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  K-1 Rumble Of The Kings pressconference   

Today was the official pressconferance and weigh ins for the K-1 Rumble of the Kings event that will take place tomorrow at the Hovet arena in Stockholm / Sweden. It was a big crowd of both fans and press that meet the fighters and the mood was high thrue out the whole conferance. All of the fighters had done their preparations well and passed the weight. The biggest applauds came for Abbe Joof who actually weighed in at 73,5Kg half a Kilo lighter then necessary, indeed an impressive performance considerating that he weight more then 90Kg`s two months ago.  We also saw a intense stare down between David Teymur ( Sweden ) and Rhassan Muhareb ( Denmark ) and it looked like the fight might start one day early but the crew managed to keep the fighters apart.      

Lina länsberg Vs Magdalena Kowalcyk - 67 Kg ( Muay Thai - pre fight )  

Martin Akhtar Vs Daniel Teymur - 63,5Kg ( K-1 rules - pre fight )  


Alex KazemiVs Nils Widlund- 63,Kg ( K-1 rules - pre fight )  


David Teymur Vs Rhassan Muhareb- 67Kg ( K-1 rules - pre fight )  


 Ondrei Hutnik Vs Jonathan Gromark - 86Kg ( K-1 rules - opening fight )  


Joakim "Yukay" KarlssonVs Petter Juuhl- 72,6Kg ( Muay Thai rules )  


 Abbe Joof Vs Artur Kyshenko - 74Kg ( K-1 rules )


 Lasse Myrberg Vs George Scott ( K-1 rules )

Jamie Fletcher Vs Jörgen Kruth - 93,8Kg ( MMA )

  Ilir Latifi Vs Tatsuya Mizuno - 93,8Kg ( MMA )  


 Joakim Engberg Vs David Gardner - 75Kg ( MMA )  


  Marcus Öberg Vs Gago Drago - 70Kg ( K-1 rules )  


 Rickard Nordstrand Vs Clifton Brown 82,6Kg ( Muay Thai WMC World titlefight )



Photos taken by Leijla Hindsjö


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Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-19 at: 02:30
Magdalena Kowalczyk. Polish fighter?
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-19 at: 02:39
@Chrzan_ko I know you want that to be true, but im sorry man, she is from the beautiful country Sweden =)
Dennis, Administrator (1174 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-19 at: 03:37
Seems like some nice tension in some of the pictures. Especially excited to see how Mamas boy will stand against Drago.

Jamie Fletcher almost has a little Bob Sapp thing going!
Kim, Editor (1548 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-19 at: 05:14
Good job covering this, thanks!
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-19 at: 06:20
@Daniel hmmm... but her ancestors surely come from the beautiful country of Poland =) Go Magda!
Chrzan_ko, Video editor (749 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-19 at: 06:27
@Dennis Haha. I haven't noticed that at first. But you're right! The look of The Beast:)
Daniel, Sweden reporter (2501 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-19 at: 07:35
@Chrzan_ko Kowalczyk is actually a very common Swedish name.. nah kidding bro, I think you are very correct.

( Btw, I love the last weigh in photo where Rickard tries to steal the belt from Brown, funy as hell! ) Can barly wait for tommorow.
inna (3 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-19 at: 10:17
thank yo daniel good text and pictur
burim (401 posts)
Posted: 2009-11-20 at: 07:20
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