredince in this battle and the crowd got the perfect pre fight warm up. After three very exciting and entertaining rounds the judges scored the fight in favor for Martin Akthar 3-0.  



                                                      Ready to rumble 

This was also one tuff fight. Länsberg stood for the most powerful punches but Kowalcyk landed the combinations. The fight turnd back and forth allot in the early rounds but towards the forth and the fift it was Kowalcyk that had the most gas in the tank and scored the most points and also won the fight after full time.                           


As the event came to a end it stood clear that it had been one of the best and most exciting events of the year. Top level fights with top level fighters and severall unforgeteble moments in the ring. The Swedish fighters had been tested against the hardest opposition possible, some fell some prevaild but they all did Sweden proud. 

(( more photos from event taken by Lejla Hindsjö http://www.fansofk1.com/photogallery?galleryID=2186&galleryDestination=users  ))



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ms. K-1 (7 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 07:12
nice report
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 08:14
Fantastic job! Any idea Eurosport is gonna brodcast it?
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 10:25
@Chrzan_ko In about 2 weeks I think, DONT MISS IT! =) it will be shown on FOX Asia and more big channels around the world aswell in the upcommoming weeks.

I would like to say a BIG and warm thank you to all of the fighters that made this fantastic event possible. I had goosebumbs severall times during the evening and it was a true plesure sitting up all night writing about the fights.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 10:27
Btw more photos from all of the fights are comming soon, the fight report should be complete later today.
D-rop, Video editor (2420 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 10:47
Great job Daniel. Thank you very much.

Credit to Abbe Joof! I have to admit that I would never have expected him to put up such a good fight against Kyshenko, after losing about 16 kg.
Ronnie (101 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 11:36
Impressive work Daniel! Thanks.
What was your reaction of the pushups made by Kyshenko in the fall down?
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 11:39
@Ronnie Hmm I must have missed that part as i was making notes, at what part in the fight did that happen?
Ronnie (101 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 06:42
@Daniel IN round 2 or 3 dont remember but it was the only fall down that Joof made with Kyshenko.
Dont miss it on the tv later okay=)
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 06:51
@Ronnie damn I missed it. Would have been a cool thing to ad to the fight report. I will surly look for it when they rerunn the event on eurosport.
stark (1143 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-21 at: 10:47
Great job Daniel. Very good fight report
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-22 at: 01:37
Solid stuff as usual Daniel! Glad to have you there doing great reporting.
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-22 at: 12:29
Delightful report Daniel! Big congrats to Nordstrand and Kruth for still going strong and taking home victories. Glad Abbe took up à good fight against Kyshenko. Cheers!.
Dude (15 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-22 at: 07:14
was there no tourny
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-22 at: 07:25
@Dude Tournament? no not this time, only freaking good super fights.
mikey (216 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-23 at: 04:48
cheering for clifton...former training partner
Adonsagat (1 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-23 at: 02:44
It wasn't Clifton's corner who threw the towel, but the Doctor...
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-23 at: 03:58
@Adonsagat All right thanks for pointing that out, I will try to get that confirmed and then change the info inte the report. thanks.
Lill li (2 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-23 at: 08:22
Newcomer to Proffesional photography hahaha.
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-23 at: 08:57
@Lejla Hey you did great and I have seen plenty of your photos circulating on differnt fighter blogs and sites. Two tumbs up and a big thank you!

Edit. I am very happy to see that you have aded even more photos from the event to your profile. I hope that we will get a chance to do this together again someday =)
(3 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-17 at: 06:51
Danne..säg till om du vill ha BRA bilder ;.-)
Lill li (2 posts)
Posted: 2009-12-18 at: 11:42
"BRA" är väldigt relativt!
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